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24 Feb, 33 tweets, 8 min read
1 Will tweet anything new from Lue or anything that jumps out as interesting. One day, I'll just listen and enjoy. But not there, yet!

Lue says @nickpopemod and Hynek took a bigger risks by coming out and talking about UFOs than he did.

2 Lue's plan was to focus on mainstream America and NOT the world of UFOlogy.

Lue doesn't know his role in all of this but he's continuing to do the same work he did in AATIP. Same mission except we're his boss now.
3 Lue: Stigma is finally starting to melt and fall away.

United Airlines UFO encounter is being investigated by FBI. @DaveScottSOR Does that seem like the Tic Tac? Lue: Yes. It's routine and happening a lot. Dave: What's a lot? Lue: Enough to concern government, allies and FBI.
4 Dave: Do you believe in aliens?

Lue: What exactly do that mean by "alien"? Extremophiles at bottom of ocean? Zombie viruses? Do I believe in some sort of life form outside this planet? I don't know. I think it's possible.
5 Dave: Has Lue the person ever seen a gray?

Lue: I've seen some pretty extraordinary things & a lot of things that have been very, very compelling. But in every situation, I needed more data.
6 Dave: Did it scare you?

Lue: A lot of things scare me but I'm scared by this topic. Being not able to ask a question is what scares me. Unless you're shooting at me, I'm not going to get scared. We need to be able to have a discussion about a topic that might be exesstential
7 to our species and our understanding. Bigger threat is not being able to ask the question. He'd rather an uncomfortable answer than not being able to ask the question.
8 Lue HAD left the building but he's back!

Lue does NOT have any alien socks.
9 Lue DOES eat breakfast food and ANY food for dinner.
10 Dave: Lue experienced backlash from a lot of people in the UFO community when he first stepped out. Has that bothered him?

Lue: Sure, I'm a human being and that bothered and bothers me. I thought people wanted truth and transparency. I didn't think it would be a walk in the
11 park. Am I surprised? No but I'm a little surprised @ the vitriol & intensity. People were attacking me 4 how I looked (Kloor), dressed & spoke. I didn't want 2 hurt the cause just bc people didn't like me. I thought, maybe I wasn't the right guy 4 convo? Maybe get a sexy guy?
12 August 2020: Dave asked:

"Today's Thought of the Dave!

"Why in today's Ufology, are we believing Ex-Spooks will lead us to an honest Disclosure?"
13 Lue: A few spooks have deceived the community and so have folks (Greer? ~Joe) in this community. Their reason was to make a buck. There are bad spies, politicians, governments, radio talk show hosts, bad people and so on. Do you paint all of them with a broad brush? No.
14 Lue: I want the truth can come out so I can retire. I want more qualified people to come out and take over. Marathon, not a sprint. I may not be alive when the final answers are revealed. I probably won't be! (Me, too. 😩)/
15 Dave: Does it bother you that you can't say what you want?

Lue: Absolutely. But I'm in it for the long game. I suspect more will come out. I haven't had a chance to sit back & rest since I was a kid.
16 Dave: Are American people ready to hear the truth?

Lue: Absolutely. I think people deserve the know the truth. If I have cancer, I want me doc 2 tell me. I have a right 2 know the news, good or bad. Not up to gov't or religion to withhold that info. Nobody has that right.
17 Dave: Think religious folks can handle it?

Lue: I still think people deserve to know. Are they ready? I don't know. That's a different question. Some probably aren't. When people confuse their notion of God with religion, that's where we start having problems/issues.
17 Lue: To some people, UFOlogy is a religion. Give them data that goes opposes their preconceived narrative, they're going to be defensive about it.

Dave: Has affect on economy from disclosure been discussed?

Lue: There have been reports on economy & gov't & what might happen.
19 Read Brookings Report.

Dave: I don't know if we're ready to know we're not alone or "real phenomena."

Lue: You may be right. But if it's not that, it will be something else that causes an issue with the economy.
20 Lue: I have friends of a particular faith and they say, "Lue, this actually reinforces my faith."

(Sounds like something @BrandonFugal has said on here ~Joe)

Dave: This is one topic I don't talk about w/my religious friends.
21 Lue: This reinforces the beliefs of certain Christian groups.

@DaveScottSOR talks ice cold...
22 Lue on Sean - @mintyhyperspace. His other name that we call him is...The Mystic Lion. Big beautiful mane of hair. Looks like he's in a shampoo commercial. Standing together, they look like an olive and a toothpick.
23 Dave: Threat narrative. Experiencers don't see this as a threat. Difference between a threat to our survival and a threat to our airspace?

Lue: What do experiencers usually report? Definition.

Dave: Why don't you tell me?

Lue: Asks again.

Dave: For a lot of people, it's
24 the traumatic stuff like scoop marks and abduction. Then you have my experience of staring at an ET during the day with Samantha Mowatt. Where do you stand on the threat narrative.

Lue: Go to market and not everybody is a threat. But if an experiencer described (even on one)
25 occasion, they're kidnapped or touched (assault), it's a crime. Is every situation a a threat? Of course now. DoD's role is to investigate a POTENTIAL threat. They're saying we don't know, yet. Benign experiences are great but an equal amount have been terrified.
26 Such as putting something foreign in our bodies. Until we know it's NOT a threat, we have to assume it has the capability. We still don't know the intent.

Has human Lue ever been taken?

Lue: Not that I'm aware of.

Ever walked up to a craft and volunteered to go 4 a ride?
27 Lue: No.

Dave: I would go.

Lue: I wouldn't bc I have a family and I live for them. Not worth the risk.

Lue: UFOlogy has been with us for a long time. Indigenous and Roman soldiers reported phenomena. It just wasn't called UFOlogy.
28 Media only responds to demands of the people. Just like government. We haven't reached critical mass yet where the masses want media to cover this subject. The real blame lies with us as a society. Other countries took it more seriously & their people didn't treat it as taboo.
29 Canada may not have the same level of sightings bc there's so many areas that are vast and open. UFOs don't pay attention to borders. (Although, John Keel found some sort of connection to the borders of states in the U.S). Lue connections in Canada: They're concerned, too.
30 Where/when can we see you again?

Lue: When we're quietest is when we have the most going on. We've just begun. Don't think we're stopping any time soon. We have five areas of concentration, Legislation, executive branch, foreign allies, media and public.
31 Up Next: @mintyhyperspace - aka The Mystic Lion
Lue said, “I’m NOT scared by this topic.”
32 Listening to Sean but not gonna tweet. I'm behind bc I had to take the dog out and paused it. Good stuff and nice job by @DaveScottSOR with Lue's interview.

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25 Feb
Bigelow on Joe Rogan. Three plus hours!

Rogan: Some r critical of Mack’s abduction research bc hypnotist’s can lead the witness.

Bigelow: Hypnotists try to lead them in the opposite direction.

Wish he would’ve said...many recall w/o use of hypnosis.…
2 They talk about the Phoenix Lights and Bigelow says it wasn't covered right away. Rogan disagrees. But Mr. B is right. Sighting happened in March 1997 and national media didn't catch on until June. I remember USA Today and network news (ABC) covered it on same day.
3 RB: You're not going to learn anything about UFOs from the vast majority of the scientific community, including NASA and everybody else. Too embarrassed, haven't done the research. Some will study it in private. Getting better than 20-30 years ago.
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25 Feb
1 So, ten people saw a close view of the Tic Tac Fravor engaged with: Fravor, his WSO, Female Wingman Pilot, Slaight (her WSO) & five in the Hawkeye. Seems like the Hawkeye folks were MUCH closer than the 2 (female pilot & Slaight) in the F-18 who provided high cover for Fravor.
2 PJ: "I also have spoken with one individual who’s involvement will remain very vague and who frankly didn’t give a damn about his NDA and told me things. I’ll keep my mouth shut about 95% of it though cause it’s not my place to share."
3 PJ: "For a long time, I had no idea where [the hard drive/data bricks] went after they were taken. I know now and it was exactly what I had suspected. The data contained on those bricks was dissected. Not sure by who, but if
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25 Feb
1 Excellent article by @MitchHorowitz on paranormal claims, the late James Randi, his educational foundation (JREF), his unwinnable $1 million prize & Skeptics vs. Debunkers.

"In the pioneering days of scholarly psychical research in the United States, roughly between the 1930s
2 "and 1960s, Duke University housed a highly regarded center for the study of #ESP, founded by researchers J.B. and Louisa Rhine. Yet today the Rhine Research Center functions off-campus as a nonprofit organization and, while individual researchers and a handful of ​university
3 "labs soldier on, many college textbooks brand ESP research a pseudoscience, often citing Randi's work as the source of that opinion, so the topic is shunned by most academics & journalists who cover them.

"As a historian and writer on #metaphysical topics, I have spent time
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24 Feb
1 As early as 1923, researcher Charles Fort was speculating on humans being abducted by non-humans. "Extra-mundane" = UFOs. "Terrestrial astronauts" = humans.

"In October 1913, occurred something that may not be so very mysterious because of nearness to the sea. One supposes
2 "if extra-mundane vessels have sometimes come close to this earth, then sailing away, terrestrial aëronauts may have occasionally left this earth, or may have been seized and carried away from this earth. Upon the morning of Oct. 13, 1913, Albert Jewel started to fly his
3 "aëroplane from Hempstead Plains, Long Island, to Staten Island. The route that he expected to take was over Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn, Coney Island, and the Narrows. [231/232] New York Times, Oct. 14, 1913 - 'That was the last seen or heard of him...he
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24 Feb
1 The Cookie story that I've tried to tweet two other times.

Around Christmas, Cookie (pictured) started yelping when we touched him. It got progressively worse and it was obvious he had some sort of back/neck issue. He was struggling to walk & keep his head up. We took him to Image
2 a traditional vet bc our homeopathic vet was on vacation & she's a one-woman band. The vet took X-rays & told us it was caused by the start of degenerative disc disease & arthritis & prescribed prednisone, muscle relaxer & pain meds. We took him home but he got worse. We didn't
3 give him full dose of prednisone (2.5 mgs, twice a day) bc he's had weird reactions to steroids in the past.

I decided to hire someone who is considered to be one of the world's best medical intuitives in the world (Cay Randall-May) to do a session/reading on Cookie Monster.
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23 Feb
1 Notable comments...

Ken Jason: "Can you help get Luis Elizondo to go on the Joe Rogan show, to do an interview?"

James Fox: "Sit Tight."
2 Simon Willicome: "Never thought you would Shill with these disinformation agents!"

James Fox: "So far, everything he’s said about the Phenomenon jives with my research so maybe you’re thinking about what may have gone wrong with TTSA -
3 Fox: "I too have made some mistakes along the way. Either way, I like Lue, Mellon and others very much."

H/T: @OmniTalkRadio…
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