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#Vegan Start, das erste Jahr ist um. Als wir angefangen haben, konnte ich mir nur schwer vorstellen, wie das mit Käse, Eiern, Joghurt, Sahne und Gummibärchen gehen soll. Fleisch haben wir vor diesem Schritt schon kaum gegessen, das Kind halt seine Wurst. Die liebte sie sehr. Die
ersten drei Wochen zeigten aber, es gibt tolle tierleidfreie Produkte, die oft sogar besser schmecken. Ich hätte nie freiwillig Teewurst gegessen 🤢, die vegane Variante ist sooo Mega lecker 🤤. Mein Kind hasste Käse, veganen Käse liebt sie. Wir essen inzwischen Produkte, die wir
früher nie im Leben angerührt oder in der eigenen Küche verwendet hätten. Es fehlt auch nichts. Wir haben schon einiges selbst gemacht, Schokolade🤤🤤🤤, Majo für Salat, Aufstrich, Hafermilch.....Gummibärchen nicht zu vergessen. Abgesehen davon, gesundheitlich geht es mir sehr
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We are just scapegoating meat. #SacredCow #Vegan #sustainableFarming
It is far more likely that modern food iscausing modern illness, not a food that we’ve been eating for 3.5 million years. #SacredCow #Vegan #Carnivore #Paleo
Producing meat fast and cheap comes at a high (moral) price. #SavredCow #vegan #paleo #Carnivore
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Returning from a trip to attend memorial services for a dear vegetarian friend who died of Cancer.

Almost everyone I saw has Cancer, too.

And they all say:

“Why am I sick? I eat such a healthy diet, mostly fruit, vegetables and plant based!”
When I suggest it might be a chronic lack of protein, B-12, carnitine, carnosine, minerals, collagen, saturated fats and iron...and too much sugar and oxalates they are in complete denial. #vegan #cancer #breastcancer Image
I ate a lot of hummus, nut butter, tahini, rice, vegetables and fruit. (To be polite.)

I secretly cooked steaks on a small stove I travel with.
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(1/n) Some ideas on the planning of a healthy low-carb plant-based diet.


#Vegan #plantbased #lowcarb #ecoatkins

• If you have a serious medical condition &/or take medication, it is necessary to consult your doctor before making changes to your diet.

• Ketogenic diets have been associated with serious side-effects.
(3/n) During the first 7 days on a low-carb diet I suffered: head/muscle aches, hunger, fatigue.

AFAIK alleged ‘cures’ for so-called 'keto flu' haven’t been empirically tested.

I did keep hydrated (but this is *generally speaking* a good idea anyway).
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Morning! it's Snouty Saturday! 🐽

One of the #53pigs having a lazy morning in his special piggy barn.

He's safe, loved, warm and cosy which is simply what we all need and want. No matter what species we are.

This little guy was just a piglet when 👇…
he was seized from the illegal slaughterhouse at Bramble Hall Farm.

He then spent the first 9 months of his life in a Defra Isolation Unit under a court disease destruction order.

But after a legal battle he was allowed to come and live here at the sanctuary along with 👇
all the other #53pigs and #53piglets under a special disease restriction license.

We have nearly 100 pigs at the sanctuary. And like many we have had a very difficult year.

Please help us to create a safe, reliable feed fund to help pay the £1000 per week pig feed costs 👇
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It's Nelson 🐷

Nelson is one of our very big & beautiful boars. He's a few metres long & around a metre high.

Most pigs will never make it to Nelson's size. Commercial, large breed pigs are often very poorly bred & often inbred. They are not bred for longevity 👇
Their lives only designed to be short lived before slaughter or just a few years of breeding & then they are past their best.

It's a cruel & ruthless world to be born into.

And in such a twist of fate the only reason that Nelson is alive today is because he was 👇
Seized from starvation at an illegal slaughterhouse.

Who knows what life we will land.

Can you imagine being born into a cold, harsh environment in a factory farm, where your life purpose is to be violently slaughtered.

We have nearly 100 pigs here at the sanctuary 👇
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Me again👋banging on about 91 rescued pigs.

Thread please read👇

I personally have around 8000 followers, give or take a bot. Would just 500 of you please sign up to be part of The Pigoneer 2000 Club? #Pigoneer #Vegan
Why am I doing this every single day? What's in it for me?

I am doing this because I am a vegan & I want to end animal agriculture. I want ALL animals rescued & placed in safe homes. I want total animal liberation.

There is nothing in this for me, because it is about them.
So here we have a situation.

91 pigs were rescued from one of these hellish places.

We have collectively built them a wonderful home.

But now they need to be fed. Who is going to do this?

The government? Fat chance of that.

So we have created an idea 💡
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(1/7) #Raps ist eine der beliebtesten Ölpflanzen weltweit. In Deutschland wird er auf ca. 950.000 Hektar angebaut und ist damit die beliebteste Ölfrucht.
#Rapsöl lässt sich vielfältig verwenden, ist hitzebeständig und weist einen relativ hohen Anteil an Omega 3-Fettsäuren auf. Image
(2/7) Bislang konnte der bei der Pressung übrigbleibende Trester, entweder in Form von Rapsextraktionsschrot (RES, aus der Heißpressung) oder Rapsexpeller (aus der Kaltpressung), jedoch nur als Futtermittel verwendet werden.
(3/7) Nun ist es zwei kanadischen Firmen gelungen, diese Pressrückstände für die Produktion pflanzl. Proteine nutzbar zu machen. In Kombination mit Erbsenprotein ergibt dies eine hochwertige Proteinquelle, die man z.B. zur Herstellung von Pflanzenmilch oder -fleisch nutzen kann.
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There's no requirement that we consume the products of animal suffering in order to meet our nutritional needs

Get creative

You can do this

#BeVegan #Justice 🕊️
When you 1st open your eyes to the perspective of the victims you're shocked to learn how many products contribute to animal suffering

But there are alternatives to everything you're used to, because animals don't deserve to be commodified

They deserve compassion

Make plant based versions of the meals you're used to without the sentient victims ✌🏼

#BeVegan #Justice
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World Whale Day is an opportunity to join together in raising awareness about these fascinating mammals and their plight.  ⁠⁠
Did you know Animal Save Movement has a Whale Save Chapter? Reykjavik Whale Save launched in 2018!  ⁠⁠
“Many of us ask
what can I, as one person, do, but history shows us that everything good and bad starts because somebody does something, or does not do something.” ⁠⁠
- Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer ⁠⁠
Swipe to find out more about them and what you can do to help. ⁠⁠
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A thread... I know that many people out there will be thinking... Oh no is this Gina asking for money again🙄. I know that many just ignore my messages & scroll past. That's ok. The likes and retweets on the whole go to food & fluffyness or horrific images.
It is understandable in many ways because we want to see nice things and we want to eat nice food. This is juxtaposed to sending out the horror of the industry that is so disturbing lets face it it keeps many of us awake at night.
While all this is going on there are others out there doing other incredible things. There are those on the front line at live exports and there are those that are infiltrating farms to take footage like the great Jo Anne McArthur.
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The climate crisis is the defining emergency of our times

That’s why we’re launching Independent Climate, for all the latest news and analysis on the global crisis and possible solutions @indy_climate

Thread below ⬇️
Our climate correspondents in the UK and US will keep you updated with the latest climate developments, from the most recent scientific analysis to the actions of world leaders and reports from the frontlines of the global emergency

@LouiseB_NY @daisydunnesci Image
View all of our latest climate coverage here:
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We're going to market!

This week's microgreens:
Green Pea
Triple Kale
Happy Family
One-Two Punch
Countryside Delight
Rainbow Radish

#organic #eatlocal #farmtotable #shoplocal #foodie
Find us around #SWFL @
Surfside Sunshine Farmers' Market, Cape
Tues. 11-6PM
Riverside District Fort Myers Farmer's Market
Thurs. 9-1PM
Miromar Outlets Farmers' Market
Fri. 9-1PM
Downtown Cape Coral Farmers' Market
Sat. 8-1PM
South Collier Farmers' Market, Naples
Sun. 9-2PM
Don't see what you're looking for? We grow #microgreens to order! Give us a call or go to our shop.
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Dehorning is the removal of a cow or calf’s horn, and it's usually done without pain relief, resulting in excruciating pain for the animal being mutilated.

In NSW, not only is dehorning completely legal, it's a REQUIREMENT of "Cattlecare accreditation"

#nswpol #auspol Image
"an on-farm quality assurance programme developed to ensure domestic and export processors' and consumers' continuing confidence in Australia's beef quality and safety."

How can this happen? How can dehorning cattle be a requirement of a quality assurance program?
As with everything in animal agriculture, it's because the priority is money, NOT animal welfare. According to DPI NSW, the industry dehorns calves and cows because horned cattle:

* can cause more severe injury to other cattle, especially in yards, feedlots and transport;
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The #vegan option promises a new market horizon to a corporate system in need of expansion. In addition to novel product lines developed by transnational companies, business operations are launched as ambitious tech #startups.…
#SiliconValley & other large investors are attracted in support of a model that will activate supply chains, market speculations, & trade wars over what are expected to be the resources of the future.…
Financial #speculation has become key to overcome the stagnation tendencies of global markets. Global money management can be narrowed down to some 17 financial giants, collectively managing >$40 trillion in a self-invested network of interlocking capital.
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Why I feel disgusted with the human species.

1. Speciesism

Humans have turned sentient life into products. Here are a few who we exploit, torture and execute.
Land Animals bred for food:

It is estimated between 70-100 billion land animals are bred to be brutally slaughtered every single year


Chickens are the biggest victim in this masacre at approx 66 billion a year.…

Second in line are pigs. 1.5-2 billion pigs are killed for food each year.…
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Les #fakes quotidiens du #PartiAnimaliste 🤦‍♂️
Cette étude ne préconise aucunement la "végétalisation de l'alimentation", entendez l'abolition de l'#élevage prônée par ces antispécistes #vegan fanatiques.
Que dit-elle en réalité... ?
En premier lieu, l'étude en question ne dit pas que "90% des animaux terrestres pourraient perdre leur habitat d’ici 2050" à cause de l'agriculture et de l'élevage. En réalité, elle évalue l'évolution des surfaces agricoles de façon beaucoup plus nuancée...
L'accroissement des terres cultivées de 26%, prévu à l'échelle mondiale, se répartirait très inégalement selon les continents : considérable en Afrique subsaharienne et, dans une moindre mesure, en Amérique centrale et du Sud, il serait modéré en Amérique du Nord...
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⚠️ Scoop ! 😱
@RigauxNature découvre que les #chasseurs ont des dagues & des épieux pour servir un animal chassé quand c'est nécessaire. Demain, il va nous révéler que les carnivores ont des crocs & tuent sans anesthésie préalable… 🤦‍♂️

[thread] 1/10
Mais que croient ceux qui poussent des cris indignés devant ces images ? Que, dans la nature, on meurt dans son lit ? Qu'on fait juste semblant de s'y égorger, de s'y dévorer mourants ? Quelles générations infantilisées avons-nous élevées, à coup de dessins animés ? 🙄
Oui, à la chasse, on tue. C'est même la finalité de la #chasse, sans être pour autant son essence... d'accord, j'ai perdu Jean-Kevin, là, passons.

Nous tuons, donc, sans aucun intérêt à infliger de la souffrance inutile, sans aucun goût pour celle-ci...
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Jänner bietet sich an, einfach mal #vegan zu probieren. Selbst wenn man nicht ganz umstellen will, für 1 Monat Ernährungsroutine zu brechen, bereichert langfristig an Vielfalt & Kreativität, was man ohne Tierprodukte alles so essen kann. Hier gibts 1 Rezept täglich 🔽 #veganuary
Schalotten anschwitzen. Kirsch-🍅 & gute schwarze Oliven halbieren, 2 TL Kapern hacken. Mit ordentlich smokey Paprika & bissl Chiliflocken, Zimt, Tomatenmark, braunem Zucker in die Pfanne. Mit 1-2 Schöpfer Nudelwasser angießen. Nudeln in Sauce ziehen lassen. Petersil. #veganuary Image
Kohlsprossen mit Sternanis scharf anbraten, Salz, Pfeffer. Rollgerste in Gemüsebrühe mit paar Nelken kochen. Granatapfelkerne mit Minze & Limettenabrieb ziehen lassen (evtl Zucker). Kohlsprossen mit Granatapfel & gehackten Pistazien servieren, Rollgerste mit Petersil. #veganuary Image
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Are #vegan diets really the 'single biggest way' to reduce our carbon footprints & environmental impact on the planet? We argue that this is a highly misleading claim & that the evaluation of dietary change comes with a lot of context & complexity

1) Global data shouldn't be used to evaluate local contexts

Regional differences are important & due to very large variations in feed digestibility, slaughter age & weight, climate conditions, management, sociocultural factors, & nutrient security.
2) Further mitigation is possible

A lot of margin is left for higher productivity, feed strategies, veterinary care, smart use of manure, & herd management. A reduction of waste, the re-use of meat-processing by-products, & the valorization of biogas also hold potential.
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"Veganlar/vejeteryanlar anlayamaz"

Kainattaki HERSEY
#Matematiksel bir #DENGE üzerine kurulmustur

Dengeli Beslenme/Saglikli Yasam kurali da,
buna dahildir

Saglikli (Fiziksel/Ruhsal ve Psikolojik) bir insanin
4 temel Gida ihtiyaci vardir
Bu 4 Temel Gidadan birinin Eksikligi
Fazlaligi Mutlak Rahatsizlik ve Hastalik üretir.

Azi da zarar
Cogu da zarar

Veganlar'da #Kalp rahatsizligi yasanmaz

Kalbi yorabilecek,
Kalp damarlarini tikayabilecek bir riskleri yoktur

Buraya kadar iyi güzel..
Zaten bu noktaya kadar hakli olarak
kendilerini "Saglikli" SANIYORLAR

Vücutlarinda #Mineral EKSIK kaldigi icin,
#Unutkanlik #Felc ve #Aptal'lik kalici olur.

#Oxford Üniversitesinin Tip Dergisinde yaptigi arastirma sonuclari da,
bunu dogruluyor
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Evrende #Madde diye bir sey yok,
Hersey #enerji'dir

Tüm Enerjiler
Titresim ve Frekans sahibidir

sadece Enerjinin yogunlasmis halidir

Yogunlugunu kaybeden madde
yani özüne dönüsür.#HepsiBu

seytani Küreselcilerin uydurdugu
bir kurgudan ibarettir
#Tesla söylüyor
#Einstein Onayliyor
#Bilim kanitliyor
#SeYDuNa paylasiyor.

Gördügünüz/Duydugunuz/Bildiginiz ve bilmediginiz HERSEYIN bir #Hafiza'si vardir

#SU #Toprak #Hava #Ses #ISIK ve #Ates Hafiza sahibidir,Sürekli titresim halindedir
tüm bunlar
vücudunun &70'i SU olan insnaoglunu
direkt ve bire bir etkileme gücüne sahiptirler

insan vücudunu
#Evren Modeliyle benzer sekilde
Enerji,titresim ve frekanslarla olusturmustur

Kainatin Aynasidir/Modelidir
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How to even start making sense of this? The weirdest scheme proposed by the FReSH/WBCSD food multinationals

"World" should eat less salt, but single continents can also have more?😬 And that's a lot #nuts btw! (up to 2400% increase for Latin America -😅)…
From the same document, a case study: Kellogg's fake meat burger. Claiming that plant-based is "better for people and planet" and that the main barrier is prejudice because people think it "will not taste as good" ???
Nah, reason why most don't want this stuff is probably because the ingredients look like this. I don't see a lot of "plants" here that could be "good for people & planet"? Any plants at all? Only extracts & additives.

And I doubt that this is a good basis for tasting like beef.
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A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.
Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air & giving fresh strength to our people.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

#AmazonRainforest will only be remembered in pictures

We burned our lungs🌎 for #BEEF

#Vegan bc 👇 Image
🌴 #AmazonRainforest Has Lost More Than ▶Ten Million◀ Football Fields of Forest in a Decade
THIS #rainforest is responsible for storing over 180 BILLION tons of carbon
With #deforestation that carbon is released back into the atmosphere

💧 "One-fifth of the world’s fresh #water is in the #AmazonBasin, supplying water to the world by releasing water vapor into the atmosphere that can travel thousands of miles"

Meanwhile governments 🌍🌏🌎 & politicians ignore #AmazonBurning
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