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Texas! Patriot Mobile is a Christian extremist organization. Oppose these candidates unless you want to replace public schools w/ Christian indoctrination centers, empty bookshelves, & homeschooling. #Christofascism 1/ Image
Must Read: “How a far-right, Christian cellphone company ‘took over’ four Texas school boards” 4/25/22
This is serious. Patriot Mobile embraces dominionism, the belief that Christians have a mandate from God to control all aspects of government and culture. 3/ Image
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A🧵 on why the #KYed ruling last week against #schoolvouchers tax credit scheme matters @NPEaction @Network4pubEd @PV4PS @BadassTeachersA @edvoters

First: a win’s a win. It’s good to see #schoolvouchers stopped anywhere. The push to privatize is so relentless, so well-funded by such a narrow swath of backers, it can feel like swinging in the dark against it.

But more concretely: the KY Court found that #schoolvouchers tax credit shell game was a budget commitment even though it’s not a direct appropriation. Reducing revenue by $10 is the same as spending $10.

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If you are waking up to news about the #TexasAbortionLaw and want to do something about it - give to folks on the front lines! A thread🧵:
Give to @TEAFund - they provide care for folks in the north, east, and Panhandle regions.

Donate here to have your donation matched:…
Donate to the @lilithfund and join the Hype Squad! We can't stop, won't stop!
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After contracting #Covid19, Texas Gov Abbott takes a Covid treatment developed from an aborted fetus (Regeneron) even though he is ASYMPTOMATIC and recently signed a bill that would outlaw abortion in Texas if Roe v Wade is overturned. #txleg #Regeneron 1/…
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The @BrennanCenter has updated its tally of new state voting provisions, finding that as of March 24, state legislators have introduced 361 new bills with voting restrictions — an increase of more than 100 bills since their last update in February.…
Last week, the Texas Senate advanced a bill that would limit early voting hours and prohibit drive-through voting and the sending of vote-by-mail applications to all voters. #txleg…
The new Georgia voting law makes it harder for Georgia residents to vote — and makes it a crime to hand out water to those waiting to vote.

Now, a new Florida bill would also ban giving water to people in line to vote. #FlaPol…
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Right-wing elected officials across the country are working to narrow access to our democracy or to use public office to serve the few.

Here are some of the latest threats to democracy in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and more.
Conservative Florida lawmakers have advanced a bill that would make voting by mail harder and would ban ballot drop boxes — despite some of those same lawmakers’ public acknowledgment that the 2020 election went smoothly. #flpol…
Those efforts to limit democratic participation are being matched in dozens of other states. Texas Republicans are rolling out a slew of bills limiting early voting and tightening ID requirements. #TXleg…
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Peeps, Texas is next on the chopping block for FPA. NPs are at it again, trying to pass legislation(HB 2029) so they can practice unsupervised. If there was ever a time to stand up against, this is it. Physicians from all over, write letters or call Texas…
2)legislators. NPs in this forum who oppose FPA, this is your time to put your money where your mouth is. It is not enough to say you don't support it then sit back on your laurels. Write/call the legislators and let them know. I have listed their contact info. Klick is a lost Image
3)cause--she is the sponsor of the bill. I encourage the public who don't support nurses practicing medicine unsupervised to contact these house members as well. MS legislators had the good sense to recognize that they needed to get more information before passing a bill that
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Here's what @GovAbbott doesn't get (out of a MM things): this isn't about @ERCOT_ISO. It's about dereg. It's about not being on the national grid. It's about profits over people. It's about shortcuts on basic things like weatherizing plants.

#Texas needs new leadership.
Again, allow me to stress that I am a former ERCOT employee. I worked on nodal and pricing. Everything we're discussing TODAY was known 15 years ago. None of this is new, but it was the goal.
Sorry, one more add.

How was it the goal? Ignoring black swan scenarios. If it happens? Shrug emoji. That was the attitude.

Profits over people. That was the goal then, it's the goal today, and until the leadership in #Texas changes, that's how it will be. #TxLeg
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With our partners WSO PAC & Pro-Life America PAC we went all in, spending $5M to hold the #ProLife majority in the Texas State House and WIN in key battleground congressional districts… #Election2020 #TxLeg

The pro-abortion lobby has had their eyes on Texas for years, hoping to flip the legislature to redistrict U.S. congressional districts. #TxLeg

In each of the 23 state house races, we exposed pro-abortion Democrats whose extremism has been soundly rejected by pro-life Texans

Our targeted campaign in Texas state house & U.S. house races included:

🗳️ 650k voters reached

🚶 110 pro-life canvassers

🏡 337k home visits to voters

📫 3.6M voter mail pieces

💻 15.9M digital ad views

📞 1.1M live voter calls

📳 2.4M texts

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Yesterday, @Sifill_LDF provided critical testimony before the House Judiciary committee about #HR1, which would significantly expand voter access. Here are 10 things you may have missed from yesterday's hearing. #Votingrights #ForthePeople
1. HR 1 makes important findings concerning the need to restore the VRA to its full strength and calls for Congress to conduct investigatory and evidentiary hearings to determine the legislation necessary to restore the VRA. Watch @Sifill_LDF's testimony:
2. @Sifill_LDF reminds @RepDougCollins that as we look to the Constitution that governs elections we must speak to the passage of 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment and how they are being left out of the conversation. #HR1 #VotingRights
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