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27 Feb, 14 tweets, 7 min read
Peeps, Texas is next on the chopping block for FPA. NPs are at it again, trying to pass legislation(HB 2029) so they can practice unsupervised. If there was ever a time to stand up against, this is it. Physicians from all over, write letters or call Texas
2)legislators. NPs in this forum who oppose FPA, this is your time to put your money where your mouth is. It is not enough to say you don't support it then sit back on your laurels. Write/call the legislators and let them know. I have listed their contact info. Klick is a lost Image
3)cause--she is the sponsor of the bill. I encourage the public who don't support nurses practicing medicine unsupervised to contact these house members as well. MS legislators had the good sense to recognize that they needed to get more information before passing a bill that
4)will affect their constituents--for years. So they shelved their bill last week. TX NPDB data reveals that the number of adverse actions(lawsuits)against NPs between 2013-2016 has increased NINE FOLD!! For those who don't know, the National Practitioner Data Bank(NPDB) is an
5)online warehouse that collects malpractice data/adverse actions agains health care professionals(HCPs). TX is a supervised state. If actions against NPs have increased 9X over a 3 year period, what the hell do you think is going to happen when they are unsupervised? Why aren't
6)the TX legislators more concerned why? Could it be that nurses with master's degrees(NPs) cannot actually practice medicine unsupervised because THEY ARE NOT TRAINED IN THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE? Could it be that the majority of NPs being graduated today are from degree
7)mills which do not prepare them to practice at as NPs, let alone as physician substitutes? Are the legislators aware that Walden, one of the most popular degree mills responsible for a large number of unprepared NPs in the workforce, is currently being investigated by the
8)DOJ under the False Claims Act? That they are alleged to misled the nursing accrediting body, CCNE, and the U.S. Dept. of Education about honoring their fiduciary duty to their NP students' education? That they made promises they may not have delivered? highereddive.com/news/justice-d…
9) I implore the TX legislators to reconsider passage of this bill. Do your homework. Read "Patients at Risk" so that you can see that the data the AANP claims proves that NPs have "equal or better outcomes" than physicians is flawed. Ask yourself, does it makes sense that Image
10)nurses with master's degrees, obtained online in 2 years(or 3 if entry-level), with no medical education whatsoever, is equivalent to a physician with an actual medical degree? It wouldn't matter if NPs went to a brick-and-mortar and achieved their advanced education the right
11)way, it does not change the fact that they have no FORMAL medical education. What they learn on the job is neither formal nor objective, it is only as good as the person doing the teaching. It is inconsistent and there is no way to standardize competency. If this type of
12)"training" qualified people to work as doctors, there would have been no need for the Flexner Report which changed the course of medical education to what we see today. I ask every single one of you legislators, who is the NP caring for you or your family? If you don't use NPs
13)in your care, why not? If it is not good enough for you, then why is it ok for your constituents? NO ON HB 2029 @pppforpatients @amytownsendmd @RDBobbyGuerra @stevefortx @GFColeman @VoteLizCampos @NicoleCollier95 @JaceyJetton @TomOliverson @FourPriceTX @Reggie4Tx @ErinForYall

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21 Jan
FYI CALIFORNIA PHYSICIANS: As most of you may know, AB 890, the bill sponsored by a nutwad dentist who thinks that NPs and physicians are the same, was passed into law on 9/29/20. As is typical with FPA, the plan on how that law will be executed is disorganized. Oversight by a
2)BON who is not only under investigation for falsifying documents, but who also voted against the bill and wanted no part of supervision but were forced, a weak "advisory" committee to the BON which has no enforcement powers whatsoever, a "transition to practice", provided NPs
3)have 3 years of FT "equivalent" work in good standing, (although this requirement can be modified if they have a DNP degree), etc. The legislature made their intent clear: "2837.100. It is the intent of the Legislature that the requirements under this article shall not be an
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18 Jan
I want those of you reading this to understand the significance of this request. Physicians are being asked to function as nurses after some "training". Not NPs who are actually RNs. Not CRNAs who are actually CC RNs. Not LVNs. Not EMTs or paramedics. Physicians. Nursing is
2)not an entry-level position, it requires skill. Expertise. Physicians are not trained to be nurses, although there are a few who were nurses prior to becoming physicians. So exactly what training will be provided since it takes a minimum of 2 years to become an RN(AA degree)?
3)That is, real nurses, not the entry-level degree RNs who don't actually work as RNs. So nursing must be pretty easy if anyone can be trained to do it. Why not contact the ANA or the AANP to ask them to put out the word to their membership and request assistance from actual
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16 Jan
thehill.com/opinion/health… Here we go again. This time it is the American Academy of Physician Assistants(AAPA)using the pandemic to push their agenda of Optimal Team Practice aka OTP aka practicing medicine w/o a medical license. Same old broken record of "outdated regulations",
2)designed to protect the public, preventing them from practicing at the "top of their license", which to date, remains undefined. Same old tired a**"studies" that show equivalent or better outcomes than the physicians who train them. Studies that anyone with common sense can
3)review and see how poorly done they are. Same old rhetoric of claiming to want "collaborative" practice while their actions say otherwise. All under the guise of helping fill the physician gap when we have much better options such as unmatched U.S., IMG and FMG graduates.
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31 Dec 20
LONG TWEET. The WGN report by Rich McHugh set off a firestorm. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners(AANP) is on the defensive, claiming it disparaged NPs. Doesn't matter that WGN's anchorman clearly stated it was about transparency in health care, which all HCPs should
2)support. Nope, they had to resort to the predictable victimhood role and gaslighting to which we all have become accustomed. No comment about the parents and the fact that they were lied to, didn't even register on their radar. What became apparent after that story is that Full
3)Practice Authority(FPA) aka: "independent" practice aka: practicing medicine w/o a medical license should never have been an option in the U.S., because it represents two-tiered care. Now the AANP has set out to prove they are being discredited because physicians had the
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18 Dec 20
@RichMcHugh It is apparent throughout this thread that the NPs who claim "bashing" are following their usual bullying modus operandi to get the reporter to STFU. It's a f***ing broken record. Investigative reporter with an exceptional pedigree(blew the Harvey Weinstein scandal wide open)
@RichMcHugh 2)reports on families who are complaining about lack of transparency and misrepresentation in healthcare, taking their choice to request someone with a higher level of training. And now have dead children. NPs immediately threaten the station for making THEM look bad and claiming
@RichMcHugh 3)feigned victimhood. All this despite the fact that the anchor compliments NPs and acknowledges their contribution to the pandemic. They ignore all that s**t because being the "victim" is imperative in their attempt to destroy the credibility of this reporter who gave a voice to
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27 Oct 20
This is why medicine is going into the toilet. FNP takes a liposuction course provided by two Ob/Gyns specializing in cosmetic gynecology. NP is from AZ, a state where NPs can practice "independently". Course is in NJ. FNP "specialty" is an O/P curriculum in primary care-the SOP Image
2)DOES NOT include surgery. There is no NP program or curriculum that exists for liposuction and fat transfer. This is basically a 2-day course/seminar. But since these docs teaching the course most likely don't know or care about NP SOP and the FNP has no oversight in Arizona, Image
3)what's to prevent her from practicing surgery w/o a license at her own medspa(renewedmedicalhealth.com)? Not a damn thing. She may claim she is "certified" because of the form she receives for the course/seminar. Who is the certification body? The International Society of
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