Hi all! It's Jessi again who will start off tweeting at today's special meeting. You can find the agenda here go.boarddocs.com/ca/sfusd/Board… No snacks today since I ate a large lunch, what are your go-to board meeting snacks? #BoardWatch
Waiting on a few more board members but getting the translation and ASL information out now #BoardWatch
Here is the information for ASL translations and how to make comments at public comment #BoardWatch
There will be translations today in Spanish, Cantonese, and Samoan. Shout out to translators and interpreters! #BoardWatch
Going into role call and everyone is here #BoardWatch
Excited to meet together and to focus on these 3 topics: 1) Getting back to face-to-face 2) Budgeting 3) Anti-racist practices #BoardWatch
Return to in-person update will be happening after the advisory committee report, it is being moved forward in the meeting #BoardWatch
@SFUSD_Supe update: On Friday over 1,000 elementary students participated in a question & answer event where they learned about the Alaskan wolf pack, the only wolf in California. This is just one way students have been learning virtually #BoardWatch
The Superintendents 21st century awards are open! Apply by Friday March 5th, at 5 PM. Learn more here sfusd.edu/superintendent… #BoardWatch
Student Delegates: Committee break-outs are where the magic happens. Committees can dive deep into specific advocacy realms. Thank you to committee chairs for drive and leadership #BoardWatch
Student delegates: Student voice concerning city hall budgeting. SAC wants to eliminate waste post covid19. Thank you Matt Haney for continued supports through these efforts. Next meeting is March 8th via SAC Zoom Meeting. The SAC is a public council & anyone can attend
RAVE awards! RAVE distinguished service award presented to Presidio Early Ed Clerk Team! Jessica Jordan Johnson and Michelle Lee! Both women were integral when schools first closed last year #BoardWatch
Shout-out to Jessica and Michelle on their amazing work and award! #BoardWatch
RAVE Special Service Award is going to Daniela Funes who is the Bilingual Family Liaison and is the "most popular person on campus" at Thurgood Marshall #BoardWatch
Daniele Funes fell in love with education, has been at Thurgood Marshall for three years. It seemed like something temporary but that quickly changed. So blessed to be a part of this community. We are all a part of something much bigger than us #BoardWatch
Going to section C: public comment on NON agenda items #BoardWatch
First we will start with SFUSD students #BoardWatch
No students right now, heading into public comment for anyone #BoardWatch
But also it should be for non-agenda items #BoardWatch
PC: Middle School Spec Ed Teacher. Not been resigned for next year. Come to you as a teacher that is very passionate, many of her parents have reached out to you. Colleagues & students have reached out. Runs great program at Lawton #BoardWatch
PC Cont: Made strides to become a better teacher at SFUSD. Shown dedication and can run a strong program. Asking please to extend probationary period to prove to principal and SFUSD that she can run IEPs on time. Had timeliness issues. Dedicated to being timely #BoardWatch
PC: Glad to put kids in public schools. Watch friends leave for private schools & better run public schools. Scrapped & saved & struggled and gave time & dedication for good schools. Board & union have failed students. You aren't trustworthy and you put ideologies above students
Cont PC: Choosing to leave SF public schools which was a tough decision #BoardWatch
PC: Parent of 2nd grader at SFUSD & teacher. Want to call the attention to privatization of schools. Want people to fight each other instead of working together. Efforts to divide us has asked for recall of voted on school board. We must not fall into it. This is antiunion
PC: President of SF Alliance of Black Student Educators. Shout-out to Jessica on her RAVE award. We did it! Thank you to the SFUSD parents & grand parents. Last week we had 3 awesome nights of the African American honor awards. There were over 200 families on zoom each night!
PC Cont: Thank you for helping to support this event even in covid! Because of us working together we were able to honor students. Certificates were sent to school sites. Thank you so much! #BoardWatch
PC: Special Educator. Tuning in because concerned about the impacts of the schedule. Need to be very clear about whether or not this is serving the emotional and social needs of these kids. They need consistency...
Cont PC: Parents may not realize that their student might be placed with a different teacher. This could destroy the connection between students w/ IEPs and teachers. Want consistency and emotional well being as well as educational success #BoardWatch
PC: Retired SF Superior Support Judge. Commenting to request clarification of renaming of schools. If it is paused, are you rescinding the resolution or pausing on finding new names? Thank you #BoardWatch
PC: 4th Grade Teacher at Horace Mann. Misleading video that was posted today from district about bargaining w/ daily schedules. The framing and the way it is being messaged to public is misleading and divisive. We continue to believe that students should be w/ teachers...
PC Cont: It's important to maintain unity and not to pit families against teachers. At this point there needs to be a trusted mediator at these bargaining table meetings. SF Chronicle is anti-union and they are fanning the flames #BoardWatch
Pointing out that some of these points are about agenda items and that will be coming up after the advisory report #BoardWatch
PC: Speaking on school renaming. Student at Washington high school. Deeply saddens that the board has paused on the school renaming. This board has been bold & courageous w/ their forward moving progress. Been proud of that. To halt because of political pressure...
PC Cont: Sad certain commissioners are being targeted. Two different items can be worked on in tandem. For anyone who didn't take the time to familiarize themselves w/ the renaming process, it's been going on for 3 years. To pause it, is a slap in the face who put in the work
PC Cont: Respectfully asking to continue with this work. You are amazing, you can go forward and it can continue to happen. We have your back and we stand with you. The return to school is daunting and we believe in you. Does not want student to go back personally #BoardWatch
PC: Directly towards the idea of testing. Particularly SBAC, take a harsh stance that students should not be tested this school year. If we could come together & figure out a way so we don't have to test students, families would appreciate this...
PC Cont: Students are so stretched during distance learning. Admin would also appreciate it. Thank you for your time #BoardWatch
PC: School renaming. Hoping pausing this work will not harm Black and Indigenous communities in SF. These are happening around the country and there has been less aggression towards it in the south as oppose to here...
PC Cont: For those not on the board, please stand on the side of history as Black Indigenous Students of Color and think about where you stand on racial justice issues #BoardWatch
PC: SFUSD teacher. Thank you for pausing the renaming process. Been in the loop in terms of this process. It is important but as a teacher they are overwhelmed. Trying to be an effective teacher during distance learning. Lots to do, w/ logs, wellness checks, many things on plate
PC Cont: Thank you for pausing this so we can have an honest, real conversation about renaming schools. Thank you #BoardWatch
PC: Stand in solidarity w/ the parent who is frustrated w/ board for pausing this process. Had a town hall & two zoom meetings. Had a principal who was a great leader and they are done w/ the process. San Leandro launched an initiative to rename schools...
PC Cont: Students attend schools named after people who attacked Black & Indigenous people. They need to be in a culturally safe school. This process needs to begin again immediately. Need to send message that racist attitudes are not tolerated in this district #BoardWatch
PC: Thank you for putting renaming on hold. Want the process to move forward and that it be conducted in a deliberate way where the whole community can be involved. Children's school not on the list but know how hard it can be to get parents involved. Thank you #BoardWatch
PC: Thank you to the board for having the courage that most people wouldn't do. Continue doing the work you are doing. There are many voices that won't be heard that need the leadership you are providing. Many parents don't want their students back in school...
PC Cont: From listening to the news from the Chronicle and the mayor who are preventing your work. Continue doing the work. Names should change so kids can be proud of where they go. Thank you so much, praying for you & god bless you #BoardWatch
PC: Parent of 1st Grader. None of us saw covid coming. Unprecedented. All of us need to change how we think about work. Time box literally all comments, no one is free from this. Let's make comments snappy. Concerned about budget and the shortfall of students #BoardWatch
Hi! Its @miranda8 logging to be your boardwatcher :) We are hearing from our Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Advisory Council. #BoardWatch
Here is the agenda for this presentation, and members of the advisory council. Presenter Mahina gives a special shout-out to Commissioner @FaauugaMoliga who is a member of our community. #BoardWatch
Presenters Paama and Siataga of the advisory council share information about Oceania, and patterns of migration. #BoardWatch
Dr. Palaita, a professor at CCSF discusses structural and cultural challenges to the diaspora, especially in schools. #BoardWatch
Some interesting data: 70% of Samoan students live in public housing and 80% were provided with technology services during the pandemic. Samoan students are 56% of Pacific Islanders in SFUSD and no data on other PI students broken down. #BoardWatch
Data shows learning loss was greater for PI students than for any other group. #BoardWatch
Advisory asks that a prek-14 steam pathway be built using the aganu'u framework, and also a dual language immersion Samoan/English program. Also translation of resources, and more hands-on learning opportunities. Suggest a school be named after Tupufia Valentino #BoardWatch
Ending with a quote "We shall not be defined by the smallness of our islands, but by the greatness of our oceans." #BoardWatch
Public comment: AAPAC member expresses solidarity, loved the presentation, and would like to support however we can. #BoardWatch
Comment: a representative from CAC for Special Education appreciates presentation and work behind the scenes. Want to work in collaboration. Appreciate your recognition of students within your population with IEPs. #BoardWatch
Comment: appreciate having an opportunity to listen to work that has been done, look forward to seeing outcomes. #BoardWatch
Comment: "It is hard to hold my tears this evening." In the 1960s our forefathers came here for many of the reasons shared tonight. Have only hoped for a night like tonight. I cry tears because I know this day is long-awaited. This is a template for other districts. #BoardWatch
Comment: parent of a 1st grader at Cleveland, thanking for the great presentation. And for all of the supports in the community, including the Samoan Community Development Center #BoardWatch
Comment: SFUSD teacher: without connection to tutoring at SCDC, would not be a teacher today. This is first time in my career seeing this type of recognition, attention. Finally being seen in SFUSD. Will do anything in my power to help. #BoardWatch
Comment: PAC coordinator thanks the MAC (Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Matua (Parent) Advisory Committee (Matua Advisory Committee = MAC). Want to lift up acts of continued supports, naming of a school, and translation services. Stand in solidarity. #BoardWatch
Comment: congratulations, for those of us who grew up in this city and went to SFUSD, this is indeed a historical moment. This is a blueprint for all other districts throughout our nation. Long overdue. #BoardWatch
Comment: parent of a biracial student at Roosevelt MS. Commend those who spoke today for an insightful, thoughtful, and organized presentation. On PTA working committee for DEI, and do not believe we have someone on our committee of Samoan or PI descent. Join us! #BoardWatch
Comment: 2/23/2021 is a historic date in SFUSD and our nation. What can Alliance of Black School Educators do to inspire and assist? You have my number. (Hard to translate in tweets, but last four speakers have teared up with emotion during comments) #BoardWatch
Comment: teacher at Bret Harte. I've been feeling so jaded and beat down. The presentation reminded me why I'm here and inspired me. So different from people being so separate and apart and horrible to each other. #BoardWatch
Comment: thank you to members of the group for always being there for me, supporting me. I feel like you are my friends, first members of the community before anything. #BoardWatch
Comment: SFUSD graduate and member of PI community aspires to be like parents and advocates on this Advisory. Know my children will be well taken care of when I have them. #BoardWatch
Comment: UESF president Soloman appreciates the presentation, work of the advisory, and learning the quote about islands and oceans. #BoardWatch
Comment: Student delegate Correa Almanza appreciated the presentation, particularly the slide about cultural clashes. Hope these can be embraced as opportunities. Delegate Hines-Foster wants to know how to support PI student clubs in schools. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @AliMCollins appreciates the work of @FaauugaMoliga, Chris Tasi, Anna Mahina, and all of the others who have made this a reality. The idea of being seen really resonates with me. PI students at Burton say they have never had their culture celebrated. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess appreciates this group and this process but doesn't like the way that advisory committees are set up. Think parents should be compensated, and have real responsibility and role in accountability. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @jennyhlam has some questions related to the work and how can be supportive. Re mentoring and tutoring program which is "out of the gates" now. Where are supports needed during school day and in afterschool time? #BoardWatch
Answer to @jennyhlam: Chris Tasi says there are 3 programs, all pilots. Open to mentoring college kids after hours, for HS program, HS kids will mentor middle school kids (academic help and help with fa'a samoan/culture), elementary is 1:1 tutor program #BoardWatch
The elementary program allows tutors to follow students from year to year, @jennyhlam notes that is very important. She asks about various career pathways. #BoardWatch
Tasi notes programs that allow students to work with their hands should be prioritized, passes it to @FaauugaMoliga who asks if Chief @CAO_SFUSD can give an update #BoardWatch
Expanding opportunities and access for Samoan students. Want to make them more engaging, specifically for Samoan students. We are looking at how could we can include them more. Want them to use their hands, which led to a deeper conversation about how that be added to curriculum
Looking at Pre-K and how we can scale that up. Want there to be dual enrollment, engage students early on. Thinking long-term and how to build on each experience. Early in the work but on it's way. We need all hands on deck to bring that work to fruition #BoardWatch
Commissioner @mattalexandersf thank you for this presentation! This is the best of our district & of our city. Let us know what you need. It's an honor to serve alongside Commissioner @FaauugaMoliga #BoardWatch
VP @AliMCollins this is your first presentation to the board, requesting that the district figure out a common way to capture PAC and MAC recommendations so we can be held accountable #BoardWatch
Commissioner @FaauugaMoliga Thank you to all parents involved in this big project. Not one person can complete this, it's because of the communal efforts of the community. Want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Asking we all work together...
Cont: Moving forward. All of the public comments and your thoughts are very important. Thank you, this would not happen if this leadership was not in place. This is the type of equity work that only a board like this could champion... #BoardWatch
Cont: No one else in the country is doing work like this. When I joined the board, I went to 3 different funerals, 1 for Samoan kid and 2 Latinx kids. Asked why wearing the hat, there are policies that are detrimental to Pacific Islander & Black & Brown kids... #BoardWatch
Cont: Friend sent a picture out of a jail in SF, & many people in the photo were Samoan. The issue & disparities is happening with this group. Want to highlight that & bring it to the forefront. Thank you to those on the front line. This is a fight for us & who fight for us...
Cont: Thank you parents, thank you for this historic moment. This is not the first, buckle up & get ready #BoardWatch
@lopez4schools this is our priority. Hearing from volunteers and committees, that is what we value first. Looking forward to what we will build together #BoardWatch
Getting into the return to in-person learning which has been moved forward #BoardWatch
Reminder that Q&A section of zoom is for the deaf & hard of hearing community NOT for conversations #BoardWatch
Here are the slides being presented go.boarddocs.com/ca/sfusd/Board… #BoardWatch
The decision tree that is being used #BoardWatch
These are the factors into when things open for face-to-face. We are currently in purple tier #BoardWatch
We are moving into talking about testing now. Looking at 17 different proposals which will be brought to the board in 36 hours, closing the RFP process. Would like for city to take over testing so the schools can focus on education #BoardWatch
Vaccines! Per union agreement, if in the red tier then staff must have access to vaccines. If in orange tier do not requires access to vaccinations #BoardWatch
Supply of vaccines will play a huge factor into when all of these things happen #BoardWatch
This will determine when students can go back to face-to-face #BoardWatch
Visual health screens and a form will be required for all people #BoardWatch
This is what cleaning and sanitation will look like #BoardWatch
There will be limited occupancy in rooms and there will be limited congregating in areas #BoardWatch
This will be the first group of students that are eligible for face-to-face learning #BoardWatch
Planning around these assumptions, constraints, and dependencies #BoardWatch
This has been updated since January 4th. Now 81% of families have responded. Consistent 57% plan on sending their child for in-person learning #BoardWatch
There's a huge array of data #BoardWatch
Grappling with consistency at scale or differentiation based on context and capacity of school site #BoardWatch
These will be the options going forward #BoardWatch
Distance learning is open to everyone. For those who choose this there will be 120 minutes of live instruction 5 days a week #BoardWatch
What an in-person week will look like #BoardWatch
For schools with more requests in-person, this is what hybrid will look like. Looking at having two teachers in these classrooms during in-person #BoardWatch
Different site will have to offer different options #BoardWatch
As exploring different ways to do in-person learning for 3-5th graders, asking the question if they should offer spots to everyone or to those in specific circumstances #BoardWatch
Assessment center will be opening at John O'Connel HS #BoardWatch
Things that are coming up in the near future #BoardWatch
Opening up to public comment about opening for face-to-face #BoardWatch
PC: Decreasing the Distance. Doubled in size over the last month. Excited to hear the shift in priorities, still no information about 3-5th grade. What about middle and high school? All k-12 could be open and 0 kids in the classroom. We can do better...
PC Cont: the district can do better, we as a city can do better #BoardWatch
PC: Thank you for this update and the complex logistics that people are working through. Some of the questions I've heard from those staying at home is the connection w/ the teacher. Concerned w/ push to in-person will lose relationship w/ teacher...
PC Cont: Curious what this will look like from an equity perspective. Will part-time / temporary staff also eligible for vaccines? #BoardWatch
PC: Highlight amazing working around assessment center. 800 kids w/o being assessed. The assessment is the foundation of the house you build. So excited about this. A million questions, CAC always wants to partner. Thank you for the hard work, focus on vaccines #BoardWatch
PC: Behavior Analyst w/ district. Want to make sure the voice of educators who directly work w/ students are heard. Concerned about meeting the needs of students in mod severe classes. Will teachers be handling both face-to-face & online? How can they do that? Please listen
PC: Middle School Teacher. Here as teacher making sure voice is heard. Not all of you are in the classroom, or haven't been in a long time. You don't know how it's going right now. We need to be in this all together. Board please support educator voices and continuity for teacher
Cont: Especially need to listen to students of color. Need to listen to educators. Education is key with relationships #BoardWatch
PC: SF Native, SFUSD alumni, SPED teacher. Concerned about safety of educators & students. Want continuity of service. Students ask for updates and want to be honest & clear. Want students & Familes to feel safe. The dashboard says only 40% of schools ready, can the dashboard...
Cont: be made for more demographics so parents know what is going on #BoardWatch
PC: 1st Grade Teacher on the bargaining table. Educators know what it takes. The districts bargaining team has ignored educators. Created schedules to ensure safety and bonds established w/ students. Our schedules keep students w/ teachers, the districts do not....
PC Cont: Our schedule factor in language pathways, the district does not. Calling for continuity of instruction for students #BoardWatch
PC: Two hours a day, two days a week, is not good enough for child. Two days a week full days, is not sufficient. How are working parents supposed to do this? How are kids supposed to learn? Working & teaching child and is overwhelmed....
PC Cont: Are outdoors classrooms completely ruled out? #BoardWatch
Time limit is 1 minute today #BoardWatch
PC: 4th Grade teacher. Nothing wants more to stop distance learning but for safety of community, students, and staff it isn't good at this time. No agreement because no one side fits all or one side fits most right now. Let's unify and do face-to-face when its safe...
PC Cont; We can focus our time and effort on being more than ready when things are safe #BoardWatch
PC: Good to see the faces of the names we hear in the news that are trying to get in the same direction. Extremely frustrated but already done. High school student want to try & get them into something safe before the end of the year. Biggest concern: can we create confidence...
Cont: In the 2021 school year? #BoardWatch
PC: Parent of 2 in elementary. Want to give voice to parents who children's have robust IEPs. Plans to date have not taken these children into account. They need these services. Each day matters for all children, especially these children. Child cannot access his class...
PC Cont: Child cannot access services he needs. Thousands of children who desperately need the services they receive even in gen ed classrooms #BoardWatch
PC: Parent at school of only a few who want students to go back. Wonder what the quality of instruction will be like, for Cantonese speakers & multigenerational households. We hit the 1/2 million mark of those dead by covid. Concerned if it's really safe #BoardWatch
PC: Teacher for mod/sever. For full 5 days a week, and they are the only teacher, don't understand when they would prep. Would they be with students all day? Only one going back in their school. Will there be options for son if both parents are teachers? #BoardWatch
PC: High schooler, blessed to be able to go back and district pays to go to private school. To all friends all over, the ones actually going to school seem to be doing better. Happier, seeing friends, nice senior year, get to say good bye to people. The district should...
PC Cont: pay attention to both older and younger students. They have different needs but both important #BoardWatch
PC Parent of Student: 348 since schools have been closed. Did not receive any survey for their elementary age daughter. Happy w/ increased response rate, but so many families have not been surveyed even once. How can you formulate plans w/o this information? #BoardWatch
PC UESF: Special education assessment center is a result of negotiated agreement between UESF & District. Negotiating about opening schools for months, including schedules. Experienced educators on bargaining table, voices are being devalued. Serious concern...
PC COnt: Need to work continue to get kids back to face-to face #BoardWatch
PC: SPED teacher. Take teacher experience seriously when it comes to nuts & bolts of in-person learning. Ripped from kids and want to go back to them safety. Want consistency & want same quality for those who choose not to come back #BoardWatch
PC: Employee w/ district. Parent of student, member of local 21. As parent strongly motivated to get student back, as employee & union member, do not want a safe environment. Work harder, if possible, to work w/ unions to come to resolution #BoardWatch
PC: Thank you for diligent effort on reopening plan. Member of CA public schools & wanted kids to have the same benefits. This is not a can-do attitude. Wants students in-person as much as possible but doesn't limit cohorts or think about 6 feet apart #BoardWatch
PC: RSP and member of bargaining team. Continually underrepresented as Cantonese Biliteracy program. You want to bring back newcomers but where are you going to get these teachers to help teach these pathways. No considerations for schools like mine #BoardWatch
PC: Child in 2nd grade & 6th grade. Discussion about space. Space is constraining the district, this is not the case if the district considers outdoor space. Every school has a yard, every school is close to green space. We have this wealth of green space in the city...
PC Cont: everyone can go back to face-to-face this way #BoardWatch
PC: Parent of a first grader who is also a teacher on special assignment in SFUSD. Understand that instructional plan will require many, many more teachers. Whether 2 or 5 days a week, teacher is still teaching 5 days a week. Who is teaching remote students? What about SDC?
PC: teacher/UESF member hopes district will hear teachers voices. Have been trying to bargain fairly with student best interest at heart. Students should remain with teachers and peers they have formed bonds with from day one. In tri-lingual schools cannot move classes.
PC: teachers ask SFUSD to trust teachers. Are not asking to work 2 hours per day. Will work full work days plus more hours. The plan the district has put out has not been confirmed or agreed upon. #BoardWatch
PC: parent in SFUSD, 2 HS and 1MS student and a veteran teacher. Ask commissioners to continue to work with those hardest hit by the pandemic and for those of us on the ground grinding daily. I work 12 hour days. #BoardWatch
PC: caller speaking on behalf of children with IEPs. They are not being prioritized enough, especially those in gen ed. We are in a wave 3 school, may go back months later and 2 days a week. #BoardWatch
PC cont. I've had to take a leave from my job to educate my kid, I'm not a teacher, not a para, cant do this. #BoardWatch
PC: teacher at BVHM urges board to trust teachers. Bonds are built throughout the year and should not be broken. #BoardWatch
PC: para at Denman MS in Mod/Severe classroom, also parent of a student at Lakeshore ES. District is misleading the school community about the impact of its schedule and bargaining in public is breaking trust. #BoardWatch
PC: lack of addressing the need for public transportation. Expecially people like homeless youth who are being prioritized. Should work with muni to make sure public transportation is safe. #BoardWatch
PC: parent of student with IEP asks to "please prioritize our children" also commenting on two different proposals. It is true that having two different teachers would be difficult, but the part-time schedule would also be incredibly difficult. Not realistic. #BoardWatch
PC: Thanking board for having a conversation at 6PM not later. Have a first grader and he and friends all said having a different teacher would be just fine. As much as they love their current teacher, they just need the continuity of being in school #BoardWatch
PC: public school parent and teacher is thanking the board for prioritizing reopening. Don't think hybrid works for kids or teachers. Will increase exposure as parents seek additional childcare situations. What is plan for vaccinations? Need 2 agreements ratified. #BoardWatch
PC: first grade teacher at Paul Revere notes that when looking at survey data, the disparities in numbers between school sites and different populations indicates different lived experiences across neighborhoods. Truth for people varies based on actual situations. #BoardWatch
PC: relationships build with parents and students are paramount, any solution that involves assigning a student to a new teacher would slow down learning. My students have made progress this year. (I think this is a teacher at El Dorado but sort-of missed that part)#BoardWatch
PC: Cant get kids back if we have no plan. Have concerns even as a parent who wants to go back about plan to go back to a different teacher and only 2 days a week. Need K-5 back for all kids with IEPs and no one has mentioned 504s. Send a new survey! #BoardWatch
PC: see message boards with lots of anti-teacher rhetoric. Feels bad as an educator. The virus is the enemy, not educators. Don't get paid much but have huge classes and huge work loads. We have educators including myself who will work in-person full time, but consider all needs.
PC: feel like what is being offered is an a la carte learning system, families can choose to be in person or not. Don't see that as a good option. #BoardWatch
PC: High school teacher at Marshall urges the board and the district to start listening to educator voices. Feel like the district is in a pattern of overpromising and underdelivering that we have seen since March. #BoardWatch
PC: parent of a Kinder student who is a HS teacher in Sped department. Son having two teachers would be hard for son. Has a hard time transitioning b/c he is 6. Hybrid would be hard for teacher. Is IEP assessment for K-12? #BoardWatch
PC: rep from SF labor council thinks there is a crisis of leadership in the district. Teacher and unions are interested in agreement and district is more interested in playing politics. Unions are saying Supe and attorneys are playing games. #BoardWatch
PC cont.: have called @shamannwalton and asked him to step in as a mediator. #BoardWatch
PC: teacher at a title 1 school with a student in a title 1 school. Would prefer to have son go to school half day only. Worried about exposure at lunch. Need to be able to reach out to all parents at schools, not just the loudest. #BoardWatch
PC: educator at Paul Revere has been loving connecting with students, even in distance learning. Want to highlight the importance of teacher/student relationships. Leads to deepening of learning and expanding outcomes and opportunities. #BoardWatch
PC: educator notes that schools ARE open. Nobody else should be put through grief and trauma I have been through this year. Not worth loss of lives for teachers to work in person. Please do not force anyone to return. #BoardWatch
Now moving to discussion among commissioners. Student delegate Correa Almanza wants to know when distance learning will stop being offered? A: (from supe)- have not discussed, but families will have option when schools open. #BoardWatch
Supe notes that one learning from the pandemic is that for some students distance learning works better. So might keep offering it. Really hard to know because of all the changes in data and science. #BoardWatch
Delegate Correa Almanza worries about smaller HSs where one teacher teaches all sections of a class, like Algebra, how will there be a teacher for in-person and distance students? #BoardWatch
Deputy Supe Ford Morthel explains that at elementary level, all teachers in a grade level would share all students, some would do in person and some online. Ford-Morthel says she would prefer to wait to share options for secondary schools - working on a plan. #BoardWatch
Correa Almanza: what should we expect for graduations? Ford Morthel: know leaders have been thinking about activities and celebrations, but do not know where they have landed, but will get you an update after this meeting #BoardWatch
Correa Almanza: only have dashboard up to wave 2A, is there any way to gauge progress towards other waves? A: Supe Matthews says they will be updating dashboards soon with other waves. #BoardWatch
Student Delegate Hines Foster has a question about how course selection will work for High School. Will instructional time increase or decrease with hybrid learning (in the fall)? #BoardWatch
Ford-Morthel: will comply with SB 98 for minimum minutes, but don't think it would expand beyond traditional school day. #BoardWatch
Ford Morthel: as we plan for what secondary will look like, figuring out how students can interact with each subject matter teacher, not go to a single teacher model. #BoardWatch
Ford Morthel also answering a question from Delegate Hines Foster about outdoor options. Says they have been exploring outdoor at all schools, also allowing schools to enhance options with outdoor space. Some schools are deeper in planning than others. #BoardWatch
Hines Foster wants to know if adding outdoor space to the dashboard would speed up reopening. Ford Morthel: how to use outdoor space has been part of every discussion. #BoardWatch
Chief Facilities Officer Kamalanathan: every elementary school is using its school yard. Creating in many spaces mirror classrooms outside. Been calling them "landing areas" - help students with dynamic circulation across school sites. Can use this spot over course of day.
Chief @DawnKdelivers notes that things like green school yards and other supports would be longer term investments. For schools close to parks have encouraged school leaders to reach out to talk about agreements with Rec and Park and other open space agencies in SF. #BoardWatch
.@DawnKdelivers says that using outdoor space to add to capacity of the school is very complicated. #BoardWatch
Delegate Hines Foster: any update on High Schools? @SFUSD_Supe says "we remain hopeful" depends on tiers, spread, and vaccines. But the time frame is growing shorter and shorter. #BoardWatch
Hines Foster has a question on graduations: this year will "drive by" graduations be OK? Deputy Supe Ford Morthel says that will need to be provided to you in an update. Don't have details but can get them. #BoardWatch
Hines Foster also asks about working with Muni on transit. @SFUSD_Supe notes that they are aware this will be needed for HS to go back. Will work with city. #BoardWatch
Hines Foster: what about after school activities like soccer and clubs? Will these still be prohibited too? #BoardWatch
Hines-Foster: How are surveys going out? Only to younger grades? Answer: @SFUSD_Supe anticipates a survey going out next week for the next wave and 3-5 in the next couple of weeks. (not sure if these are the same wave..) #BoardWatch
Delegate Correa Almanza: will credit recovery be prioritized? Chief Academic Officer Priestly: expanding number of credit recovery classes available to accommodate whatever need we might have in the district #BoardWatch.
Commissioner Sanchez: can we get more information about the vaccine roll out? What have convos with the city been like - not just providing vaccines but also keeping track of everything. We have provided the city with "our folks" so they know who we are. #BoardWatch
Daniel Menezes Chief of HR: Vaccinations start tomorrow. Have given priority list of wave one and two educators to the city. Working to coordinate when those educators will get vaccinated. Will have a date soon. #BoardWatch
Menezes: right now not a great system at the City for tracking, working to leverage existing internal systems to track. Sanchez: not impressed with city system. Registered months ago but has been radio silence. #BoardWatch
Sanchez: worried that people will be able to get vaccines at Walgreens before the ones the city has promised for wave 1 and wave 2. Menezes does feel there is a concerted effort by the city to get these teachers vaccinated ASAP. @jennyhlam mentions state-level prioritization too.
Commissioner @jennyhlam has lots of questions but first wants to thank educators, district leaders, and staff. It is critical to accelerate how we are getting students and teachers safely back to school. Need to get survey data. #BoardWatch
Lam: how will we seek more spaces to serve students if we need to? Understand complexities, but we have been dealing with complexities for a year. Want a detailed plan for secondary soon. Need families to understand that we have not forgotten about secondary students. #BoardWatch
Lam: notes that there are troubles showing up in own home. Getting harder and harder and shows up every day. #BoardWatch
Lam: my intent is looking at a full return, PK-12 in the fall. We have the data, we have a federal government thinking about this. It is critical as a board that we arrive at some answers and some more details. Do not undermine the complexities of this. #BoardWatch
Lam: We cannot do this on our own. Some help is starting to come from the state level. Would like some deliverable time lines in coming weeks and want to know @SFUSD_Supe vision for getting us past the finish line. #BoardWatch
Boggess: want to thank educators and staff for all the energies being put towards reopening. Felt there was a lack of clearness for families in what they are going to be experiencing. Not accessible. Decision tree and dashboard are confusing for families #BoardWatch
.@KevineBoggess is also troubled by the idea of using volunteers for assessment centers. Want to respect the hard work people are doing, and get more stable workers. Opposed to surveys, capture a moment in time but not the changing dynamic of pandemic or capture all families
Boggess would like to have presentations start with an executive summary, including what we don't know. Q: how are families accessing info about return to in-person learning, how are we gauging if families are understanding? #BoardWatch
Boggess also wants timeline on phase 3. #BoardWatch
Deputy Superintendent @gbschooly notes there is a partnerships office, comms to school sites, connection with advisories. Ways families access info: digest, goes to emails; breaking news goes by text and phone (use judiciously so fams don't opt out). #BoardWatch
Blythe: Recognize that many families don't get emails. Got donations to help set up a family resource link so families can reach out to a person to get questions answered. Helps us know what info to post on website and push out. #BoardWatch
Blythe: got funding to do an audit to assess how we are doing at reaching families. What would they like to know more of and how would they like to get information, with emphasis on hardest to reach families. #BoardWatch
.@KevineBoggess are we tracking how many families are opening emails? Blythe:open rate for digest is about 24K, that is pretty good. Also can tell how many people pick up an autodial. E-newsletter has a 40% open rate. #BoardWatch
Boggess: in my experience, the majority of families don't feel that they get directly reached out to by the district and if so not in the language they speak. Wonder if the communications department staff is too small? #BoardWatch
Blythe: the office has been set up as more of a public information office that interacts with media. There are other departments responsible for family communication. A more coordinated approach could help us respond better, hope the audit process will help with this. #BoardWatch
Blythe: just recently hired someone to focus on family communication systems. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess asking @SFUSD_Supe who on your staff is responsible for communicating w/ families and who is responsible for those who are not traditionally reached? #BoardWatch
@SFUSD_Supe it really depends on what they are trying to communicate and what the communication is about #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess concerned about that answer. Wants to establish better systems that have safeguards so our communication is a strength. Loved if we could talk about the timeline for Phase 3. Want to know more outside of 2A #BoardWatch
Want better communication for those who are outside of the focus groups #BoardWatch
VP @AliMCollins appreciate all of the questions, families, & educators coming out. Feeling overwhelmed in a way, as Commissioner @jennyhlam said, these are tough times. We are all struggling, we all want to go back to in-person learning, we are faced w/ no easy answers...
No matter what, there will be positives and there will be negatives. We have to make choices, people will like them, & people won't like them. Clear about their decisions & values. Making decisions based on principals, 1 member of the board, have to work as body...#BoardWatch
We have to work together and be aligned. There are many ways up the mountain, their way might be different than colleague. Want to give clear direction to staff so they can do their jobs. Love & respect for SFUSD community. There is loss of life...#BoardWatch
We are all affected in one way or another. We need to start somewhere. We are starting w/ little kids, it's a good decision. Middle & high school kids are waiting, there are kids who really need us at this level. We made a decision...#BoardWatch
Sometimes we have to do one thing at a time before we do something else. We got the health & safety MOU, thank you labor partners, negotiation teams. We made a decision to go above & beyond the CDC guidance because of worries by family & staff...#BoardWatch
Guidance changes all the time anyway. We just need to move forward with our decisions. Then we can move on to the next step. Negotiating instructional plan. Wants to be clear about vote. There are no easy answers...#BoardWatch
In any scenario, if we bring kids back, there will be some w/ different teachers. Made a priority to stick w/ schools as community. Love daughters teachers & relationships are key, but looks at consistency of school & schedule. May be different teacher but...#BoardWatch
Consistency of schedules and of peers in the classroom. Families need consistency & structure in their day. Getting them dressed, ready, across town. Telling parents that are desperate to work or get a break...#BoardWatch
Telling parents they may only get a half day is not great. Just wants consistency of schedule, and that they can have a full day even if that means a different teacher. The idea of team teachers, it could be a great thing. Children feel loved in their school communities...
And children feel loved from their friends. Need consistency & need to get schedule together. Need that info to make more plans. It will take 4-5 weeks to match, figure out who is coming back, communicate what's going on. The longer we wait to have an MOU...#BoardWatch
And a schedule, we need to get this figured out. Staff we appreciate your work, please continue to negotiate but we need to make a decision soon. We have a best case & worst case based on demand. How many schools are worst case for 2 days hybrid? How many schools are best case?
Enikia Ford Morthel: Waiting on responses but 25 schools who would be at 5 days a week #BoardWatch
Prioritizing full day of in-person instruction for those who want it #BoardWatch
Wait, numbers were incorrect. 25 elementary schools would have to be hybrid based on high demand. 50 elementary schools would be five days a week #BoardWatch
Commissioner @mattalexandersf appreciate hard work of district staff & bargaining team. Know that everyone is trying hard to make this work. Echo about the tradeoffs, we really all have the same interests here. Everyone wants to be back, it's just a question of how #BoardWatch
Concerned by educator comments that are bargaining team is not listening to them. They have valid comments & concerns. Want a collaborative approach to be brought to the bargaining table. Their concerns are not frivolous. We have to make decisions & we cannot please everyone
We should trust the judgement of the people on the ground doing this everyday. Important we listen & work closely w/ those educators. Questions about bilingual classes & middle school mod/severe are good questions & the detail that should be worked out...#BoardWatch
Like what VP @AliMCollins said, if we don't get a deal, we can't move forward. Echoing Commissioner @jennyhlam about MS & HS. Just learned the current negotiating around the MOU does not include them at all. That process needs to start now...#BoardWatch
Maybe we should assign a different team in the district to works on secondary but let's put a team on it & get it done. Those are things that should be easy to do. Allowing small groups on campus should not be a huge lift...#BoardWatch
High schools are doing course selection for the fall but no one knows what the fall could look like. Have to commit to 5 days a week return in the fall. Concerned if that is not our current plan. Strongly encourage staff to work on those. Don't need a response #BoardWatch
Will be continuing to update everyone as things happen. Thank you student delegates, you deserve a break #BoardWatch
Jumping back to section E for consent calendar. Taking public comment on consent items #BoardWatch
PC: Draw attention to item 16, 18, 19, and 21. Does not like that these are not brought to publics attention. Ask that BOE relook at their funding for this abuse #BoardWatch
PC: Nonpublic schools are listed under the consent calendar. For kids who need really high level of care, the district & parents even more have no opportunity than to send their kids out of state because of closed mental health services. Lost all of options as parents...
PC Cont: Need more mental health options in SF for families. Could better collaborate w/ the city around mental health support. Trauma informed centers that provide therapeutic support. Let's not rely on facilities like Logan River & focus on city support #BoardWatch
Pulling out item 21 but voting on the rest of them #BoardWatch
7 voted yes #BoardWatch
Moving onto section F to discuss item #21 that was not voted on #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess wants to know what safe guards we use to evaluate and assess if these institutions are working or not for students? #BoardWatch
NPS director checks their record and background before we start the contract. Main people concerned w/ this are not here #BoardWatch
There would be harm if a student is placed there or if a student is waiting to be placed there and then they do not receive an education #BoardWatch
It can be voted on now and then a follow up can happen. Voting on item 21 and there will be follow up. 7 votes for yes #BoardWatch
Section G proposals for action looking at board policy 5131.2, Bullying and Harassment #BoardWatch
This policy came to the board a couple weeks ago, moved to the board with a recommendation to approve #BoardWatch
Moving into public comment #BoardWatch
PC: One worry is that it talks a lot about educating teachers w/ their legal obligation to intervene. Does that mean teachers will do the bare minimum to meet the legal obligation or how will students know that teachers are going above & beyond. What accountability is there?
Any questions or comments from board or superintendent #BoardWatch
VP @AliMCollins disappointed w/ the changes that were made. This was happening at Lowell and at our schools. Things blow-up because we don't have good systems & structures. Not just about individuals, but how we create schools that prevent this...#BoardWatch
All we wanted was there to be a policy about hate speech. There is no real mention of curriculum, second step is substandard, it only addresses sexual harassment once a year. There is a phone number, when you call it, no one picks up. As the public comment said...#BoardWatch
This is based on the individual and there is no ownership from the district for working w/ school communities for kids to understand what is hate speech. To explain racism, sexism, homophobia, & transphobia. It's an 80s style approach to harassment...#BoardWatch
Talked to students at Lowell who did not know they were sexually assaulted. Kids don't know what racism is, they think it's talking about race. Been talking about this for over 4 years. Frustrated. Do not support this, it's a lie. Saw it w/ Lowell & Presidio...#BoardWatch
Kids who have been bully would be insulted by this. I'm insulted by this. Have someone pick up the phone. Disappointed & will continue to advocate a robust curriculum plan, & it should mention homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism...#BoardWatch
Those words are not in here. Sexual harassment is not mentioned in here #BoardWatch
Note: Under Betsey Devos, cannot use the words sexual harassment because it had to have it's own policy #BoardWatch
There are separate policies for discrimination and hate speech #BoardWatch
VP @AliMCollins there is still nothing about curriculum here. The phone number does not work, it needs to work #BoardWatch
There is work to do on specific anti-bullying curriculum and it is not where it should be yet. Made progress w/ Sandy Hook hotline, which was brought up is not working yet. How do we build this curriculum along w/other resolutions that look at anti-racism work #BoardWatch
Reported hate crime at children's school, kids say things that they don't understand. It doesn't take much to explain to kids that words can be hateful. When is the functional hotline happening? #BoardWatch
Commissioner @mattalexandersf agree w/ VP @AliMCollins it's not just about curriculum but about basic safety. Adding this legal requirement seems like band-aid w/ addressing the cause. At curriculum committee, learned the trainings are already happening...#BoardWatch
This policy does not address any of the things that VP Collins brought up, but the trainings it addresses are already happening, so supporting this policy in that way. Do not want to go back to a normal where bullying happens #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess how do we assess the effectiveness of the policies and how well they are implemented. Do we know how this is happening in the district? #BoardWatch
Does not know if there are changes in bullying rates because of awareness of the policy. Do not have this data #BoardWatch
Commissioner @mattalexandersf this policy does not seem like the one that will prevent bullying #BoardWatch
Hope that this policy is one that is used to prevent bullying but not the end all be all #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess want to ensure our policies match our practices #BoardWatch
Role call for vote: 6 votes and 1 no from VP @AliMCollins #BoardWatch
Next up: a policy on food service operations/ cafeteria fund passes with out comment or discussion. Here is the policy: go.boarddocs.com/ca/sfusd/Board… #BoardWatch
Now onto a special order of business approving a transportation contract with Zum Services Inc. There is a presentation. This is a big contract and want the process to be transparent says Chief O'Keefe. #BoardWatch
Director of Procurement Udom is walking through the RFP process. Notes this is a 5 year, not 1 year contract. Will replace contract with First Student which expires on July 31. Used "best value method" of procurement. Arrow shows where we are in the process. #BoardWatch
This slide shows the proposals received, and those deemed responsive to the proposal. Then used a scoring sytem to determine "best value." Then a panel reviewed based on criteria. #BoardWatch
Zum was determined to provide the best value per dollar. Some things measured in "value" include safety, vehicle sustainability, investment in personnel, and student-centered customer service. Details in slide. #BoardWatch
For the "first time ever" SFUSD (and families) will be able to track students in real-time. Principals will be able to track rides in a map view so they won't have to call the transportation department to see where students are. #BoardWatch
Here is the cost comparison. Bidders were given stops and asked to use software to develop a plan. Zum's proposal was $3.3 million less than First Student's but still really high costs. This is because of other aspects of district infrastructure which drive up costs. #BoardWatch
One example is the need to streamline school start times. Working on that. Another is our choice-based assignment system-hard to have fixed, predictive routes. New zone system will allow more predictable routes. Hope this will reduce costs. #BoardWatch
Contract is not to exceed amount, could end up paying less as will only pay for services used and could be lower costs if change start times etc. says O'Keefe. #BoardWatch
The founder and CEO of Zum presented a couple of slides about the company. #BoardWatch
Public comment: as a student who has ridden school busses for many years, love the Zum business model. Think it is district's fault that this didn't happen with First Student. #BoardWatch
Public comment: sales manager for Bus West, largest Thomas school bus dealer in CA, NV, and HI. Want to give support to Zum-have been working with on research on electric vehicles. Will be supplying brand new buses for Zum and will be delivered on time. #BoardWatch
Comment: parent of child with IEP who has used buses loves this idea, modern aspects, innovation, technology, accountability. Would like to have a way to track the costs-eg, if we change start times, can we see the savings in real time? #BoardWatch
Comment: CEO of a local brokerage firm speaking on behalf of Zum. Have been working with them on identifying and leasing a bus yard. Have identified 2 locations. #BoardWatch
Comment: if we actually provided the services our students needed here in SF, we wouldn't be sending kids to school in other states and outside of the district. If we are talking about saving money, should be student-centered. #BoardWatch
Comment: parent of 1st grader at Lakeshore appreciates bus lines that serve Lakeshore. Wants to shout out Orla O'Keefe. Her presentations inspire confidence and is clearly deeply informed. Have been really impressed! @OKeeffeOrla says "thank you." #BoardWatch
Comment: why are you talking about a bus contract before the labor agreement. You promised to focus on reopening schools. This is maddening. #BoardWatch
Comment: parent loves the idea of being able to track where a bus is. Our bus drivers have been amazing, but the service has been difficult. When we have a new student assigned to school sometimes takes weeks to assign a bus. #BoardWatch
Comment: want to echo the previous comment about district not providing IEP services. So much easier to give kids what they need. Makes things more expensive down the road. #BoardWatch
Comment: just thanking the school board for hanging in all night long. Another commenter wants board to consider shortening meetings. Keep seeing the same names commenting. We all know we are not reaching broadly. #BoardWatch
Comment: head of CA Association of Black School Educators. Very glad that district has chosen a woman and immigrant-owned company. Will support women and minorities in this industry. Important to consider Black and minority students when choosing a transportation contract.
Now it is time for commissioner questions and comments. @FaauugaMoliga thanks commenters and staff. Have been really focused on this process and feel confident it was a clean process. Know it hasn't been easy. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @jennyhlam is very excited about moving to emissions free fleet. Have been focused on this since joined the board. Also important to all work under a union CBA. Have a question about the bus yard. Want clarification about the plan. #BoardWatch
CEO of Zum Vivek Garg (Co CEO and founder with sister Ritu) notes that there was a need to hold off on signing the lease because this meeting was pushed, so wanted to make a back-up plan if needed. #BoardWatch
Question from @KevineBoggess that I largely missed. Something about costs. @OKeeffeOrla notes that they will need to let Zum know what buses are needed and when. Clarifies that rates are predetermined and that we wouldn't lose buses or drivers to other districts. #BoardWatch
Another question from @KevineBoggess - how many drivers will be hired from local area. Plans for recruitment and hiring of Black drivers from SF? @OKeeffeOrla says they are obligated to hire drivers and other staff from outgoing vendor. Don't have detailed data at fingertips.
CEO Garg: Diversity has been cornerstone of how we have built Zum. 100% of work will be under CBA with current union, have a healthy workforce. Have served the district for 40 years, it is a very diverse workforce. #BoardWatch
.@KevineBoggess wants to know how many Black drivers are employed by Zum. Garg says he needs to come back with exact numbers, but it is a very diverse workforce. This is an issue that is very dear to our hearts. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @KevineBoggess wants to know what the rollout will look like of electric vehicles. A: will be incremental from the beginning and will reach 100% by 2025. Starting with 10%. Technology is advancing at a very fast pace. EV van technology is more advanced than buses
In case you were wondering. Here is a visual from this point in the meeting #BoardWatch
Boggess wants to know if there is a penalty for the vendor if they don't comply with the requirements. O'Keefe notes that would be considered a breach of contract. Is reflected in the contract. #BoardWatch
Another question from Boggess about if demand is lower how that would impact the unionized workforce. Garg: All three parties are impacted if there is a disruption in service. Aim would be to employ and compensate as many drivers for as many times as possible. #BoardWatch
.@KevineBoggess feels that the district should have its own buses, not contract out. Feel the bidding pool was too small. Won't be able to support this. Think this needs to be handled in-house. #BoardWatch
Commissioner Sanchez will be supporting this, but understand the desire to have this brought in-house. Think we have discussed before why we cannot do this. OKeefe says there have been initial discussions, happy to consider exploring in the long term. #BoardWatch
VP Collins: don't want district to take on any more. Not a broadband company, don't want to become a bus company. #BoardWatch
Item passes with 6 votes in favor, Commissioner Boggess opposed. #BoardWatch
Now moving on to MOU regarding special education assessments. Starting with public comment. #BoardWatch
Comment: Behavioral analyst in district is very appreciative of the work that has been put into this agreement. This will assure students get the services they really need. #BoardWatch
This MOU allows testing in-person to begin in Red Tier. Staffing will be based on those who volunteer unless there are not enough volunteers. Student eligibility is based on several factors (see MOU for details) #BoardWatch
Comment: it is 9:47, the conversations we are having are not a "community conversation" - just the people who are still here. #BoardWatch
Vote: 7-0 passes. #BoardWatch
Now moving on to MOU between SFUSD and unions on Health and Safety standards. Details were presented earlier tonight. Opening for public comment. #BoardWatch
Public comment: union rep is totally glad we have this contract so we can move forward. Calls @sfchronicle "hyenas". Not sure why UESF isn't here. Glad it went through but a little miffed it is so late in the night. #BoardWatch
Comment: elementary teacher appreciates agreement for safety for all staff. Would love for educators to have priority in getting vaccinated. Wonder if we should write a letter to the city. #BoardWatch
Comment: this agreement will help ease educator concerns. Unions have done their part to share knowledge on health and safety, need board to support approval now so staff has time to prepare classrooms. #BoardWatch
Public comment is concluded. VP Collins appreciates labor partners for working with us on this. Proud of us as a district for putting workers first. California is not leading on this, glad our city is prioritizing vaccines. #BoardWatch
Vote: 7-0. Passed! #BoardWatch
There is a resolution on Medical billing being brought for "immediate action" - so the board first had to vote to "suspend the rules" to vote on it the first time it is brought before the board. Here it is: go.boarddocs.com/ca/sfusd/Board… #BoardWatch
The overall gist of this I think, is that there are practitioners like social workers, nurses, etc. employed by SFUSD that could be reimbursed for their work with Medical eligible students. This would bring funds to SFUSD, to be prioritized for use in funding ...
expansion of the coordinated care program and funding the "Our Healing in our Hands" resolution, including the expansion of peer counseling, a health and mental health career pathway, referral system, and more social workers at school sites. #BoardWatch
Comment: love this resolution. The two-week goal for referrals? Right now it is two months, have a long way to go. Families, as well as district personnel, need training in using medical. Concern about double-dipping. #BoardWatch
Comment cont. Want to respond to what feels like swipes about people who comment all the time. We are doing our jobs as members of advisories to the BOE. #BoardWatch
Comment: there is a lot of work to do, has been one year without IEPs. Appreciate and respect the voices at board meetings that always show up. #BoardWatch
Comment: think there might be opportunities to look at community benefit agreements to help with hiring from our own schools. Thank you for this resolution. #BoardWatch
@FaauugaMoliga every year we run a deficit in terms of Medi-Cal, have the opportunity to generate funds this way. Once we put a plan in place, it pays for itself. Staff for pathways are billable hours. #BoardWatch
If you have money, can get kids into services faster than those with Medi-Cal. Have backed up lists of kids. As a school district have to figure out how to shrink down that wait. #BoardWatch
Boggess explains why he voted no on suspending the rules, more of a process thing. Should go through a committee structure. Supports the resolution. #BoardWatch
Sanchez, who has lots of institutional memory, recalls a similar effort that was unwieldy for site leaders to implement. Hope that will be considered when building this out. Commissioner Alexander remembers this too. #BoardWatch
Chief Lau-Smith notes that she and @FaauugaMoliga discussed this and have been thinking of more creative plans that burdens staff less. #BoardWatch
VP @AliMCollins has been hearing about this and seems like a no-brainer, but it is a bureaucratic puzzle. Appreciate @FaauugaMoliga taking this on, and also using it to fund specific priorities. #BoardWatch
Commissioner @jennyhlam appreciates this, would really like for something more consistent than reporting out through the budgeting committee to know where we are at. If not recouping costs, how will funds be brought back. Want to see fiscal analysis. #BoardWatch
Vote: 7-0. Approved.
There are still some committee reports, and the Williams quarterly report (cliff notes, 2 complaints-both resolved), but we are calling it a night. #BoardWatch
OK, one more thing: The next Rules committee there will be a discussion of testing (like yearly state testing. That is next Monday at 4PM #BoardWatch
And I'm still here and the meeting is basically over. Other upcoming meetings: Budget, 3/4 at 4PM, Curriculum 3/8 at 4PM, Personnel on 3/15 at 3PM. Now entering closed session! Good night. @BoardWatch

• • •

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