Warning: Drug Use, Noncon/Dubcon, Underage, NSFW, daddy kink


Toji didn’t usually care or get involved with what his kids were up to. They were grown enough to make decisions for themselves at this point.
His son, Megumi, was rather reserved and not as social as Tsumiki.

Which is why it was a surprise when Megumi said he was bringing a friend over.

Even more surprising is how the kid was the complete opposite of Megumi.
The kid’s name was Yuji Itadori, soft pink hair, golden brown eyes, loud and constantly smiling.

It was clear the kid was a people magnet and Toji was no different than his son, feeling drawn to the young boy and constantly keeping watch of him when he would come over.
He wanted to get closer to the boy.

To keep him like a pet.

And if he happened to use Megumi’s phone that he left at home as he went out with Tsumiki to invite the boy over pretending to be his son?
If he happened to apologize on behalf of his son who forgot he had to run errands with his sister so “why don’t you just take a seat and I’ll make us something to drink” and slip an aphrodisiac in the tea?

Well...that would be their little secret.

“Ha...Nngh...Toji-san~” Yuji whimpered, grinding back against the three fingers stretching his hole, delirious with want as he cries.

Toji knows that subconsciously the kid hated this. Those tears that streaked down his flushed cheeks were probably of fear.
Maybe if he wasn’t a selfish man he would care about how Yuji felt or how his son will feel after this.

But he is a selfish man.

Toji chuckles, curling those three digits up and using his free hand to keep-
- a grip on Yuji’s hip as the boy cries out from the pleasure his body is being forced to feel.

“I don’t think that’s what I told you to call me.” Toji pressed roughly against the soft spot of nerves, watching as the simple move caused Yuji’s arms to give out beneath him.
Face pressed against the leather couch, drool slipping out, hazy eyes and a flushed face. Yuji was a work of art.

“ ‘m sorry Daddy” Yuji slurred.

Toji grinned, Yuji was finally ready.
“Good boy, now just keep making those pretty noises for daddy.” Toji instructed, taking his fingers out and replacing them with something bigger.

Yuji’s mind was a mush, he was barely coherent but he could vaguely remember thinking this was wrong at some point.
‘Why though-?’ Yuji began to think before the air was knocked out of him as Toji pushed in and began a relentless pace.

Toji gripped the boy with both hands, pulling him back as he thrusted into that tight heat, relishing in the broken moans of the cute boy below him.
“Look at you, such a needy slut for Daddy. This is what you needed, a good fuck.” Toji growled, wrapping one hand around the boy’s throat and bringing him up so his back was pressed against Toji’s chest.

“Ah! Fff...uck! Daddy! Ha~ So full” Yuji’s head rolled back, resting-
- against Toji’s shoulder.

Toji grinned, absolutely feral as he quickened his pace. The cries of the young boy only encouraging him as he squeezed Yuji’s throat.

He tightened his grip, cutting off any air for the boy just as his cock hit that bundle of nerves.
Yuji’s body strung taut as the boy struggled to breath through the pleasure.

Toji bit down on Yuji’s shoulder as he felt the boy tighten, knowing he was close.
With that in mind, Toji aimed for that bundle of nerves once more and as he hit it, let go of Yuji’s throat, the boy cumming roughly as he gasped for air.

The older man shoved Yuji’s face down in the cum that stained the leather couch now, seeing the boy’s face covered in-
- tears and cum sending him over the edge as he came inside the boy.

Toji pulled out as he came down from his high, catching sight of his cum leaking out of Yuji’s abused and puffy hole.
Looking at the boy’s face that was covered in cum, tears, and drool, Toji felt his cock twitch with renewed interest.

Toji grabbed his phone, snapping a quick picture of the beautiful mess before him and once he set his phone aside grabbed Yuji’s hips and pulled him back.
“Daddy isn’t done with you yet. We still have plenty of time before the kids get home.” Toji smirked as he saw the briefest hint of fear in Yuji’s eyes before it was swallowed up by the desire coursing through his veins once more.

If I was going to hell for anything I've written I think it might be this.

• • •

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The Higher-ups showed him a file with information on Yuji, a picture-
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He eventually got the 3rd year to warm up to him, now Gojo-senpai and him are on better terms though Yuji is still a bit intimidated by the older snow leopard boy
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