You know why we liberals lose so many battles we should win? It's because we waste our time spinning every win into a loss we can lament over. Merrick Garland is about to be a fantastic Attorney General, yet a ton of liberals are lamenting over him not being on the Supreme Court.
Garland is days away from being in position to fix everything that's wrong with the DOJ and put half of Trump's orbit in prison. Yet the fact that he's going to be great at it is... something to lament over? You've really got to reach to spin that win into a loss.
The more time the left spends convincing itself that it's always losing, the harder it becomes for the left to win. At some point winning seems impossible, so you stop trying. And winning stops being desirable, because getting to lament over a loss is preferable.
Politics has always been war. You win or you lose. If you win, you get to make things the way you want them to be. If you lose, you get nothing.

If you're only here to lament, then you're here to lose. Your "activism" serves no purpose, other than to make sure your side loses.
There will always be things to whine and complain about. But that's the opposite of winning. That's professional victimhood. There are a ton of liberal pundits who have convicted you that lamenting is activism, but they only do that to keep you tuned in. They're misleading you.
We just won the presidency and senate, executive orders ended half of Trump's policies, our legislation is underway, Trump is headed for criminal trial, and we're getting a great Attorney General. So your instinct is to lament over the prior Garland loss five years ago? Really?
If your anger from a loss in 2016 is driving you to fight and win in 2021, that's one thing.

But if your reaction to a series of major wins in 2021 is to bring up a loss from 2016 so you can convince yourself you're still losing, because losing comforts you, then you ARE lost.
If your reaction to the news that Trump is about to get hit with slam dunk criminal charges is to lament over the fact that he was previously acquitted in his impeachment trial, then YOU ARE LOST. You have no interest in winning. You prefer losing.
Activism is defined as actions you take to try to win, so you can makes things better.

If you spend your time trying to convince your own side that you're losing or going to lose, then you're trying to make your side lose. Which means you don't care about making things better.
I never thought I'd still have to be giving this lecture even after we won the presidency and senate, and Trump was earmarked for prison. Some of you are doing real harm with your fatalism. Your own cause would be better off if you step away until you decide you want to win.

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25 Feb
Joe Manchin sucks. But as liberal activists, we've got to be smarter in how we approach this, because right now we're blowing in every way possible. We're randomly foaming at the mouth about him, without understanding what's really going on. Read this thread.
Many of you are fantasizing about primarying Manchin. This would be suicide. Any Democrat but Manchin would lose to the Republican candidate in West Virgina. So we'd end up with a far right Republican Senator who votes against us 100% of the time. That would be a total fail.
If you truly believe in the fantasy of primarying Manchin from the left, and then having that candidate somehow magically win a Senate general election in deep red West Virginia, then you either have a political IQ of zero or you're on drugs. Let go of this hallucination.
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21 Feb
When you're a popular political pundit not connected to a major media outlet, the mainstream media frequently spreads lies about you, for competitive reasons or out of resentment. Then dummies (on the left and right) parrot those lies, because they think it makes them look smart.
Then the con artists who make things like "bias charts" see a chance to rank you dead last, even if you're great at what you do. They know you don't have corporate lawyers to fight back. And if you call out their con artistry, it looks like you're just mad you got ranked poorly.
Ever wonder why these "bias charts" always simplistically paint the largest media outlets as being the most accurate? They know the major media outlets will then promote them and their chart, because the chart makes them look good.
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20 Feb
Newsweek just published a fact check claiming it's "false" that Ted Cruz left his dog home while he was in Cancun. Newsweek's sole basis for this "false" rating: a claim made by a spokesperson for Ted Cruz. The mainstream media just keeps getting worse.
Actually it's even worse. Newsweek acknowledges the dog was left behind, but insists it's "false" that the dog was left "home alone" because a security guard might have come around and checked on it. So now we're debating the definition of the word alone?
One hallmark of a bullshit fact check is that it makes a more stringent claim that what was actually reported to begin with – in this instance "left home alone" vs "left home" – and then uses that technicality as an excuse to slap a false rating on the entire thing.
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19 Feb
The fatalists on our side still insist Trump will never be arrested.

When he's arrested, they'll insist he'll never be convicted.

When he's convicted, they'll insist he'll never go to prison.

When he dies of old age in prison, they'll still insist he "got away with it all."
These are the same fatalists who insisted Trump would cancel the 2020 election, then insisted Trump would win it, then insisted Trump would magically overthrow it. The fatalists of the Resistance are wrong 100% of the time. Yet it never dampens their enthusiasm for being wrong.
Why are the fatalists so harmful to our cause:

1) They demotivate everyone on our side who's fighting and winning.

2) They obsess so loudly over the imaginary bad things they've made up, it distracts everyone from actual bad things.
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19 Feb
Why is Ted Cruz's Cancun scandal resonating, when his past scandals haven't?

Voters in the middle DO NOT CARE when we point out that Republicans are fascist, corrupt, liars, or authoritarians.

But they DO CARE when a Republican does something idiotic, inept, or embarrassing.
Winning an election usually requires winning over the people in the middle to your side. To do that, you have to focus on the stuff THEY care about, not just on the stuff you think they should care about. It's about winning an election, not winning an argument.
You will never, ever, ever get the voters in the middle to side with you by accusing the Republicans of being "fascists" or "authoritarians" – no matter how correct you are.

But when you point out ways in which Republicans are embarrassing idiots, you win voters in the middle.
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17 Feb
Rush Limbaugh was on national radio, so the mainstream media viewed him as one of their own. Today is a case study in how the mainstream media protects its own. Every obituary about him, even from liberal outlets, normalizes him and pretends he wasn't a peddler of deranged lies.
"He was a conservative."

No, he constantly promoted lies and phony conspiracy theories that went beyond any legitimate political view.

"He was controversial."

No, he consistently hurled hate speech at women, minorities and people with diseases, to try to harm them.
Yet many of these same liberal mainstream media outlets that are normalizing and sanitizing Limbaugh in his obituary today, have never hesitated to dishonestly smear someone like me, Seth Abramson, and others.

Simply because Limbaugh was in the mainstream media, and we're not.
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