GoYuu: Love at first sight

Warning/Tags: Yandere!Gojo, Senpai/Kouhai AU, possessive behavior, stalking, implied NSFW at the end

@Chubbydoggo1 This ones for you ^^

Satoru Gojo could have anything he wanted. He had money, respect, admirers, and strength.
He even had two great friends: Suguru Geto and Ieiri Shoko.

Two people he could always count on.

He remembers the two 1st years Megumi and Nobara hanging around the 3rd years. Satoru got along fine with them, both had incredible potential.
He even thinks Megumi could reach Satoru’s level if he tapped into his full potential.

Satoru has a small amount of respect for the two 1st years.

Until he heard about a third 1st year joining who knew nothing of cursed energy and the only reason he was here now was because-
-he was stupid enough to swallow the cursed finger of Ryomen Sukuna.

Satoru didn’t even want to waste his time or breath meeting the brat. He had heard the higher-ups talking about assigning Satoru to execute-
- the kid once he finished his part of collecting the rest of the fingers.

It was when Ieiri and Suguru were both smiling, laughing with each other that Satoru’s interest peaked.
“What’s so funny?” He questioned the two, annoyed at being left out of whatever they were laughing about.

“Oh it’s just that new 1st year. Yuji-kun. Suguru and I went to see what the deal was with him.” Ieiri replied, confusing Satoru.
They went without him? Sure he didn’t care for the kid but they could have invited him.

“He’s not as bad as the higher ups make him out to be. Sukuna is still bad, but Ieir and I were talking about how easily excitable Yuji was. Like a puppy.” Suguru chuckled.

Satoru hummed.
“Let me see him. If you two actually like the brat, maybe he has some worth after all.”

Satoru followed his friends to the track field just in time to see a blur of pink get thrown by Panda and caught by Inumaki.
Satoru raised a brow as he got closer before finally seeing the blur of pink raise his head, causing Satoru’s breath to hitch.

He froze in place, staring at the boy that was held in Inumaki’s arms, bright smile and lively eyes.
The boy had sunkissed skin but Satory could see even from where he stood a little dust of freckles across his face.

“Hey let’s do that again! That was fun!” Yuji exclaimed excitedly laughing.

Oh god his voice….it was like music to Satoru’s ears.

“Hey Yuji!” Suguru called
Satoru felt his throat go dry as those golden brown eyes turned to face him with a smile and fuck Suguru and Ieiri were onto something by saying he was like a puppy.

“Senpai! I thought you and Shoko-senpai had to go get ready for your mission?”
Yuji walked over letting Satoru see his beauty up close.

“Oh well Satoru here wanted to meet you. He finally got over his ego.” Suguru snickered causing Satoru to glare at him.

“Oh! So you’re Gojo-senpai? I’m Itadori Yuji! It’s nice to meet you!”
Yuji offered his hand out and Satoru stared, unable to respond. When the boy began to get nervous and take his hand back, Satoru quickly grabbed it and held it, feeling the soft skin against his own.

“Yeah. Sure.”

Satoru’s life changed from his meeting with Itadori Yuji.
And Everyone except the boy himself could tell the sudden change.
It has been a month since Satoru met the love of his life and to say he had changed was an understatement.

As Ieiri and Suguru put it, he was a completely different person where Yuji was concerned.
Satoru acted as his usual self, cocky, sadistic, and cold when Yuji wasn’t around.

And when he was?

Satoru pretty much only saw Yuji even in a crowded room.

Hell, the principal from Kyoto came to the Tokyo school for a meeting with Yaga sensei and had approached the 3rdyears
Satoru already had a bad attitude with the man, but he at least paid enough attention to the old man so he could talk back.

Ieiri and Suguru sighed when they saw a familiar tuft of pink hair, hearing Satoru cut off in the middle of some comeback against the Kyoto Principle.
“Hmph, have you finally realized you should respect your elders?” Gakuganji spoke, clearly ready for any comeback.

But nothing came.

Instead, Satoru vanished in the blink of an eye causing the man to look to his two friends.
“Sorry sir, please don’t be too offended. He does this with everyone.” Suguru explained and gestured to the scene the two 3rd years were watching.

The old man turned to see the infamous Mortal God, clinging like a child to Sukuna’s vessel.
Arms wrapped around the younger’s waist, chin resting on fluffy pink hair, attention completely focused on the cursed boy.

Gakuganji is a higher up for a reason. He was strong in his youth and strong now.
But even he felt a shiver run up his spine when Satoru seemed to catch the man looking and his eyes held a murderous glint in them.
The man decided to leave it be and went to meet with Yaga-sensei.

Satoru smiled to himself. He really was blessed.
He traced a pale finger down Yuji’s jaw as the boy slept peacefully.

Yuji had asked Satoru on a date (Yuji referred to as a hang out but Satoru was sure it would be a date by the end of it) the two of them would be going to tour tokyo tomorrow.
Satoru has seen all Tokyo has to offer, he knew what was there and had already explored it.

But Yuji hadn’t and Satoru was more than happy to join Yuji if only just to see his reactions. He was always over the top and Satoru found it endearing and cute.
“Nng…” Yuji rolled onto his side before settling back in his sleep.

Satoru just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see Yuji, so he figured he could just visit Yuji early. It was only 2 in the morning so of course Yuji would be asleep.

He looked so vulnerable. So peaceful.
Satoru could easily take him. Move him to the Gojo estate and lock him away only for his eyes only.

“Not yet...Soon though” Satoru spoke softly to himself, running a hand through soft pick locks.
Satoru paused when Yuji turned to face him, his lips opened just a little as he drooled in his sleep.

Careful not to wake the boy, Satoru cupped the boy’s face and gently pressed his lips to Yuji’s. They were as soft and warm as Satoru imagined.
He moved onto the bed, caging the sleeping boy with his body, sliding his tongue in as he got lost in the taste of Yuji.

Yuji, Yuji, Yuji, Just Yuji, Just his-

“Mmph- Senpai?” Yuji spoke, voice rough from sleep as he pulled back only half awake.
“What time is it..?” Yuji looked to his alarm clock, the bright red digits ‘2:16’ staring back at him.

“Awe Yuji, it’s okay. Go back to sleep. Senpai won’t hurt you.” Satoru cooed, watching Yuji struggle to make sense of the situation in his tired state.
Satoru grinned when Yuji seemed to relax instead of panic like any normal person would in this situation. His eyes drooped as sleep began to take hold of him again.
“Just let Senpai take care of everything.” Satoru spoke softly, pressing a finger to Yuji’s head and smiling as the boy passed out, giving Satoru the next few hours to take his time and play with the boy below him.

Hope you enjoy!!

• • •

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He eventually got the 3rd year to warm up to him, now Gojo-senpai and him are on better terms though Yuji is still a bit intimidated by the older snow leopard boy
Yuji may have been a tiger hybrid but he was still much smaller and weaker than the supposed “Honoured one” (Seriously Yuji has no idea where that title even came from).

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