Listen to sad music when you are happy, and vice versa.

People naturally use music to intensify their current mood.

I believe music should be used to neutralize moods.

Equanimity is a virtue!

This is the art of staying balanced emotionally - ideally without the help of nature.
Naturally - no one stays happy forever, and no one stays sad forever.
Life is about polarities.

The further you drift to one extreme, the further you get catapulted to the other end.

Haven’t you observed?
That when you laugh too hard, you to start cry?

That the longer you spend apart, the sweeter the reunion?

That the harder you work during the day, the deeper you sleep at night?

I could give endless examples to prove this.
Happiness / sadness are highs and lows of the same ladder -

Peace is when you’re unmoved by either.
Stoicism isn’t about becoming emotionless, as popularly believed.

It’s being detached from euphemeral emotions so as to maintain good judgment at all times.
People are known to do stupid things when overly excited, like drinking & driving.

They also do ridiculous things when overly depressed, like committing suicide.
When you cling to sadness, you prolong your suffering.

When you cling to happiness, you’ll suffer more from its inevitable absence.
It’s important to become comfortable in boredom & unhappiness.

It deters you from seeking escape through drugs, alcohol or other harmful coping mechanisms.

All feelings eventually pass!
P.S: This is an esoteric thread. Arguments will be ignored.

Do good, stay calm, live stoic...

• • •

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