Why believe in many gods and goddesses?

Because the supremacy and glory of the Supreme is not to be thought compact or contained, but overflowing with an immeasurable magnitude. His court is not vacant, but filled with his divine godly vassals and holy retainers. Image
All the cosmos in its multitude of forms stand as testimony to the supremacy and beauty of their King- why should beauty be here in such grandness and magnitude, and not 'There'? Surely we may say, with certain confidence, that what we find grand here must be even grander there.
For all the things which are here, with their imperfections and partiality, there is a greater who rules them in Heaven. Even the things in nature which we say are dead, without life- surely these things in their highest heavenly perfection are filled with life and consciousness?
Per Plotinus, "[W]e hymn the divinities of the Intellectual Sphere, and, above all these, the mighty King of that dominion, whose majesty is made patent in the very multitude of the gods.
"It is not by crushing the divine unto a unity but by displaying its exuberance — as the Supreme himself has displayed it — that we show knowledge of the might of God, who, abidingly what He is, yet creates that multitude, all dependent on Him, existing by Him and from Him."
It is by the Supreme's overflowing magnificence that we know as truth the sublime order of gods. We praise them and honour them cognizant of their sacred origin, extolling the goodness they emanate to us selflessly, and conjoin ourselves to their great worship of The One.

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31 Mar
It is more than mere preference. Platonism is Soul's divine science towards truth, so the judgement is in what can be argued as nearer to what is true rather than what best suits our sensibilities. Platonism emerges from tradition, but it has also been refined over centuries. Image
And this divine science gives us the means to perfect our traditions, an unprecedented capacity to not only know the true value of the inherited cultus deorum, but to also rectify its path should it be led astray and to help navigate it through the tumult of an unknown tomorrow.
Setting praise aside, the subject: goddess Sun & god Moon.

Why Platonists have argued against this tradition is from trying to justify them as principles. The Moon is a receptive sphere, truth of this most easily observed in the Moon's light being a reflection of the Sun's.
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1 Mar
It is frustrating that Christians, when asserting the resurrection's historicity, their evidence is just the mere alleging by NT authors of there being some many hundreds of witnesses. When suggesting they could just be fabricated, it's replied "the lie would be simply too big."
It shouldn't need to be said that the rate at which information spread in antiquity has utterly no parallel with today. There is this strange assumption that these witnesses could be verified with, that fabricating them would be impossible because people would check on them.
Near all of these witnesses have no names, the only named being the religion's principal evangelists, but even if they were named in their hundreds upon a grand list, an Antiochene convert couldn't just wander down to Judea to check the veracity of the claim, let alone a Greek.
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15 Feb
“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the
organized habits and opinions of the masses is an
important element in democratic society. Those who
manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute
an invisible government which is the true ruling
power of our country.
“We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.
“Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.
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14 Feb
Greco-Roman culture is generally still thought as superstitious today. But as for the "aesthetics", it's quite rich to enter into the European world and ask why it doesn't love and respect your culture - a culture totally alien to Europeans - the same as it does its own.
If you have internalised a belief that European culture is superior to your own, then that is your own issue. There is no obligation on Europeans to reciprocate love just because of this, just as there is no obligation on other races to love Europe.
The "what about my people" plea is so pathetic and comes entirely from an internal presupposition of intrinsic cultural/racial inferiority. It presumes that European culture is superior and preferred, and then seeks to supplant it.
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13 Feb
On Nietzsche's "will to power", we might better rewrite it "will to power to will".

The accumulation of power can never be an end. An end entails rest, and power unexercised contradicts its essential act of motion towards end, so power at its end no longer exist.
First will (FW) knows last will (LW) and desires to become it, and so FW engenders motion to power. FW apprehends power, utilises it as its vehicle, and then fulfils LW. But if FW is will to become LW, what is LW?
LW is simply 'to be'. Hence, in formulation of Will's essence:

First Will (will to become) » Power (motion to end) » Last Will (will to be).

As will fulfils itself through power, it must retain power to maintain fulfilment. Therefore LW has being by virtue of attained power.
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22 Dec 20
Article 1. Whether love exists in God?
I. To the contrary, I object:
1. God should not possess faculties. Faculties imply other, alike to how sight implies there is light for it to see. Any faculty possessed by God must be perfected, and so the perfect faculty must actualise its perfect end.
Therefore, by necessity of God possessing said faculty, he must actualise the perfect end of that faculty. The faculty of love necessitates either the reception or impartation of love, so he is made to either make beings which will love him and/or beings which he can love.
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