I guess I'm recirculating this from (checks watch) less than a month ago. The WaPo story is the same facility. There is nothing new.

I'm not sure where the pull image on this tweet comes from. It's not in the article. The article does mention trailers for services - not housing.

I went to classes in elementary school in trailers like those, made for semi- permanent use. We called them 'portables'. Every construction site in the US uses them as offices for the trades and engineers. I don't see anything wrong with using them to provide services to refugees
Calling Carrizo Springs the "source of protests" is either disingenuous or misinformed. This facility was in *response* to protests over cages and tent cities. It was a PR move to show improved, humanitarian facilities. They closed it as soon as the news cycle moved on.
The Biden administration isn't reopening the kids-in-cages camps. In fact, the Tornillo facility mentioned was *shut down*, which is part of the reason more space is needed, leading to the re-opening of the facility specifically designed to be *not* a humanitarian disaster.
Another part of the reason overflow facilities are necessary is that Biden reversed the "scare people into not immigrating" policy. This is a place to get kids housed, given medical attention, transitioned into school, provided legal access while they are placed with a sponsor.
Importantly, even the HHS isn't claiming this is the best permanent solution. This is a response to a pressing need for more space because the administration is following COVID guidelines to try to keep these kids healthy. It's the best immediately available *temporary* solution
You caught which department is managing this, right? Not Homeland Security. Not ICE. It's Health and Human Services. Because the plan is *not* to contain or deport these kids, it's to get them support and place them with a sponsor. This is specifically to keep kids *out* of cages
It's true that temporary facilities are not *awesome*. It's true that tents and trailers are not the *most* welcoming presentation we could make to refugees. But we have to have some kind of facility, because the alternative is worse.
(all screenshots are quotes from the article linked in the 2nd tweet in thread)

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23 Feb
Thutmose III was an expansionist military genius who fought constant wars to collect tribute and gain territory for Egypt. Moses led a bunch of homeless refugees in the desert for 40 years and outsourced leading armies to Joshua.
Thutmose III was a renowned builder of cities. He constructed tons of monuments, temples and tombs. Moses lived in tents his whole life, lived and died as a nomad, was buried in a cave and notably hated monuments.
I'm not seeing the connection, apart from the names looking kind of similar transliterated into English. In the original languages, they neither looked nor sounded similar.
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11 Feb
It slips around in my mind, dark and still, a shadow of a shadow, a void as black as nothing. I know it's within, always. Watching. Waiting. A hungry animal, stalking it's quarry. I don't know what it is, but in my final hour on this world, I know I will find out.
I catch it, now and again, in a mirror. Hiding in my skin. It wants to push out of it's prison. It wants a way to go out into this world, to find a host. You, possibly. Or your soul's companion. But don't worry, I won't allow that. I know how to control it. I think.
I'm losing bits now. Just an hour or so a day, not much. Things start to go fuzzy and soon it's just ... nothing. My doctor says it's my brain guarding against old trauma, avoiding things I still won't talk about. I know that's not it, though.
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10 Feb
Listen, of course I wish that every Jew felt totally comfortable in all situations being openly, blatantly, visibly Jewish, but in the real world every one of us has had these situations, and portraying this as Schoen being 'self-hating' or hypocritical is ugly behavior.
If you're struggling to understand why wearing a yarmulke during a highly publicized Senate procedure would feel awkward, maybe consider that the procedure opened with a Christian prayer and a quote from the New Testament.
David Schoen is a terrible person, he's willingly taking on a terrible job, and in my opinion he's acting in ways that undermine the central ethical tenets of Judaism.
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4 Feb
Maybe ADHD is an adaptive trait that's useful for surviving in quasi-nomadic and early agricultural societies, but is extremely poorly suited to late stage capitalism.
Yes, late-stage capitalism is unbearably anti-human, and lots of people do self-medicate to get by, AND ALSO ADHD is a neurological condition that shows up on MRIs and affects metabolism, among other things. Image
Yes, I am technically "on speed" (it's not actually much like speed), but it only works because it doesn't affect me the way it affects neurotypical people - because I have a neurological condition that affects how my brain processes that chemical.
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3 Feb
I'm seeing a lot of "nothing has changed, kids in cages" outrage about this. I'm not saying it's awesome in every way, or that we shouldn't be paying attention, but this is VERY different from the Trump administration facilities and policies, and that should be made clear.
First off, this particular facility was opened specifically in response to the kids-in-cages camps, and was reported as being much more humane. This is the Biden administration re-opening the NOT sordid camp that closed under Trump because it was more expensive to operate.
The Carrizo Springs facility was converted from pre-existing housing for oil and gas workers. It's air conditioned, and it has rooms, not cells. This is kids in cheap dormitory housing, not kids in cages.
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3 Feb
I'm so tired of the artificial complexity of corporate jobs. 95% of what I do is completely unnecessary, just jumping through hoops and checking boxes instead of actually doing the thing. I want to be, like, an 18th century cobbler or something.
No SWIs, no naming conventions, no gantt charts, no alignment meetings. I buy leather and wood. I cut it into shapes. I make it into shoes. Done. Simple. You want a bigger shoe? No problem, I don't even have to file a P&L on that, I can just cut the leather a little bigger!
Oh, you wanted that shoe today? Too bad, it's going to take me until Thursday. That's how long it takes. That's when you get your shoe. I'm not even gonna request an expedite from some other department just so they can yell at me about following process. Come back on Thursday.
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