You gotta Earn Everything ..
Even the ones with BILLIONS of Dollars can't buy the keys/knowledge they are missing in moving forward..

One of those Keys is giving back to the People.They continue playing their Roles even when the gig is up & their puppet strings
have been cut long ago & no longer have to play those roles. They could just be themselves, Helping awaken the world the the TRUTH & Reality that has been kept hidden from everyone.

Confession Helps release the stresses these deep dark hidden secrets bring someone(s).
Even when they are told "You Are Forgiven", they FEAR being UNFORGIVEN ..
I choose to always FORGIVE ..

Not on WE others refuse to go the extra mile. What does world peace mean to you? What does freeing Women & Children as Sex slaves mean to you?
What does stopping all the Fake in the world mean to you?


• • •

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26 Mar
What Happens When ALL sides unite as one (Because that was the plan from the get GO) and turn on their "Loyal" sheep/(Zombies)? All because they refused to see clearly & decided to Show their true colors of what kind of Human beings they really are towards their fellow Mann ...
All are welcome in the House of God But do you really think these people who have shown their true colors by the THOUSANDS are going to just give up & Accept there is something much BIGGER at play that is out of their control? Do you think they (And Everyone else) will finally
see the BIGGER PICTURE? No Matter who you are, you are apart if the bigger picture ..
If you are one that does nothing but spread hate & fear, you show what kind of world it was/is that created that type of person. God created everyone as = & to come into this world treating
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26 Mar
If everything happening in life was an obstacle course, this is how WE do ..

Many others fail.
Many others fail & Also Fail to realize there is always someone there to pick you up when you have fallen .

Fall you Must.
Fall You Will..
You Will #RISE ...
Rise of The Fallen
Reconcile NOT Revenge of the Fallen ..
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25 Mar
I been waiting A long time to throw all the crap the people gave me right back at them ..

Like I said, many will never be able to forgive themselves. Do I care? Not any more. I forgive them, that's all that matters. Once forgiven, forgotten.
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25 Mar
I deleted the earlier reply but he is spot on. Even when the "Awake" think they are "Awake", you are not. There is so much more. Most of it is being shown play by play. Like A 24/7 reality T.V. show of who & what ones like myself are. The other 2 among all of you, they see &
Share as I do. Many seem to kinda understand what they do for all of you. Me, not so much. I choose to be hated. Easier to walk away at the end. I show you the thinks they are not allowed to or just choose not to. Or, maybe the things i share & the meaning behind it all is jusy
Not meant for all of you to know. That layer/"Level" the MANY of you jusy can't seem to get past or too..

I guess it just may be, oh well. The more shown, the more unrealistic it all becomes.
It does not matter what i say. The MANY of you already have your minds made up
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24 Mar
Someone commented & then deleted it shorlty after DEMANDING I "Stop being cryptic, thinking i'm famous or talking like I'm somebody" ..
This proves my point & also proves I see all of you, no matter who you are-If you come at me in A negative way, I see it all before it happens.
I proves this over and over and over again. Whatever anyone tries to do or say about me, I see it in my mind before it happens. All within A blink of an eye. It sucks. I deal with it & find balance. 117% time I use this gift to help all of you. Help see FF before they happen
Along with much more. I see into my own life when I choose too. I don't like doing it. I feel it's cheating in A way. Knowing of what's to come before it happens.
Either way, that person that commented & deleted only proved my point by saying what he did & then deleting it.
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24 Mar
It won't happen & if it does it's only because I or someone else said something about it & not because she truly cares. How many rings have been busted sense this Fake Presidency started? How many conferences about it & what they are going to do to continue putting an end to all
These women & children suffering?
Ones like her and others need these crises' to happen. How many child trafficking rings were stopped while DJT Is in office? How many conferences do you recall reassuring WE THE PEOPLE that A #MAJOR change was happening in this category?
How many MSM news outlets covered all those conferences by DJT about all the human/child sex trafficking rings he helped/Coordinated in bringing down?

You see where I'm going with this?

Harris & the rest of them are con artists. Puppets on strings playing A role before
Read 4 tweets

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