Remember how the past admin was yapping about a non existent deep state working against trump?
Guess what.
there is a real deep state working to sabotage Biden:
Ken Cuccinelli
Brandon Judd (BPunion)
Paul Perez
Hector Garza
Art Del Cueto
9000 10-15 members
here they are
.@propublica did some good work about these assholes. especially their racist 10-15 group on Facebook. link…
and here is a good piece about the border patrol union got into trump's ears and chapped policy within the ranks of border patrol agents…
this BPunion deep state started before trump was inaugurated.
Here is their leadership meeting with trump at trump tower, at union members dime
and finally here are some of the postings on their " secret" Facebook group that propublica uncovered
the border patrol union, ladies and gents.

I am out
I ll add @chiproytx to this deep state list
hey @RepCuellar
⁩You had a lunch with @chiproytx and BPunion goons this weekend. Can you tell us categorically that the BPunion is definitely not shaping the narrative of the current border crisis to score political points? here is you
there is also the photoshopped pictures @chiproytx has been circulating. Someone in his office must have smoothed the font a bit before letting him tweet it. original fake on the right
shit. I can't believe we have to do this shit again
I am not finished with this thread:
Brandon Judd, the head of the Border Patrol union, had trump intervene in the collective bargaining agreement requiring the government to finance 74 full time union positions ( more than the DHS unions), tripling its workforce and..
..ordered Mark Morgan to accept the agreement allowing Border Patrol union officials like Brandon Judd and the list above, to collect a government salary WITHOUT performing patrol duties, while expensing their lavish travel to the union. This created a campaign arm for trump
Here is the Grift.
happened 2 weeks before Trump ordered fed agencies to limit union time in their collective bargaining agreement to 1 hour /year per employee. Under that order, Border Patrol agents were allowed no more than 18,000 hours a year. Trump made it 154,000 Hours.
This effectively allowed all these border union " officials" to engage in political activities off official time hours without their employer's approval. You can see Brandon Judd crisscrossing the country during the entire campaign season with trump
Under the hatch act, these federal employees are not allowed to participate in partisan politics, political events etc, but unions can.
I will finally finish this thread about the Grift of the Border Union, Brandon Judd and them operating as a political arm with this nugget:
FBI Launches Investigation Into Border Patrol Union After $500,000 Goes Missing: Report…
pardon the typos in the thread. I am blue taping a wall while eating peanut butter M&M's and my hands and brain are slippery
I mean what kind of Union collect dues from federal employees to help them with their employment issues, especially working overtime without pay while the president of said union stood behind trump and said SHUTDOWNS ARE GOOD.
That is scumbag Brandon Judd
.@rdevro wrote a comprehensive article about how Biden needs to contain the National Border Patrol Council Managing cartel. this time I will end the thread for good.
Choke on it Brandon Judd @BPUnion…
Hey @BPUnion, tell Brandon trump will not be president again which means Brandon will never get that cabinet job, ever.
everything in this thread can be easily verified with the goooglez & the bings. Don't @ me.
one more ( I ll never finish this thread)
Brandon Judd deleted their FEDERALLY FUNDED Union Website FAQ stating the Union position on walls: "NBPC disagrees with wasting taxpayers money on fences and walls...."
Here is the before and after

• • •

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1/ It seems like there is a lot of misinformation about the border-biden-children in trump era reopened detention shelters.
Here are some verifiable facts:
1- These trump era detention centers are being converted into processing facilities due the increase in border crossings
2/ The Biden admin's goal is to reduce processing time to no longer than 72 hours, abiding by the Flores settlement agreement.
Processing will include health screenings a& criminal background checks all in one spot.
- 10 day covid quarantine
- More facilities = less crowding
3/ Parents with children may be released with orders to appear in court, HOWEVER, Some parents may not be released if they have previously been deported, are a flight risk, a danger to national security or have a criminal record.
Avg detention now is 42 days, goal is less than21
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now @RoyalFamily, do:
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3/ and a shit ton of chaos all across the F***g empire.
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1/3 You may read this and not care, it will affect you. 3 tweets will take you full circle.

There is a shortage of semiconductors worldwide.
Some reasons why
1-Everyone is ordering gadgets during the pandemic.
2- Trump's tariff wars.
2/3 ..continued
3- 10% percent of the world’s chip production come from a company partially owned by the Chinese government. in 2020, trump restricted US companies from doing business with them.
4- there are million of half finished cars sitting in factories waiting 4 microchips
3/3 How we got here:

Trump extended this pandemic lockdown shit.
We ordered a ton electronic shit for work, to pass the time & to distract the kids.
Then trump decided to cut access to a 1/2 of world chips supply & put tariffs on the rest.

try to buy a graphics cards now
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$40 billion dollars wasted, defeated with a wire ladder
Follow up tweet from the archive 👆👆. Listen to this ignoramus
3/ also apparently other countries came to “study” the wall.....
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