Guess which president didnt fall climbing stairs but:
- Looked into the sun
- called water wet
- Suggested putting up light up your ass to cleanse the covid
- repeat above with bleach
- his daughter- son in law made $650 million on tax payers time.
- tried to get senators killed
- asked to print more dollar bills to pay down the national deficit.
- wanted to nuke hurricanes
- publicly criticized “Judge Flores” of the immigration Flores settlement ( there is no judge Flores)
- said he met with the president of the virgin island.
- he let Turkey slaughter our decade long allies the Kurds.
- he literally told the press: we ( the us) ‘be taken control of Middle East oil” twice.
- he said he could run for any office in Europe, he just doesn’t want to.
- “ I am a professional at technology 1/10/19
- he asked Trudeau if they burned down the White House.
- two Corinthians
- we only have covid cases because we are testing. We should stop testing.
- “ I tested positive toward negative” about his covid test.
- he could not make a profit selling WATER.
This deserves its own tweet

-Time apple.
- he still thinks F35’s are Invisible to the naked eye.
- thinks Tariffs get paid with a Check from China ( our consumers do)
- speaking of checks: Mexico will pay for the wall.
- revolutionary army took over airports in the 1700’s.
- you can clean coal & put it back
- he fake called Forbes as “John Barton” to lie about his wealth to be on the Forbes richest list.
- he said he invented the word “caravan” . Feb 19/ El Paso.
- my father gave me a small loan of 1 million $ ( he received over $300 m from his father)
- a person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a 10.
- never understood that NATO members pay with a value equal to a percentage of their GDP, and why we spend more on NATO ( we have a huge gdp)
- “we have it under control- it is 1 person coming from China”
- “we have a $5 billion healthcaregov website, I have so many websites. I have then all over the place, it costs me $3.”
- “I did try to f**k her.
- I have never seen a thin person drink Diet Coke .
- I know more about computers than most people
- rake the forests
- complained dishwasher have no water.
- complained toilets don’t have enough water.
- complained about shower water pressure regulation.
- made his campaign photoshop his finger to make it longer.
- walks on concealed 4” heels
- told WH doc to say he can live to 200
smartest person in the world left his “100 million” Boeing 757 sitting idle in an airport north of nyc, outside exposed to the elements for 4 years instead of a 3 hour flight to the desert to store is properly.
He needs a jet engine overhaul that will cost over $1 mil
- not to worry, he will expense all the repairs needed to his 757 and the engines overhaul ( likely 7 figures) to his political PAC. Paid for by the morons.
- Biden took the fucking train like the rest of us for DECADES
But sure, Biden fell on stairs, that is the barometer by which our dumbed the fuck down reality tv 72 hour memory population holds a president to.
End of thread
One more: he said when he became president, the military was out of billets.
We literally have an entire military command stashing billions in ammo all over the fucking world like squirrels before ice age
Continued: said he liked war heroes who were not captured.
His also tweeted this picture of him as Rambo , who was a captured hero in a fictional story.
I have to end this thread ... best for last because we I covered this:
Remember when he said they found prayer rugs at the southern border with women with tape over their mouths and trucks that always make a right turn ? 👇🏽he got his entire immigration Intel from a a f**g movie
Typos in the thread above. Sorry. One handed and eating salad with the other hand because the fork fell, the dogs are licking it and I am not getting up.
- Trump had a spiritual advisor!
- He took policy advice from Diamond and silk.
- and this shit
- had a White House reception and catered it with McDonald, TWICE

• • •

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17 Mar
Remember how the past admin was yapping about a non existent deep state working against trump?
Guess what.
there is a real deep state working to sabotage Biden:
Ken Cuccinelli
Brandon Judd (BPunion)
Paul Perez
Hector Garza
Art Del Cueto
9000 10-15 members
here they are
.@propublica did some good work about these assholes. especially their racist 10-15 group on Facebook. link…
and here is a good piece about the border patrol union got into trump's ears and chapped policy within the ranks of border patrol agents…
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16 Mar
a vagina, into a vagina? are we talking cliton collision or an actual miracle?
I don't think you were watching the right p0rn @RealCandaceO
.@alt_noods, your input is requested 👆
nailed it
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15 Mar
Warning: Offensive language
Who is this scumbag?
He was upset the gas station couldn't accept the mountain of quarters he wanted to use as payment.
Added the racist tirade, a ton of profanity and ended pepper spraying people.
this dude being from Israel, commenting about asian ****.
last I checked, Israel is in wester Asia.
this happened in Oakland…
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11 Mar
1/ It seems like there is a lot of misinformation about the border-biden-children in trump era reopened detention shelters.
Here are some verifiable facts:
1- These trump era detention centers are being converted into processing facilities due the increase in border crossings
2/ The Biden admin's goal is to reduce processing time to no longer than 72 hours, abiding by the Flores settlement agreement.
Processing will include health screenings a& criminal background checks all in one spot.
- 10 day covid quarantine
- More facilities = less crowding
3/ Parents with children may be released with orders to appear in court, HOWEVER, Some parents may not be released if they have previously been deported, are a flight risk, a danger to national security or have a criminal record.
Avg detention now is 42 days, goal is less than21
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10 Mar
Rant thread, don't read it please

now @RoyalFamily, do:
South Africa
Sierra Leone
northwestern Somalia

As you stated: while some recollections my vary, you fucked over 1/3 of Africa.
2 /The RoyalBitchFamily, the dead ones and the ones alive did some horrid things all over their "empire" including:
- Imperialism
- Slavery ( they financed the first African slave merchant), then decided : why just transport the " Product" when we can own the farm?
3/ and a shit ton of chaos all across the F***g empire.
one third of Africa is still in mayhem & poverty after " the empire left" ( PS: they left Africa physically but kept major interests is major industries and, of course, left the Jesus o\( the fucking Anglican Church)
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10 Mar
1/3 You may read this and not care, it will affect you. 3 tweets will take you full circle.

There is a shortage of semiconductors worldwide.
Some reasons why
1-Everyone is ordering gadgets during the pandemic.
2- Trump's tariff wars.
2/3 ..continued
3- 10% percent of the world’s chip production come from a company partially owned by the Chinese government. in 2020, trump restricted US companies from doing business with them.
4- there are million of half finished cars sitting in factories waiting 4 microchips
3/3 How we got here:

Trump extended this pandemic lockdown shit.
We ordered a ton electronic shit for work, to pass the time & to distract the kids.
Then trump decided to cut access to a 1/2 of world chips supply & put tariffs on the rest.

try to buy a graphics cards now
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