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6 Apr
Hello darkness, my old friend
I've got to live with you till the end
Because a human cruelly killing
Locked us in while they were sleeping.
And the vision of the sunshine and the rain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

(Thread words by @kirthurgan please read )
In restless dreams I walked alone
Bloodstained floors, and screams of pain
'Neath the blowtorch and the shame
I turned my back on cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by flash of light
They slit my throat
And touched the sound of silence
And in the blowtorch light, I saw
A hundred pigs dead on the floor
Piggies screaming without sound
Piggies dying to be found
Piggies speaking truths that they
Knew would never see the light of day
And no one cared
To hear the sound of silence
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5 Apr
A thread

This image is disgusting & lets face it it is something from hell. Live pigs walking among dead sheep waiting to be killed.

The arrow points to one of the rescued #53Pigs .This is thought to be Gandalf who is still terrified of humans.

Please read on...
Every day we are posting out this incredible story because it needs to be seen and held up as a wonderful victory, in all that we fight to end.

Rescuing a total of 91 pigs is not something small.

What Sasha @BTWsanctuary has done is HUGE
Right now as I type this Sasha will be either lugging straw, gallons of water or bags of feed.

Each day the same & relentless. An average of 18 hours a day for the next 15 yrs or more.

She even makes time to try to get to know each one.
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5 Apr
Please help us
We can't move
I want my mum
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5 Apr
STOP PRESS!! Some rare original lyrics & images have been found. πŸ“’

An exclusive from @kirthurgan

Imagine there's no slaughter house
No piggies have to die
No gas chamber below us
Above us only sky…
Imagine all the piggies
Living for today
Imagine there's no animal farm
No reason to do harm 🐷🐷…
No selfish humans to die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the earthlings
Living life in peace…
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3 Apr
A story of hope for Easter 🐰

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of Wales there were 53 pigs trapped in this disgusting place below.

Standing waiting to die with nothing to eat but the guts of others.

Read on.
A very brave woman heard about this place and the cruelty within.

She went out of her way to rescue them all.

But it was not easy because they had been condemned to die because of contamination.

But she fought long and hard and never gave up.
While fighting for them some of the 53 had piglets at a holding unit after they were seized by DEFRA. Resulting in 91 in total.

But the brave woman was not dismayed and in fact even more driven.
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3 Apr
A thread

I am vegan because I want the total abolition of animal cruelty and exploitation. Image
I am vegan because I want these animals saved from harm.

They were, 91 of them πŸ™Œ Image
I support such a huge rescue from such extreme cruelty and the coming together of 2000 vegans to help feed them.

Please join us in helping this brave woman who rescued them all, feed them all.

It is only Β£2.50… Image
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28 Mar
People are probably wondering what this #Pigoneer thing is all about?

So this thread will explain.

Please read πŸ‘‡
A year ago a very brave woman with a small sanctuary heard about a pig farm in Wales & an extreme cruelty case with an illegal slaughter house.

Here is one of the disgusting images.
She started a campaign called the #53Pigs because there were 53 pigs still alive in this hell hole.

Eating the remains of others and even car parts to survive.

At this time she did not know that 6 sows were carrying piglets.

Here are two terrified in a corner waiting to die
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27 Mar
A thread for vegans. Please read.

What is her life worth?

What if we could rescue her and all the others trapped alongside her?

We fight every day telling others to #govegan
But what will this mean for the animals trapped in this system?

We say to the carnists... They will all go to sanctuaries in vegan world.

Do we think about how that will work?
After being rescued.

Do you think about what each individual has witnessed?

The PTSDs they experienced?

The cost of feeding each one?

Or do you scroll by and think, they are safe now without thought?

Can I ask if you can think about these questions?
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25 Mar
A thread please read.

Let's talk about rescuing large amounts of animals from disgusting farms.

Would you support the rescue of all of these pigs?
There is one incredible person on here who has done just that.

The 91 pigs she rescued though were in a worse state than the image above.

They had to stand with the dead and wait for their turn.
As a vegan I find the relentless day in and day out images of suffering sickening don't you?

But do we give a thought to those who have been saved?

Can we help them for the rest of their days? Here are some of them.
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23 Mar
A thread.

From one Vegan to anyone who cares.

I have see a lot in my 58 years

Things have moved me & things have disgusted me

The latter lately more than ever

The beauty of life keeps me sane πŸ¦‹
36 years ago I gave up eating animals and walked a lone path.

I have been ridiculed and called all sorts.

I have stuck to this path regardless.

I have made mistakes & we learn from experiencing all that we are not.
I have met people on the way who have walked with me and those who have walked into me.

I have met great thinkers and idiotic fools.

I have met the selfless and the selfish.

Every encounter has formed who I am

Nature is the love of my life
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22 Mar
Where's my mum?
Why is my friend not moving?
Why can't I stand?
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21 Mar
Dear vegans this tweet says it all.

After reading it please watch the video in the next tweet and then please join the pig feed club.

LET'S SHOW THE WORLD that as a community we can unite to collectively feed a herd of pigs rescued from a disgusting pig unit.
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21 Mar
Me againπŸ‘‹banging on about 91 rescued pigs.

Thread please readπŸ‘‡

I personally have around 8000 followers, give or take a bot. Would just 500 of you please sign up to be part of The Pigoneer 2000 Club? #Pigoneer #Vegan
Why am I doing this every single day? What's in it for me?

I am doing this because I am a vegan & I want to end animal agriculture. I want ALL animals rescued & placed in safe homes. I want total animal liberation.

There is nothing in this for me, because it is about them.
So here we have a situation.

91 pigs were rescued from one of these hellish places.

We have collectively built them a wonderful home.

But now they need to be fed. Who is going to do this?

The government? Fat chance of that.

So we have created an idea πŸ’‘
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11 Mar
Dear vegans

A thread.

Every day we fight to end animal suffering.

Meat eaters say β€˜but if we did not eat animals we would either be overrun or they would go extinct. We know this story.
So what is the reality?

We know they would no longer be bred and supply would go down.
But what of those who are left and those who are rescued and taken to safety?
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13 Feb
A thread... I know that many people out there will be thinking... Oh no is this Gina asking for money againπŸ™„. I know that many just ignore my messages & scroll past. That's ok. The likes and retweets on the whole go to food & fluffyness or horrific images.
It is understandable in many ways because we want to see nice things and we want to eat nice food. This is juxtaposed to sending out the horror of the industry that is so disturbing lets face it it keeps many of us awake at night.
While all this is going on there are others out there doing other incredible things. There are those on the front line at live exports and there are those that are infiltrating farms to take footage like the great Jo Anne McArthur.
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12 Feb
Hi all. You may have heard that the Highlands hit some extremely low temperatures. 2 nights ago it was minus 21.6 and i have to say the worst night of my life. I have never been so cold. Not good living in a caravan in these temperatures. Yesterday I could hardly move.πŸ₯Ά
I felt so wiped out and it was like my blood had frozen. I could not focus and felt like had been sedated. This got worse throughout the day. I now realise that I just experienced hypothermia. My body hurt and my mind felt fogged.
I want to say thank you for all those who have been worried. I feel very touched by this and reading some messages this morning. Today its just minus 4 so basically it feels warm. My body still feels a bit weird but nothing like yesterday.
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23 Jan
Why I am disgusted by the human species.

Speciesism Part 2: Marine Life

It is estimated that up to 3 trillion fish are caught from the wild & killed globally every year: This doesn’t include the billions of fish that are farmed. Fish account for 40% of animal products consumed
Fish farming is forecast to overtake wild-caught fish production in 2021: For context, farmed fish accounts for 70% of all farmed animals worldwide. This presents a host of problems. For example, shrimp farming has led to the destruction of three million acres of coastal wetlands
Like all captivity of sentient life fish farming is creating disease. This ends up in the wider ecosystem damaging and polluting wildlife.
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22 Jan
Why I feel disgusted with the human species.

1. Speciesism

Humans have turned sentient life into products. Here are a few who we exploit, torture and execute.
Land Animals bred for food:

It is estimated between 70-100 billion land animals are bred to be brutally slaughtered every single year


Chickens are the biggest victim in this masacre at approx 66 billion a year.…

Second in line are pigs. 1.5-2 billion pigs are killed for food each year.…
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