it's amazing how, in the absence of Having A Job, I somehow find a way to put myself in a position where I have at least two important sets of things to do, so that I can procrastinate anyway
it will be interesting to eventually become Fully Financially Independent just to see how I figure out creative new ways to avoid my work
(currently torn between "I have an ebook that's due on Feb 28" and "I have a salon I want to prepare for on Mar 13", both entirely self-inflicted)
sensible minds would be like "huh? just work on the thing that's due sooner? then you'll be free to work on the second thing?"

I do not possess a sensible mind
this feels like a fun & silly time to do my monthly reminder that I have a patreon, where you can be part of the live studio audience witnessing me fretting over All This Stuff. 😂 If you appreciate the work I do, I'd love it if you chose to be a patron!

• • •

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24 Feb
almost every mention of Brian Eno's Scenius idea links to either Kevin Kelly's 2008 post, Bruce Sterling's repost of that on Wired, or a quote of Eno speaking in Sydney in 2009.

Here's a quote from Eno's 1996 book, "The Year With Swollen Appendices", via… ImageImage
this is interesting for a couple of reasons

1. he mentions that he came up with it "a few years ago", so likely early 1990s

2. he points at some examples himself (usually people link to Kevin Kelly's chosen examples) Image
Aha, and here is James Ogilvy mentioning a specific year and place – 1993, at a conference in London… ImageImageImageImage
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24 Feb
looking at 20 years of blogposts and writing about scenes and scenius, and I think, funnily, everybody who's written about this is so eager to emphasize the the group over the role of the individual, that they seem to gloss over the role that "scene managers" play
Pericles' lover Aspasia hosted the house parties that Socrates hung out at
Max Planck hosted the house parties that Einstein hung out at
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24 Feb
advice for improving your dating profile
"I must confess I have a weakness for big butts, it's a problem. should I talk to a therapist about this??"

"I often get into trouble for blurting out what I think. a sensible man would learn to quit doing that. I am not a sensible man"

the point is to match your utterances to fit your personality

Read 6 tweets
24 Feb
Wait there were Two industrial revolutions? I am tired
1. Textiles, railroads, iron, coal, steam

2. steel, chemicals, petroleum, automobile, electricity
I feel like the thing most missing from my education was the emotional quality of things. Like how WW1 was a hideous shock that made lots of smart people become bleak and nihilistic af; I feel like I only started contemplating that stuff in my late 20s. Tho... I did read abt it..
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24 Feb
I love to study this sort of video very closely. If you really look you’ll see that the guys don’t actually want to hurt each other and they’re even quite careful to avoid it. It’s more like a mosh pit than combat. Ritual release of pent up anger but nobody wants to go to jail
there are these little rules like, if a guy falls down you give him a kick or two, but not the head, and but be slow enough to give him time to get back up
the objects (chairs, bicycles) are thrown with great gusto but if you wanted to do real damage you’d use them as melee weapons rather than projectiles

but the point is to avoid seriously hurting anyone. Please no cops or ambulances we are trying to have a civilised brawl here
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23 Feb
possibly the most interesting usage of the word "but" I have ever seen
you can simplify the second half of the sentence to be, "I also believe we must... do science"

which then translates to

"I believe in following the science, but I also believe we must do science" 🙃
which suggests to me that "following the science" is a euphemism for kowtowing to the scientific establishment, which perhaps might occasionally have a cursory and incidental interest in doing a little science
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