Republican shitbird uses man’s tragic death as political prop to make stupid comment about unrelated things.
This asshat’s resumé is like a caricature of a privileged little white girl from money.

Heritage Foundation, House Republicans, Martha McSally, Liz Cheney, Nancy Mace.

How much you wanna bet her bio is some version of “Born to a rich Virginia daddy who used his connections...”
Don’t get me wrong. Natalie Johnson has had her own share of traumas.

There was the time Black students exercising their right to free speech made it hard for her to hear Ben Shapiro...…
And she knows what it’s like to be profiled.

Consider her impassioned piece about not judging blondes in sorority letters, leggings and North Face on campus.…
Whenever one of this dipshit little racists pops up, I play a game where I look up how fucking ludicrous their entire life has been.

It is always the same thing: a thirsty little child of privilege who got patted on the head for writing racist slop for conservative institutions.
The person is always a vapid little tool who leaves their Instagram public because they are desperate for people to see:

1) their vague, tertiary connection to power; and

2) their tacky pantomime of what they imagine to be classy living
Seriously, these brainless asshats are so cookie cutter, I would absolutely delight in the backstory being different *at all*.

But it never is. Dimwit —> privilege —> job writing racist stuff for Heritage, Daily Caller, et al —> hired by an asshole Repub —>repeat, repeat, repeat
And the worst part about these hyper-arrogant try-hards too dumb to beat a cat at checkers is that they truly think they’re special while they were actually selected because they’re infinitely replaceable little bots useful for dispensing old white dudes’ same ol racism.
The Old Boys Network of real power on the right - the one the dimwitted Natalies think they’re part of because they ate coconut shrimp at the Christmas party - has no use to smart, strong women.

After all, they’d want power too.
So they hire an evergreen class of little cookie cutter twits who somehow fail to notice that all their peers are vapid little asshats with the same dumb Insta feed:

- OMG, I am at a spa!
Yesterday I was close enough to Congress to take its picture
- And here’s my boyfriend!
And all of us get bombarded with these insufferable little morons’ never ending eagerness to run their mouths of without a shred of self-awareness that the smart, powerful, talented young women in Washington aren’t posting cheeseball selfies all day with loser one-term Repubs.



So pathetically trite. My lord, these people are trite.

• • •

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24 Mar
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A state where an idiot governor actively undermined public health is now opening vaccinations to all adults.

Meanwhile, people in NJ - the most densely populated state in the country *with the highest per capita death rate in the US* - still can’t get appts.
And the irony is that Texas can open vaccine appts to everyone because the state’s criminal corrupt and moronic leadership has all but ensured a large percent of the pop won’t sign up.
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Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, you bigoted, misogynist piece of shit.
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There is an endless amount of toxic crap in the world - and on here - so, maybe this will be a welcome diversion for a few minutes.

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We’ve been isolated a long time. Eventually, the bill for that loss comes due.

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I don’t even feel like going into it but Shaun King is trending for doing what Shaun King does.

He is a fucking parasite. The way he exploits hurting people is just the lowest of the low. He is trash.
Seriously, you have to be a special kind of piece of shit to do what Shaun King does.

Vultures prey on the dead. Shaun King spots the dead and then preys on the living who gather to mourn.

That grifting asshole should have been cancelled 50 times over by now.
This asshole had the audacity to swoop in and write a mind-numbingly patronizing and condescending piece about Samaria Rice.

Shaun, you clownyass motherfucker, when Samaria Rice - mother of Tamir Rice - a mother who lost her child - speaks, keep your dumb mouth shut.
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By 1974, thanks to DDT, peregrines were effectively all but extinct in the United States in all but the west coast.

There were four peregrines left in the entire state of New York.

To save the species, west coast falconers passed eggs to east coast falconers who tended to them and raised the chicks through first winters before releasing them.

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