GoYuu: Bride

Warning/Tags: Kid!Gojo & Teen!Yuji au, Fluff, Gojo is a brat. What's new?

@itadoricest Happy early Birthday!

When Yaga-sensei sent the 1st years to train with one of the famous clans, Yuji was ecstatic.
It’ll be great, he thought.
He was excited to get stronger, though Megumi and Nobara warned him that the Gojo Clan wasn’t...the friendliest.

That’s fine! Yuji knew he could work with that.
The training was to go on for a week and Yuji got tackled the first day they were there after a huge misunderstanding.

He had seen some kid walking alone and decided to talk to him, be nice and maybe make a new friend.
The kid was strangely pretty, sky blue eyes and snowy hair.

Satoru Gojo. The Heir to the Gojo clan.

And also so treasured that an “infected parasite” like himself getting close to the boy was on the grounds for nearly being killed.
Yaga-sensei had managed to calm the clan down and spare Yuji and his stupidity.

“If you see the kid again, just walk the other way.” Yaga-sensei told him

Nobara and Megumi agreed but Yuji felt that was too mean.
Sure the kid wasn’t any normal kid and probably thought Yuji was an annoying pest but any Kid would feel rejected if they were so obviously avoided.

So Yuji just kept his distance enough to not get tackled while also making sure Satoru knew Yuji wasn’t running from him.
The Clan members who were training the trio told them that Satoru was normally very busy so it would be unlikely they’d even see him again.

So then why did Yuji always seem to find the kid staring at him?
“Do you think he’s stalking you?” Nobara questioned as they ate lunch outside. It was a nice day, sun shining and a gentle breeze in the air.

“Maybe he’s seeing if I’ll slip up? He’s waiting to exorcise Sukuna?” Yuji guessed
“I’m pretty sure he could get away with doing it without being provoked. Even the Higher-ups answer to the brat.” Megumi rolled his eyes, annoyed and knowing more about this clan than Yuji did.
“What did you even say to him when you tried talking to him?” Nobara looked to the pink-haired boy, curiously.

“I just introduced myself. I told him that I was a sorcerer and he didn’t really say much. I think I was rambling for a while before one of the guards tackled me.”
Yuji scratched the back of his head, laughing.

He remembers Satoru just watching him as he walked and spoke with the boy.

Yuji wasn’t getting much of a response, so he just talked about the day, about how cool everything was, and even gave the boy a few genuine compliments.
Maybe Yuji somehow offended the boy by accident? Something he said?

“He’s here again.” Megumi nudged Yuji, nodding his head towards the main house.

There in the distance was familiar snowy hair, piercing blue eyes staring at him with an unreadable expression.
“....You know what? I want to test something.” Nobara said, setting her food down.

Yuji and Megumi looked to her to see what she’d do, neither expecting Nobara to get inches apart from Yuji looking as though she was about to kiss him.
“No-Nobara?” Yuji felt his face flush unsure what was going on.

Nobara simply grinned before placing a kiss on the boy’s cheek and pulling back.

“Oh wow, was that the reaction you were looking for?’ Megumi spoke as Yuji tried to process what had happened.
Yuji heard Nobara laugh as he looked to see what they were talking about when he saw a familiar face approaching them, an icy glare replacing Satoru’s once unreadable expression.

Yuji really doesn’t feel like getting tackled or nearly executed today and-
- since his back was pressed against the tree they were sitting under, he opted for the next best thing.

Hiding behind Megumi as best as he could, causing Nobara to snort.

“I’m not responsible for whatever happens this time. You better tell Yaga-sensei this.” Yuji hissed at-
- the girl.

“Do you three think that kind of behavior is appropriate here?” Satoru stood a few feet from them, glare still in place as he crossed his arms.

“I don’t see the problem with a friendly kiss on the cheek.” Nobara challenged, amusement clear in her voice.
That seemed to anger Satoru more, the boy turning his glare at Yuji who desperately wished he was smaller so he could successfully hide behind Megumi.

“You shouldn’t let relationships distract you from training. If you’re a sorcerer you should know this.”
“Relation...ship?” Yuji is so confused, Megumi’s right he’s an idiot because he can’t keep up with any of this.

“I’m..We’re not together? I don’t even get why she did that!” Yuji panicked looking around for any tackling guards.
He’s not sure what expression Megumi is wearing, but it seems whatever Nobara’s plan is, Megumi has decided to help because he places a hand on Yuji’s thigh and actively blocking Yuji from sight.

“Aren’t you supposed to be studying?” Megumi taunted
“Aren’t you supposed to be a Zen’in?” Satoru shot back making the dark-haired boy scowl.

Before things could get worse and get blamed on Yuji, two servants showed up calling for their “young master”.
Yuji peeked over Megumi’s shoulder, seeing Satoru with a glare and looking like a child about to throw a tantrum.

The young boy said nothing, sending a deadly glare towards Yuji’s two friends before walking off to the servants calling for him.
Yuji let out a sigh of relief.

“Are you guys trying to get us in trouble?!” Yuji looked at his friends who gave each other a knowing look while ignoring Yuji’s question.
After that terrifying incident and making sure he wasn’t about to get in trouble, Yuji noticed he started getting gifts left in his room.

Or at least he thinks they’re gifts but most were Jujutsu books that always had strange notes left in the covers like-
“You can do better”
“Read page 357, it’ll show you what you need to know”
“Let me explain in terms even your stupid brain could get.”

He asked Megumi and Nobara if they had been the ones leaving the books, but they just shook their heads.
Both wearing knowing looks that just frustrated Yuji.

Though he was thankful for the books, they’ve helped him improve a lot in the past week.

Today was the last day of training, Yaga-sensei would be here soon to pick them up.
The three waited at the front of the main house leading to the gate surrounding the property.

Yuji pouted as Nobara and Megumi whispered among themselves about something while glancing at Yuji.

“Young Master wait!” A distant voice called,
Yuji looked up in the direction of the voice and froze seeing a servant hurrying after Satoru who was walking towards the three of them.

He looked irritated.

Yuji really hoped Yaga-sensei showed up soon because he already has a bad feeling about this.
The young boy stopped once in front of the three older teens, Satoru looked to Yuji who sat on the ground.

“Get up.” Satoru ordered


“Don’t make me repeat myself.” Satoru’s icy gaze burned as Yuji stood up.
He felt weird as Satoru looked him over, like Yuji was one of those dogs in a dog show and Satoru was the judge inspecting for any imperfections.

“Young Master you shouldn’t-” The servant caught up and was cut off before they could object any further
“Shut up. You do not order me around. Remember your place.” Satoru spoke coldly, not even sparing the servant a glance.

Yuji frowned as the Servant flinched, bowing their head down.

“You’ve improved since you came here.”

Yuji paused.
Was...Was Satoru complimenting him?

“You still have a lot left to improve on. Nowhere even close to my level still.”

Yuji has just accepted the fact he’s going to be confused for the rest of his life as Satoru stepped closer to him.
“Um..thank you?” Yuji glanced at his friends for help but the two of them seemed caught up in seeing what the young boy would do.

“Are you the one who was leaving me those books?” Yuji blurted out, tensing when the words were out because what if that insulted Satoru?
“Yes, who else would it have been? My wife can be weaker than me but I can’t have you being weaker than your two friends.” Satoru replied smoothly.

Yuji could see from the corner of his eye Megumi cover Nobara’s mouth with his hand before she started fighting Satoru.

“Wife…?” It seemed Megumi and Nobara finally realized what Satoru said just as Yuji did.

“Yes, wife. You should at least be able to hold your own until I get to Tokyo. I won’t be able to protect you until then so I need you to be strong for me.” Satoru spoke-
-, voice uncharacteristically soft at the end as he reached up and caressed Yuji’s face

“Are...I’m...I don’t think your family would approve of any of this..” Yuji tried to think of words and simply settled on that.
“You’re so innocent.” Satoru’s eyes showed a hint of amusement and sincere love.

Yuji stares at the boy, no anger or disgust, just confusion at the sudden turn of events.
“I’m, alone, the honoured one. The heir to the Gojo clan and the holder of the limitless technique and six eyes. If I want something, I’m going to get it.”

Yuji could sense Yaga-sensei’s cursed energy, the man finally arriving as Satoru pulled his hand away and stepped back.
“Don’t worry too much. I’ll be by your side soon enough.” Satoru claimed confidence and certainty in his voice.

Yuji heard Yaga-sensei call for them and went to look only to feel soft lips press against his cheek and just as fast as it had happened, the feeling was gone.
Yuji looked back to where Satoru stands, a mischievous smile in place.

“See you soon, wife.” Satoru spoke confidently as he turned and walked away, the servant scrambling after him.

“Well good job, Yuji. You got one of the most powerful clan heirs to fall for you. How-
- do you feel?” Nobara laughed as she dragged the stunned boy towards their sensei.

“Did something happen?’ Yaga-sensei turned to Megumi.

“Satoru Gojo just claimed Yuji as his wife.”
Yuji heard the man take a deep breath and sigh. His brain finally catching up as he loudly asked:

“What just happened?!”
End~ Hope you all enjoy Yuji confused and stressed about it!

• • •

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He eventually got the 3rd year to warm up to him, now Gojo-senpai and him are on better terms though Yuji is still a bit intimidated by the older snow leopard boy
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