As I have noted on several occasions, it is not censorship to refuse to give your money to a company that wishes to stamp out your values, and demanding political neutrality from social media is not Cancel Culture.

I've done several threads on this but...
Refusing to buy from a company is not Cancel Culture. Getting someone fired from a job for things they did in their personal time is Cancel Culture. Going after a company that is politically neutral so you can recruit them for your political ends is similar to Cancel Culture...
Seeking political neutrality from a business perspective is not cancel culture.

Creating a social media death star to get regular people fired for wrongthink is Cancel Culture. Using buying decisions to send market signals is not Cancel Culture
We need to be careful about this. Josh Hawley was not cancelled. Gina Carano was cancelled. These are not the same.

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24 Feb
@Target has removed The End of Gender by @DrDebraSoh, and irreversible Damage by @AbigailShrier, and Amazon removed Whan Harry Became Sally by @RyanTAnd

We need to act **NOW** before the precedent can stick.

And I mean **NOW**

Last time we sounded the alarm, raised hell, and got people involved.

Then @Target backed down

We moved quickly to bring massive pressure. I did a thread on that at the time (QT'd below)

We have to do that agian, and we need to do it **NOW**

Woke activists have done this before to censor other people, and sometimes the pressure comes from inside the company.

When Spotify threatened to strike unless they could censor the @joerogan podcast a couple of months ago, her appearance on his show was the reason why: ImageImageImageImage
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22 Feb
I am glad this is getting attention in some mainstream-ish conservative circles.

I did 3 threads with 5,000 RT's this summer talking abuut this

I'll link them in a brief thread here...

This is the big one. It got 4k RT's and details how some teachers and academics are arguing that 2+2=*5*

You read that 2+2=5

This is another one with 1200RT's that details how teacher are being trained to teach political ideology and indoctrinate students. It has reciepts.

Read 4 tweets
20 Feb
This is disingenuous.

It equivocayes between Critical Race *Theorist* and Critical Race *Theory*

Diangelo absolutley uses Critical Race Theory and says she does.

These guys all play the same game of "hide the ball" with the parts of CRT they do not want people to see
DiAngelo does work in "whiteness studies" which run parallel to CRT amd makes use of CRT. The difference is focus. One focuses on *race* the other on whitness specifically...but they have massive overlap in terms of the underlying assumptions and worldview
This is why we get papers like this one which link the two.

Saying whitness studies and CRT are seperate is is like saying northern baptists and southern baptsits are seperate. In a sense they are, but they have nearly identical views.

Its the narcisim of small differences
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20 Feb
Manifesting is postmodern spirituality. The metaphysics of discourse creates the world, but it is in the postmodern mind a force that can be harnassed through language and thought.

"Manifesting" fits perfectly into that understanding of the world...
Remember the postmoderns think *everything* is entirely socially constructed and if the world is created by society using language, which means the world is built using words that exlress ideas, thoughts, ideologids, dreams, goals, and so on.

That means the "world" as it's understood to be constructed is not an unintentional brute reality, but it's filled with and interwoven with thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and dreams

If you graft our natural human propensity for spirituality on to that understanding of the world...
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17 Feb
This is transparent bad faith. He takes his own reading of the politics of America amd then just says "translation" to insinuate something was said that was not said.

I hope he doesn't take the same approach to scripture

He then dishonestly claims that the "center" of American politics is synonymous with "Christian Nationalism."

This is a lie.

More false insinuations.

If this was an even vaguely plausible reading of what was being said I would leave it. But it isn't. Ot's a deliberate attempt to paint something in the worst light and pretend it says something it does not.

Read 7 tweets
16 Feb
It says use a dictionary to define communism, but as @realchrisrufo showed in *the next tweet* kids had to simulate a Free Angela Davis rally. She's a communist. It's easy to infer the kids were primed to give a favorable definition of communism...
Greg also ignores that, these *5TH GRADERS* are being taught about *checks notes* Black Communism in a unit where Angela Davis, who once said people in Soviet Gilags deserved it, is painted as nothing more then an academic and activist.

Again, these kids can barely even read.
And we are supposed to pretend there's nothing to see here.

It's willfull blindness.
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