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@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans Where to start?

An inclusive, highly educated society of social equals, welcoming inward migration to address Scotland’s demographic issues in areas of social care, health and education and driving a thriving, knowledge-based and export-led economy. 1/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans This environment, coupled with the the resumption of EU membership, could indeed attract a boost in foreign investment. Leaving the UK would bring freedom from ‘big-state spending’ on issues like defence, or on a large, national infrastructure and a global presence. 2/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans Instead of the London centric and recent often corrupt spending of public finances in a non-transparent manner, where public tender for contracts for spending of public monies is built on cronyism, an Independent Scotland can lead the way in a more transparent way 3/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans The holding to account of elected individuals and spend of public monies from taxation should be paramount as they represent us - unlike the corruption, dark money and sleaze that seems to have become the normality of WM and imbalances the union 4/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans The creation of a sovereign fund similar to that of like minded nations such as Norway where the richness of our resources are not there to be funnelled into the biggest areas of the country. Instead the benefit is to all of Scotland not only the cities in England 5/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans And thankfully now I have removed the noise of the trolls who are not willing to read or comprehend a different view I will continue 6/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A society where the value of what you bring is as if not more important than who you know, what school you went to or what team you support. Where we place the right value on care, careers for those roles we rely upon 7/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A society that does more than clap for our front line staff and rewards them appropriately for what they do - a society that recognises the need to look after people is as important as leadership of companies. One that reflects the needs of our weakest and vulnerable 8/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans One where instead of asking permission from a government who has no idea of what Scotland is or its people need we make the decisions here on our economic full levers - where we focus on the scourge of drug deaths by tackling properly this health emergency 9/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An Independent Scotland that can use its influence in the world instead of the xenophobic policies of #Brexit and isolationism that is the U.K. and can work with others to promote the values of an outward and collaborative nation instead of one constantly at war 10/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An Independent Scotland that can trade with Europe without enforced boundaries, without the damaging effect on our fisheries and farming industries and where we embrace the largest trading entity. Where Scotland’s export worth is not diluted into another countries claim 11/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans This nation that has invented so much and has lead so much in academic research where we can thrive and grow instead of dwindling and dying under policies where we do not benefit from the EU academic programs now lost 12/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A country where we spend our capital resources on infrastructure to improve our economy such as rail links and ferry links to our friends and partners in Europe - which benefits our children and their futures. Our airports with rail links instead of antiquated road links 13/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A country where a difference of opinion and debate is normal and one where we allow discussion instead of the constant whine that we are #toowee #toopoor where Darien project is not the default or meaningless tripe about oil running out 14/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A sensible economy built upon our skill and our attractiveness to investment because of our rich sectors of pharmaceuticals, bioscience, renewable technologies, tourism, oil and gas technology and innovation in our R&D backbone 15/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A health, social and personal care organisation that builds on our SNHS and spends money here rather than on WMD and truly becomes the stellar health care the envy of the world and protected from the privatisation of the doom laden Tories - protected in law and free for all 16/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An education system that builds upon the excellent start we have in our unique Scottish system and adapts to reflect the needs of our society - where everyone regardless of background has the opportunity to develop and grow 17/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An Independent nation that eradicates poverty in children and homelessness in Scotland. Where the social service is used to ensure that the poorest are never left behind. By introduction of UBI the beginning of the end to scourge of welfare state 18/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A security based upon the same fundamentals as the Irish system where protection is based upon our ideals of overall neutrality & peace instead of constant sabre ratting and threat. But ensures our interests are also protected. Where we invest in our own forces for good 19/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A foreign policy that reflects our beliefs on trade, relationships based upon trust and recognises our needs and wants - where our interests are at the same level as anyone else in the world where our voice is equal instead of a small part of someone else’s 20/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A society that celebrates our diversity in opinion and our difference in living as we wish it to be - where we protect others from harm and from abuse but not where we risk threatening others by implementing policies without proper discussion 21/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A series of debates early on in our new society where we discuss the topics around taxation & how best to use and protect our resources -what our tax should be and how we will afford to be free from the handouts of WM (lie) - taxation at the right level both income and land 22/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans Protection of the land and an end to the ownership of thousand of acres of land in Scotland by millionaires with no interest in the protection of the land and the proper use to promote our economy 23/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An Independent Scotland where Gaelic language is promoted instead of being ridiculed, where our history, culture and unique background is part of our incredible landscape - where we use it to sell our country as a place to live, a place to love 24/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A country where we can have a sensible immigration policy based upon what people can contribute to our society, where transient workers and seasonal staff can help us if that is beneficial to us - instead of our soft fruit and daffodils rot in the ground 25/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An Independent country where we rejoin the EU and benefit from all the things that #brexig didn’t tell you would happen is reversed - mutual recognition of medicine approvals, mutual benefit of an EU wide medicine approach where no insulin or cancer meds are short 26/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A country where we can continue to offer the lead in climate change - where we utilise our excellent start in wind and wave power and can see an end to fossil fuel usage and be self sufficient in energy 27/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans An Independent country that recognises the most important resource - Scottish water as a resource we should protect and promote - this is the fuel of the future - the resource an envy of the world 28/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A nation where we invest in our health & ensure that through our schools we excel at providing young people with the opportunity to be their best & reduce the burden of obesity - where we invest in schools to have proper time for exercise as well as the schooling they need 29/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans A nation where we build on people’s ideas and can work together as if we were already that nation - none of that I see in this union of #brexit none of this I see in WM - only more austerity and protection of the rich is what is ahead if we do not leave #DissolveTheUnion 30/30

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