Me again👋banging on about 91 rescued pigs.

Thread please read👇

I personally have around 8000 followers, give or take a bot. Would just 500 of you please sign up to be part of The Pigoneer 2000 Club? #Pigoneer #Vegan
Why am I doing this every single day? What's in it for me?

I am doing this because I am a vegan & I want to end animal agriculture. I want ALL animals rescued & placed in safe homes. I want total animal liberation.

There is nothing in this for me, because it is about them.
So here we have a situation.

91 pigs were rescued from one of these hellish places.

We have collectively built them a wonderful home.

But now they need to be fed. Who is going to do this?

The government? Fat chance of that.

So we have created an idea 💡
This idea is very simple. We thought, what can people afford that they really are not going to miss?

We settled on £2.50 $3.48. You cannot even get a decent coffee for that.

Every penny of it goes towards the £5000 monthly feed cost.

This is why 2000 vegans are needed.
So please join the 175 people already signed up to be Pigoneers. Nobody loses their shirt and the vegan community SHOW THE WORLD how we can care for the animals rescued from this horrific system. What is not to like. Thank you 🐷…

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11 Mar
Dear vegans

A thread.

Every day we fight to end animal suffering.

Meat eaters say ‘but if we did not eat animals we would either be overrun or they would go extinct. We know this story.
So what is the reality?

We know they would no longer be bred and supply would go down.
But what of those who are left and those who are rescued and taken to safety?
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13 Feb
A thread... I know that many people out there will be thinking... Oh no is this Gina asking for money again🙄. I know that many just ignore my messages & scroll past. That's ok. The likes and retweets on the whole go to food & fluffyness or horrific images.
It is understandable in many ways because we want to see nice things and we want to eat nice food. This is juxtaposed to sending out the horror of the industry that is so disturbing lets face it it keeps many of us awake at night.
While all this is going on there are others out there doing other incredible things. There are those on the front line at live exports and there are those that are infiltrating farms to take footage like the great Jo Anne McArthur.
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12 Feb
Hi all. You may have heard that the Highlands hit some extremely low temperatures. 2 nights ago it was minus 21.6 and i have to say the worst night of my life. I have never been so cold. Not good living in a caravan in these temperatures. Yesterday I could hardly move.🥶
I felt so wiped out and it was like my blood had frozen. I could not focus and felt like had been sedated. This got worse throughout the day. I now realise that I just experienced hypothermia. My body hurt and my mind felt fogged.
I want to say thank you for all those who have been worried. I feel very touched by this and reading some messages this morning. Today its just minus 4 so basically it feels warm. My body still feels a bit weird but nothing like yesterday.
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23 Jan
Why I am disgusted by the human species.

Speciesism Part 2: Marine Life

It is estimated that up to 3 trillion fish are caught from the wild & killed globally every year: This doesn’t include the billions of fish that are farmed. Fish account for 40% of animal products consumed
Fish farming is forecast to overtake wild-caught fish production in 2021: For context, farmed fish accounts for 70% of all farmed animals worldwide. This presents a host of problems. For example, shrimp farming has led to the destruction of three million acres of coastal wetlands
Like all captivity of sentient life fish farming is creating disease. This ends up in the wider ecosystem damaging and polluting wildlife.
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22 Jan
Why I feel disgusted with the human species.

1. Speciesism

Humans have turned sentient life into products. Here are a few who we exploit, torture and execute.
Land Animals bred for food:

It is estimated between 70-100 billion land animals are bred to be brutally slaughtered every single year


Chickens are the biggest victim in this masacre at approx 66 billion a year.…

Second in line are pigs. 1.5-2 billion pigs are killed for food each year.…
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