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25 Feb, 84 tweets, 18 min read
Bigelow on Joe Rogan. Three plus hours!

Rogan: Some r critical of Mack’s abduction research bc hypnotist’s can lead the witness.

Bigelow: Hypnotists try to lead them in the opposite direction.

Wish he would’ve said...many recall w/o use of hypnosis.…
2 They talk about the Phoenix Lights and Bigelow says it wasn't covered right away. Rogan disagrees. But Mr. B is right. Sighting happened in March 1997 and national media didn't catch on until June. I remember USA Today and network news (ABC) covered it on same day.
3 RB: You're not going to learn anything about UFOs from the vast majority of the scientific community, including NASA and everybody else. Too embarrassed, haven't done the research. Some will study it in private. Getting better than 20-30 years ago.
4 RB: If all or some ET/UFO stuff is true, it's more than holy cow. It's...Oh My God. Meanwhile, we're still waiting 2 get back 2 Moon. We're so far behind. How long will it take 4 us 2 get 2 that level of tech? Do we understand the physics? What if it's consciousness operated?
5 RB: What if ur on other side of planet & want ur (car? UFO?) to start. Technology!

Our physics is incomplete. Doesn't provide answers that has been done in labs, on camera, by people who have performed really strange things. Micro/Macro PK. Manipulating electrons or objects.
6 RB: Talking about the PEAR (Princeton) RNG experiments. Folks using their minds/consciousness to affect the RNGs. Jahn/Dunne. Huge number of trials. Talking about Russian woman. Kaligula (?). I need to Google her.
7 Jaimie pulls up video of her but Rogan isn't impressed. Thinks it's a part trick. Have Puthoff on and have him explain how Ingo Swann affected a very sensitive laboratory instrument that he had no ability to access physically.
8 Talking about white crows. In other words, anomalies. Rogan takes it literally and says, "It's an albino." 😂Bigelow laughs.

(There are some folks in this world who are standout, psychic superstars. Aka, white crows. Joe McMoneagle is one. Swann was another. Pat Price. ~Joe)
9 Rogan - Some unprovable/unmeasurable aspects of psychic powers...

(It IS measurable and provable. Just not always consistent. ~Joe)
10 RB: Remote viewing, psychic abilities, pk, are all real and have world-class performers w/all of that.

Rogan: Had a remote viewer tested on another show he and they failed. Maybe that person wasn't good at it? Has it ever been clearly demonstrated?
11 Bigelow. Yes! I hired someone to RV a latitude/longitude and they were accurate. They also (as a bonus) provided what was underground. Is he talking about Angela Thompson Smith & her RVing of Skinwalker? @KeithBasterfie1
12 RB says using multiple remote viewers on a target and having them get similar data, increases the accuracy rate.

(From what I know, this is not accurate. You can have five RVrs with similar data and all can be wrong. ~Joe)
13 Rogan: I talked to Ed Dames. (Nooooo!!!! ~Joe)

RB: I would speak to Hal Puthoff. (Yessssss! ~Joe)

RB mentions Hella Hammid and Joe McMoneagle. Bigelow mentions JM's book. Probably this:…

14 RB mentions that RVr he hired was a "he." So maybe not Angela & maybe not SWR?

RB mentions Ingo being tested & a sub is the target. Ingo was blind to the target & describes this advanced sub accurate. Folks are amazing. "Wow."

Ingo, "Don't u wanna know what's following it?"
15 RB: Apparently, was some sort of UFO.

Rogan brings up Tic Tac case and allegations/speculation that it went under the water.

RB: If u see these objects & know it's not adversarial, go have a sandwich. Waste of time to engage. They haven't been aggressive so leave them alone.
16 Rogan brings up Lazar. RB starts to tell the mylar balloon story. This ballon can make the radar bounce around. Also has gas (helium?).

Lazar inflates it and let's it go. Lazar wanted it to go towards Area 51 but..."thank God" it went in the wrong direction. Bigelow thought
17 he would have been arrested and spent the night in jail if the balloon had flown towards A51. 😀

Bigelow: Sometimes, best thing about UFO watching is the food you bring along.
18 Rogan synopsizes the Lazar story.

JR: What was ur initial take on Lazar? (Rogan calls Lazar a genius)

RB: I wanted 2 reserve judgment until I knew a lot more. The more he talked & more research @g_knapp did, the more interesting it became. Can there be errors & omissions for
19 RB: various reasons? Yes. I would tend to say Bob is legitimate. Knapp's reputation is a big reason for that opinion.

Bigelow likes to have a preponderance of the evidence before coming to a conclusion.
20 Bigelow: We came across some of the folks who could collaborate what was going on @ Area 51. Silent craft, actually lifting off at night time where control wasn't very good. Like a trial flight. Person observed it from a safe distance. (Has GK ever talked about this? ~Joe)
21 RB says Bob saw a book at S4 where holograms popped up out of the book as you read it. I've never heard this or, if I did, forgot it.

JR: Have u thought about how "someone" might start life on planets?

RB: Not really.
22 RB: Need more evidence. More concerned about other things that are now than where the human species comes from. Things that can make a difference today, going forward.
23 Back to Lazar.

RB: He's interesting to talk to. More than entertaining. profound. Can try to verify it with other pieces of information. The more you talk to him and get to know him..."Wow."
24 RB: Have crashes been intentional? (we've discussed that on here ~Joe)

JR: But there r (allegedly) aliens bodies. What are they, suicide bombers? That seems silly. Advanced craft taken down by lightning?

RB: Maybe they're robots? Maybe no souls?

JR: Maybe that's our future.
25 RB; What does it mean 2B human? We are imperfect. "Maybe our consciousness is unique 2 being a human being & it'a not possible to actually evolve consciousness in an artificial mechanism."

Consciousness/thought, like mind/brain are 2 different things. Consciousness is a force
26 RB: So, even if you DID create those advanced beings. Why? Does everything have to be perfect?

JR: People have egos and want recognition. It's part of being a person. Everything is being piggy backed on what came before.

BTW, @Spotify software sucks. Not EZ to navigate.
27 JR: Humans want better and better and want the newest and best tech to create and make income and buy stuff. Other species on this planet don't do that.

Where does some lead? Artificial life? Or, a symbiotic relationship like with a phone in your body.
28 RB: I don't think it's enough & better. Ur missing the other side of the coin.

You've built societal empire with all these technological achievements. Serious problem coming.

Let's say u track spiritual maturity over last 150 years. 20th century, 60 million killed in wars.
29 RB: Then track technology. Technology progress is jumping exponentially.

Species needs an essence of spirituality. A belief that what you do makes a difference. (I think he's leading to evidence for life after death. ~Joe)
30 RB: If you don't have the spiritual grounding, the species (humans) will use the technology as weapons. Like the Klingons. Weaponize everything.

There's no intersection in sight between progress in spirituality and tech.
31 JR: What's the solution?

RB: Yeah, what IS the solution?

JR: We spend a lot of our life on things that are not spiritually satisfying.
32 JR brings up life after death. (Bingo! Bigelow lead him right into that! :-). ~Joe)

RB talking about difference between mind and brain.
33 RB: Loved one has died. Any way to recapture it? No, it's gone. All different types of beliefs on the subject around the planet.

If you can prove it (consciousness survives death) on an 85% level of confidence, that's a huge thing 4 yourself.

JR brings up NDEs. What r they?
34 Rogan: You can mimic some of the effects of NDEs with hallucinogenic drugs. Brings up Larry Hagman (Dallas - JR) and his LSD experience that he spoke about on CNN.

(Will Bigelow now share his amazing experience on mushrooms for the first time? 😳😂 JOKING! ~Joe)
35 RB: Any evidence come out of those experiences?

JR: No. But memorable experiences. Never forget.

RB: What do you learn?

JR: Abandonment of the ego. Abandon monkey instincts.
36 RB: That sounds like what we learn from the literature dealing with survival of consciousness. Dissolving the ego is important.

RB: Back to NDEs. Your dead. Millions of folks who have had this experiences. Lots of smoke. Must be heat somewhere that this is real. You can have
37 RB: NDEs where you come up with details of things that there's no way you should have been able to know. (See the NDE case with the sneaker on the ledge ~Joe)

RB: How do we verify that what we saw on other side was the afterlife?
38 JR: How can we measure if consciousness exists outside of the life?

RB: You don't wanna swear this.

JR: Yes, I do. Why do u say that?

RB: I'm just guessing. I'm sitting here w/a reptilian brain stem, trying to keep up.
39 RB: How to verify an NDE? Maybe some message (from person on other side) can be verified somehow? What was conveyed to you from other side actually happens. You had no other way of knowing/predicting.

RB brings up mediums.

JR: Most psychic/mediums are all full of shit.
40 JR: But not all.

RB: What did you say?

JR: Not all are full of shit.

RB: Okay!

JR: Okay!

RB: Okay!

41 41 JR: U know a good psychic/medium?

RB: Yes

JR: Can I meet them?

RB: I can try to set it up.

JR: Is it a woman? It always seems to be the case.

RB: Yes.

JR: Do they do it 4 a living?

RB: They're not motivated by $$$.

(I have ZERO problem w/legitimate folks charging
42 Now talking.automatic writing. An alleged spirit takes control of your hand and writes. I think there's something to this but not sure it's a spirit in control. (Could be some part of your "higher self." Same as whatever helps u access data in RVing or any psychic ~Joe)
43 Rogan brings up same point. Good for him. Doesn't mean it's a dead person providing the data/info.

RB pushes back and says it comes to a point where that explanation doesn't cut it. (I'm not sure how you can prove it. ~Joe)

RB also brings up saying ball lightning & swamp
44 gas to explain all UFO sightings.

RB: It's in the literature.

JR: What's that mean?

RB: Blind and double blind experiments that are written about. I have studied automatic writing the least.

JR: What have you studied the most?

RB Brings up @BigelowInst
45 RB brings up family, and staff who are experiencing apparitions.

JR: Ghosts? It's fun.

RB: I have never seen an apparition but wife had. I had a poltergeist event 25 years ago, or more. 11pm at night, laying in bed with wife. (He has never told this publicly ~Joe)
46 RB's poltergeist experience: Halloween night.

Wood floors downstairs. Laying there with wife and all of a sudden CRASH!!! noise. Seemed to let for 3-4 seconds. Told his wife to stay there and he would take care of it. Goes downstairs & nothing is wrong. Wife doesn't believe
47 and comes down to see for herself. Nothing out of place.

JR: Isn't it more likely your teenage kids could have recorded it and played it to scare you? He's not impressed.

RB: Sounded like all of the candy crashing down.

JR: Anything else

RB: No.

JR: That's not enough.
48 Back to @BigelowInst. They tried to join an organization but were rejected. (who the hell rejected them? ~Joe) So they came up with the essay contest.
49 RB describes the rules for the essay contest and what credentials you need to enter. Maximum of 25,000 words

Rules here:…
50 Rogan is not impressed.

JR: We need find some way to measure this. What is all the essays suck?

RB: What if there are only three applicants!? :-) But the good news is we have some very good people entering the contest. Many are authors.

Just added a 6th judge. A physicist.
52 Three winners and their work will be posted on the #bics website.

JR: What metrics will you accept evidence for the afterlife?

RB: Just like a crime. Evidence convinces u beyond a reasonable doubt. Not 100%. Credibility of witnesses matters.

JR: Problem with that. There's
53 JR: evidence that a crime took place. Like with a murder. (Of course, some people are convinced of murder even w/o a body being found. ~Joe)

JR: No evidence life after death is real.

RB: Wrong. Wrong.…
54: RB: We're talking detectives using mediums to solve crimes.

JR: There is no evidence for that. I've spoken to a detective who says that's all bullshit.

JR: We know murder is real. It's fact. We don't KNOW there's an afterlife so we can't use same preponderance of evidence.
55 JR: Not comparable.

(I think we can prove psi/psychic abilities but as of right now, we canNOT prove life after death. ~Joe)

RB: You're impossible.

JG: I'm possible. This is all nonsense.

(light-hearted back & forth but Bigelow seems a little frustrated with Rogan.
56 The egotistical asshole part of @joerogan is on display now. Nobody has ever predicted something and it came true. Prove it. Prove it!

RB: How do you know? Predictions are made during readings that DO happen.

JR: You need to show me. They're just stories.
57 RB: So are the authors who have written about it all frauds?

If Joe wants data, have @DeanRadin on. He will CRUSH Joe with facts and data.
58 JR: The problem is u wanna believe.

(What an insult. ~Joe)

RB: U need to have a sitting w/a psychic/medium.

Rogan: There is no proof, ever, that someone has been able to accurately perform some sort of psychic demonstration. That's the whole James Randi thing.

59 Rogan bringing up Randi tells me he is totally uniformed on this subject.

RB: You need to sit badly.

JR: I don't need a sitting, man!

RB: Yes, you do.
59 Joe here: Bigelow is like me: He's read a ton of material that discuss the evdience and had sittings with psychics/mediums. But he (and I) can't remember specific cases on the spot. But @DeanRadin CAN and he needs to come on Rogan's show and educate this man. Total ignorance.
60 (The thing I disagree with w/RB on is the claim that we can rule out psi as source for some of this anomalous info. & say, "It must be coming from a dead person." Can't do that. But psi has been proven 100%, IMO. RADIN!!! Or have @MitchHorowitz on. He knows the history & data.
61 Rogan wants specific examples but Bigelow doesn't know specific cases and can only give examples of the TYPE of examples that the literature is filled with.

Bigelow gives an example of a reading he had where the psychic came up with info. that they couldn't have known.
62 It was the name of his deceased dad's partner. Rogan is not impressed. Bigelow is a public person. JR insinuates that psychic could have researched that beforehand.

Bigelow now giving details of his wife's passing and how they got her home so she could pass there.
63 Bigelow says they played loud music for his wife and the medium brought this up in the reading. That's not great evidence, IMO. Mediums can and HAVE come up with MUCH better than that. Like, MUCH better. So can't blame Rogan for not being too impressed with that.
64 Rogan: Psychics/mediums tell people things they already know. I want them to tell me things I DON'T know.

Well, Joe. Psychics and mediums DO do that.

Rogan wants a prediction.

Of course, if they tell Rogan something only he knows, that's an example of psi. JG brings up a
65 mentalist friend of his in Vegas who can do all of this by using certain techniques.

RB: Say yes or no during reading. Or don't talk. (Yep! ~Joe)

JR brings up Randi again.

RB: Randi was a fraud. (Hell yes! ~Joe)
66 Rogan has a problem that Bigelow has such a strong conviction that this is real. Well, it's decades of research and checking out that research.

Rogan wants to know what books to read.

Read The Conscious Universe.…
67 And for Life After Death...

A MUST read...…
68 Now they're talking cars.
69 JR: What's best evidence we're being visited?

RB: People have pieces of things that are very unique in how thin they r & how materials are layered. Opinions r we can't make it.

JR: No hard, concrete evidence.

RB: Not yet. Investigations on these materials. They r anomalous
70 RB: We only have pieces. Maybe it's a piece of the kitchen from an ET house? No way to know.

JR: What about Element 115? Did u talk to Bob about it?

RB: No. Convos about it w/Bob were that someone has taken his (E115) & he wanted to get it back. Didn't discuss properties.
71 RB: As you said, there needs to be a major program to analyze these materials that have been retrieved. But the problem is that some is in corporate hands & gov't hands. Has come to be known as corporate treasure & national treasure bc relationship between gov't & corp.
72 RB: Most precious thing around but we don't understand it. It's taken out every ten years to see if we've learned enough to understand it & then put away. This is probably from the research of Eric Davis. He's said similar things.

JR: How do you know it's in corporate hands?
73 RB: There's a community of people that have been trailing this for years. Like @g_knapp. It's not poorly known that certain corporations are involved.

JR: Corporations involved bc they acquired or recovered it & if they can reverse engineer, it would be worth $$$$$$$$
74 RB: It may be 2 precious for that.

JR: What about alien bodies?

RB: What do you think about Jackie Gleason's story about Nixon taking him to Homestead AF Base to see alien bodies.

JR tells the Nixon story & it apparently changed JG's life & he recreated it in his backyard.
75 (I never heard about his backyard but I heard about his house being shaped like a UFO and his MASSIVE UFO book collection. ~Joe)

JR thinks the Nixon/Gleason story is very credible. But it's only a story! 😁

Now talking "The Hustler."
76 JR: You think we have bodies?

RB: Yeah. (he's careful about what he says bc he doesn't want to mention any info. he gleaned from conversations ~Joe) Brings up different kinds of sources in media of people seeing things. Mentions an interview he did with Sappho Henderson many
77 years ago. She was the wife of Pappy Henderson, who was one of the pilots who allegedly flew Roswell wreckage from Wright Patterson AF Base. RB, Stan Friedman, Kevin Randle went to her house. She said that while in a grocery store, they both saw National Enquirer about aliens.
78. She said Pappy took it seriously and said, "Well, I guess I can tell you now because it's out." So he told her that he flew crates and UFO wreckage out of [Wright Patt]...and RB believes that she told them that Pappy told her that there were bodies.
79 RB brings up Supreme Being & God Force. Big Bang is on its way out & string theory is on its way up. Have we wasted an entire generation (assuming he means we focused on the wrong theory, ~Joe).

RB talking 11-12 dimensions and String Theory and how Big Bang theory is going
80 out the door.

JR: Who told you that? The psychic?

Both laugh.

Now talking various Big Bang/Universe expanding/contracting stuff.

JR talking theories on if you enter a black hole you would go into another Universe.
81 Back to talking God and a God Force.

Bigelow now interviewing Rogan. 😀

RB: What role does thought play?

Rogan goes on a rant about humans and AI. Mentions how Musk is scared of what might happen.

RB brings up prayer and studies that have been done on prayer.
82 RB asks JR his thoughts on who/what is responding to that prayer.

(I do NOT think it's some God Force ~Joe)

JR: Not sure prayer works but I know placebo effect works. The mind is very powerful. Brings up meditation.

RB mentions an MD/author who wrote about anomalies.
83 Larry Dossey! Excellent author & researcher. I have at least one of his books.

RB talks prayer studies & people involved not knowing they're being prayed for.

JR: How can you measure the effect? So many variables? Nutrition, immune (exactly what I was saying about Cookie)
84 So many variables with humans.

Joe here: That's why Bengston uses mice and a specific cancer (mammary) bc the mice live a maximum of 27 days. If they Iive longer, something anomalous occurred. Bengston's mice (hands on healing) tend to live their full lifespans.


• • •

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Around Christmas, Cookie (pictured) started yelping when we touched him. It got progressively worse and it was obvious he had some sort of back/neck issue. He was struggling to walk & keep his head up. We took him to
2 a traditional vet bc our homeopathic vet was on vacation & she's a one-woman band. The vet took X-rays & told us it was caused by the start of degenerative disc disease & arthritis & prescribed prednisone, muscle relaxer & pain meds. We took him home but he got worse. We didn't
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I decided to hire someone who is considered to be one of the world's best medical intuitives in the world (Cay Randall-May) to do a session/reading on Cookie Monster.
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1 Will tweet anything new from Lue or anything that jumps out as interesting. One day, I'll just listen and enjoy. But not there, yet!

Lue says @nickpopemod and Hynek took a bigger risks by coming out and talking about UFOs than he did.

2 Lue's plan was to focus on mainstream America and NOT the world of UFOlogy.

Lue doesn't know his role in all of this but he's continuing to do the same work he did in AATIP. Same mission except we're his boss now.
3 Lue: Stigma is finally starting to melt and fall away.

United Airlines UFO encounter is being investigated by FBI. @DaveScottSOR Does that seem like the Tic Tac? Lue: Yes. It's routine and happening a lot. Dave: What's a lot? Lue: Enough to concern government, allies and FBI.
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23 Feb
1 Notable comments...

Ken Jason: "Can you help get Luis Elizondo to go on the Joe Rogan show, to do an interview?"

James Fox: "Sit Tight."
2 Simon Willicome: "Never thought you would Shill with these disinformation agents!"

James Fox: "So far, everything he’s said about the Phenomenon jives with my research so maybe you’re thinking about what may have gone wrong with TTSA -
3 Fox: "I too have made some mistakes along the way. Either way, I like Lue, Mellon and others very much."

H/T: @OmniTalkRadio…
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