1/ Thread – random thoughts on a Saturday walk...

- I used to read a lot of comics when I was a teenager, then nothing since. Reliving these superhero stories through movies have been hot or miss... until the MCU, that is. Thanks, #Marvel, you’re truly setting a new bar.
2/ if there’s one thing I definitely got wrong, it’s that I thought governments would be regulating or outright banning crypto by now, particularly with the rise of ransomware. Now it’s substantially mainstream and would be much harder to tackle given it isn’t held only by geeks.
3/ Kindness begets kindness... mostly.

I know some examples come to mind of those I’ve dialogued with where things went south, but they are far more the exception than the rule.

I’ve met so many people on social media with differences of opinion, but shared mutual respect.
4/ I’m impressed at how many strong, talented, authentic women I know in the low carb community. I was thinking about that this morning while going through various social platforms.

I’d tag some here—but I know enough that I’d regret the many I didn’t. Just look at who I follow
5/ I wish Skepticism was a class taught in every school. It’s basic principles are the basis of science, but they should be applied throughout everyday life as well. Critical thinking is a crucial key to growth, and the sooner we practice it, the better.
6/ Oh — I just saw this show up for 2pm on Clubhouse

Given I literally supplement 8g of salt a day (supplement, that is, not just sprinkling on my food) and it took me years (literally) to crack this puzzle, I might have some notes on the topic. 😆

7/ Here’s an irony— I’ve been having a great time building out @ownyourlabs with @siobhan_huggins and would probably be remarking on it more via social media, but I’m getting self conscious of sounding too commercial-ish (even with proceeds going to the CSF for LMHR study, etc)..
8/... But I’m truly stoked for the new consent user flow for people to submit their anon data. That thing I was complaining about in 2016 with there being little to no public low carber bloodwork data available for analysis we’ll get to change directly... and it’s kinda awesome.
9/ Gotta admit, my wife and I have been truly means tested. We’ve spent a lot of time apart due to her touring early in the relationship, managed to literally travel the world without issue, and now completely cooped up like everyone else in these days of covid. No problems. ❤️
10/ ... of course, that’s just my side of the story. She might have a different take. 😂 😂 😂
11/ One of my favorite interviews ever was with @lansberg while we were traveling and filming #TheCCDoc. We disagree on a lot with regard to lipids, but he has my respect and appreciation from our many great cordial and thoughtful dialogs...
12/ Speaking of the #TheCCDoc, while it’s definitely paused due to covid, it’s actually a blessing in disguise given I can now finish it following the study, which will certainly make for a fitting ending (whichever way it turns out).
Is anyone still reading this far?

• • •

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19 Mar
Okay -- watched the #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut -- my tl;dr thoughts...

Overall pros - definitely better than theatrical release, better character dev, cooler teaser moments

Overall cons - Some exposition material that didn't add much value in the first half, some meh music moments
But honestly, I'm more intrigued by the story around how this happened than the movie itself. This is the first situation I'm aware of that had a fan campaign for a rerelease actually result in a big budget do-over. This petitions are always started and typically go nowhere.
I don't know that Snyder and WB will rekindle the marriage, or for that matter, that they want to. But the teasers within the movie (you who've watched it know what I mean) are much more interesting to me than anything DC has been trying to tantalize me with so far...
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16 Mar
1/ Great new thread by the incomparable, @Lpa_Doc -- covering a number of my favorite topics.

Read his thread and return for my added thoughts...
2/ Vilhjalmur Stefansson is a well discussed explorer among the #LowCarb and (of course) #Carnivore communities.

But even more interestingly, he may have been the first #LeanMassHyperResponder of record*

(* Kinda -- as Sam notes, we didn't advanced lipid panels then)
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15 Mar
1/ How much does "Dietary Cholesterol" impact blood cholesterol levels?

This has been making the rounds lately and I have an experiment from 2018 is key to this question 👇

Remember the "White Bread and Processed Meat" experiment? cholesterolcode.com/the-tandem-dro…
2/ If you've followed me a while, you know I believe it isn't the actual ingestion of cholesterol on #LowCarb that has a big impact on serum levels -- it's predominantly the trafficking of fat. (See CholesterolCode.com/model)

But this is actually a very testable distinction...
3/ All we need is an experiment where I consume a lot of (1) low fat food that still (2) has ample amounts of cholesterol.

Thus, the "processed meat" side of the experiment is key if it has a decent amount of cholesterol -- and it does.

For example 9/21/18 I ate the following..
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14 Mar
1/ Long running thought exp'nt:

If a drug did many of the same things with one's lipid profile as a #LowCarb diet, particularly decreasing triglycerides while increasing #LDL #Cholesterol:

1) Would it reduce ASCVD risk?
2) And if so, would it be more acceptable than #LowCarb?
2/ If you haven't heard, SGLT2 Inhibitors have recently emerged and have been gaining a lot of popularity. Data thus far shows they typically:

1) Decrease TG levels
2) Increase #LDL #Cholesterol levels
... yet...
3) Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease
3/ Naturally, that has the attention for those of us interested in how triglyceride trafficking and turnover could be relevant to #LDL increasing for what may turn out to be non-pathogenic reasons (kinda my focus ;) )


But wait -- it get's better...
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13 Mar
1/ Thread ➡️This is a good spot to remind everyone why @DrNadolsky, @DrRagnar and I are doing the #LMHRstudy

(@nicknorwitz, I'm going to use you as an example, if you don't mind)

Nick has an LDL-C of 521, well into range of Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia (HoFH)...
2/ FH, particularly HoFH is highly associated with atherosclerosis and is considered a substantial risk.

Cases of HoFH are extremely rare, but are considered a cornerstone of the lipid hypothesis as many with LDL-C levels (comparable to Nick's) demonstrate CVD as children...
3/ Brown and Goldstein have seminal work on this topic.

In particular, this is worth reading in regard to this subject: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…

(Warning: this includes many graphic images of xanthomas, which are more common with high LDL FH)
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7 Mar
1/ 🤔Thought Experiment Thread🤔

The five assessments of Metabolic Syndrome are:
- High waste/hip
- High TG
- Low HDL
- Elevated BP
- Elevated fasting glucose

👆3 or more, you have MetSyn.

But what if you had just one of them, but at the top 3% for the general population? Image
2/ For triglycerides, I have some numbers handy from NHANES...

Hypothetical: You had *no other* cardiovascular risk factors save triglycerides in the top 3% of the general population (above 339 mg/dL)

What would you speculate your risk level for CVD is?
3/ Same with HDL...

Hypothetical: You had *no other* cardiovascular risk factors save HDL in the lowest 3% of population (below 30 mg/dL)

What would you speculate your risk level for CVD is?
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