Reading for today sorted - the US National Commission on #AI has published its final report
So what does it say?
Report here:…
It certainly starts gloomy: "the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) is delivering an uncomfortable message: America is not prepared to defend or compete in the AI era. This is the tough reality we must face."
#AI Image
The goal of the @AiCommission's report an ambitious one
"Our final report presents a strategy to defend against #AI threats, responsibly employ AI for national security, and win the broader technology competition for the sake of our prosperity, security, and welfare."
(The focus on first threats, then national security, and then geopolitical competition is interesting and seems very American to me.)
Alright, allies mentioned on the first page, I like. Image
That's a valid concern - and one that is pretty much unique to the US.
"It is no secret that America’s military rivals are integrating #AI concepts and platforms to challenge the United States’ decades-long technology advantage."
(BTW, on the priorities - I realise that this is the National SECURITY Commission's report, so focus on secdef makes sense. But that in itself is different to the European approach.)
Three key inputs for #AI: data, talent, and compute. Commission emphasises talent above all else. Image
And on page 2 the most important challenge appears Image
"China’s domestic use of #AI is a chilling precedent for anyone around the world who cherishes individual liberty. Its employment of AI as a tool of repression and surveillance—at home and, increasingly, abroad—is a powerful counterpoint to how we believe AI should be used." Image
What really strikes me in the @AiCommission report is the urgency it conveys. ImageImage
Something else that feels very American? The superlatives.
(I mean, they may be right, but still. It's BIG) Image
Kinda... funny to read this from a European point of view, where the US is seen as the place where military #AI development is happening and working and all that... Image
This one goes out to the European policymakers who tell me that we should just ban #AI and autonomy in the defence realm and be done with it.

(From the @AiCommission final report) Image
Europeans are gonna be like "wait, I thought that is what you guys are doing?!" Image
This part is of particular interest to Europeans. The report recommends building a "favorable international technology order."
The US should lead "an Emerging Technology Coalition" and "establish a Multilateral #AI Research Institute". Image
Alright - that was the chairs' letters, the executive summary and the preface. The whole report is 600 pages long (756 with appendix!) so I'm not going to do a thread on the whole thing.😄
Here is the table of content.
#AI ImageImage
Another European view of the report

• • •

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"The data indicate that remotely piloted AISR aircraft have not reduced demand for crewed aircraft. Rather, these new aircraft have been used to satisfy previously unmet demand that existing crewed aircraft could not surge to meet."
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Recently, I've gotten a surprising number of emails from students that I felt were pretty off - so I thought I'd do a thread on this.
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.@ecfr (with YouGov) has done a poll in 11 European countries on their view of the US.
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2014, my PhD advances, the German #drone debate not so much.
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Oh come on ⁦@faznet⁩ !!! “AKK stands up to Macron”, rejects his idea of European autonomy.’
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What Macron actually said: "But the United States will only respect us as allies if we are earnest, and if we are sovereign with respect to our defence."…
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