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1/ "Because Jesus oozes from Bruxy Cavey. Bruxy wants a Christianity that looks like Jesus again. He wants Christians to be known for love again."

~@ShaneClaiborne, in the Foreward to @Bruxy Cavey's 2017 book "Reunion"

@ShaneClaiborne @Bruxy 2/ "Our problem is that once we are enthralled with our potential, many of us make a fatal mistake: we assume that complete autonomy is our birthright, & we detach ourselves from anything we perceive as limiting..."

~Predator Bruxy Cavey, "Reunion"
3/ "This book is about the good news of Jesus, the one who keeps our spirituality connected to the Truth and enables us to soar"

~Predator Bruxy Cavey, "Reunion"

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1 Excellent article by @MitchHorowitz on paranormal claims, the late James Randi, his educational foundation (JREF), his unwinnable $1 million prize & Skeptics vs. Debunkers.

"In the pioneering days of scholarly psychical research in the United States, roughly between the 1930s
2 "and 1960s, Duke University housed a highly regarded center for the study of #ESP, founded by researchers J.B. and Louisa Rhine. Yet today the Rhine Research Center functions off-campus as a nonprofit organization and, while individual researchers and a handful of ​university
3 "labs soldier on, many college textbooks brand ESP research a pseudoscience, often citing Randi's work as the source of that opinion, so the topic is shunned by most academics & journalists who cover them.

"As a historian and writer on #metaphysical topics, I have spent time
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People are scared of Aleister Crowley that’s why they don’t recognize when Beyoncé and jay z give him reverence every chance they get. Disney lives for Crowley. Folks can only spot hathor because it’s obvious. these two are deep into the number 4 ,44,444. ImageImage
\yyj \yhla jwr tja
By Aleister Crowley (1986)
PDF file;… ImageImage
Magick Without Tears by Aleister Crowley (1954)
pdf file ;… Image
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One of the biggest mistakes #mystics make, in regards to referencing ancient occult methods, is that they use systems that are not re-interpreted for the time. They resurrect old forms of #magik that were essentially created for another era.

#Occult #Magick Image
This places them in an inherently weaker position, a position that requires the ignorance of the public. If ppl woke up that were uneducated on the occult but spiritually more developed (which is not difficult at this point) they would see their plans quickly unravelling.
In order for this dark and limited magik to work, people need to be in a state of perpetual trauma, distraction and heightened emotion. We must become aware of this dynamic if we want to see any real change. It all begins with the occult spiritual level, it is the root.

#Occult Image
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