1/ tonight I was going through my notes from reading "Hate in the Homeland" by @milleridriss (I strongly reccomend the book) and I have some thoughts I want to share about what she discusses regarding sacred spaces/geography.
2/ she discusses how geography & scared spaces play an important role with far-right extremists and how they use geography to justify their anti-immigrant stances, concepts like blood and soil, or comparing the white race to natives for their loss of land as was done by AfD.
3/ For QAnon, their inhabit a space where they are fighting an information war against the deep state. As it is an information war they are fighting, would their sacred spaces be the social media platforms they consider to be the battle grounds?
4/ Twitter is where We and QAnon influencers repeatedly stated where the information war was to be fought, and since the mass deplstforming following Jan 6, QAnon have constantly bemoaned their loss of Twitter access (more so than YouTube, Facebook or Instagram)
5/ Though there are important geographical spaces outside of the digital ecosystems they inhabit, I do not believe they have a sacred space that would be outside of these ecosystems as there is no clear relation to spaces offline that is coherent in QAnon.
6/ the reason I have been thinking about this is that sacred spaces play an important role when considering policies against an extremist movement as it can impact prevention efforts and also further radicalized individuals.
7/ Thus, if we remove extremists from their sacred space there is an implication for radicalization and accelerating that process. Therefore, for QAnon deplatforming has a different impact than those who don't have a sense of attachement to specific digital ecosystems. 8
8/ So when it comes to recommending prevention or identification of dangerous actors from groups like QAnon that perceive (a) digital ecosystem as sacred space, this should play a role and be considered in threat assesments and policy recommendations.
9/ this also speaks to the need to consider attempts at creating friction with those falling down the extremist rabbithole earlier on in the process prior to forming sacred attachement to digital ecosystems.
10/ still need to think about how this can fit in threat assesments and how this could fit in prevention strategies regarding extremists groups that consider digital ecosystems as sacred spaces.

• • •

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17 Feb
Odysee and Lbry have become a staple for QAnon influencers and users on Terrorgram. It's acts as a medium for these actors to generate income from their content.
Odysee and Lbry rarely take this content down and users have the freedom to post problematic content. To note as with all these platforms they are not used solely by extremists. Rather extremists actors are quick to adopt new technologies.
However, Lbry and Odysee have not acted on much of the content and have a habit of publicly stating they do not have an extremist problem on their platform (which is a sign a platform usually does and either doesn't know or doesn't care)
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11 Feb
1/ Why is QAnon Talking about March 4th? I posted a Thread about this on January 12 but I would like to build upon that with new material and controversy in the QAnon world as this is not accepted by everyone.
2/ The crux of the argument is that the US Constitution originally went into effect on March 4, 1789 and until 1933 presidents were inaugurated on March 4. I am going to break down QAnon's constitutional witchcraft, but they think that Trump will be inaugurated on March 4
3/ So here are some historical facts about March 4 (before I melt your brains with QAnon's version) constitutioncenter.org/blog/march-4-a…
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10 Feb
1/ It appears that we are likely reaching a saturation point in new membership for QAnon Telegram channels. Taking a look at some of the more popular channels created from the Twitter/Parler exodus it appears that membership is reaching a plateau.
2/ What we are not seeing is a drop in membership. Now that is not surprising as most users will create a Telegram account and stop using it without leaving the groups if they loose interest (I think the basic security setting is the account self destructs in 6 months).
3/ Membership alone is not a great way to calculate community health. Views, average post reach and engagement rate by reach do provide some better insight. Views provide insight into how a community is reacting to the content that is being shared.
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3 Feb
1/ This post was shared by a QAnon channel on Telegram. The post itself is nothing special, it's a typical QAnon decode where apparently SCOTUS will be filling on the election results tomorrow and the yellow tie is a clue. What is interesting is the discussion in the comments.
2/ There was some "Hopeium" about how Trump is buying time or the court process needs to fail before the military steps in etc. However, there is is a lot more anger & frustration around the lack of results from Q, on how SCOTUS has failed patriot's after four years of no results
3/ The conversation around how SCOTUS has failed Q and patriot's is the interesting part, it hilights how QAnon disinfo & propaganda has eroded trust in democratic institutions as some in the movement do not believe that Q was wrong or Q was a lie. Rather SCOTUS failed them
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29 Jan
This Reddit post from a "Robinhood insider" claims that the White House is responsible for shutting down $GME. This has all the things QAnon loves 1) anonymous insider, 2) blames Biden, and 3) secret plots to controll the population.
Because the logic here is the deep state/Biden is trying to prevent this, well it's something that QAnon adherents as opponents of the deep state/Biden should partake in. We now have conspiracy stonks (let's buy X because the deep state doesn't want us to).
Linked to the conversations around $GME on telegram, for the past 24 hours users in QAnon chats have been promoting Doge Coin and giving instructions on how to purchase for those who have never done so. The ammount of bad financial advice I am seeing hurts to read.
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27 Jan
1/ Following the 20th QAnon telegram channels saw a drop in views, though in general the more popular channels are steadily gaining new followers and their post view counts are going up (keep in mind there is probably an influx of researchers, journalists and voyeurs in this)
2/ There has also been a fair amount of post forwarding that has been taking place in these channels as their content is spread. The comments per posts have also appeared to increase and the volume of messages per days in chats associated to the channels are steady or increasing
3/ Part of the growth is probably the increased attention on the movement as it has moved to Telegram. But also there is still a alevel of enthusiasm and "research"/"decoding" going on in the comments and chats of the QAnon community.
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