1. Check your Weight (in Kg)
2. Check your Height (in metres)
3. Your BMI = Weight ÷ (Height)²

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Cross-check the result you get from step 3 above with the ranges below;

Underweight <18.5
NORMAL/HEALTHY 18.5 - 24.9
Overweight 25 - 29.9
Obese 30 - 34.9
Extremely obese >35
BMI is a cheap and simple screening method for weight categories —underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obesity.

A BMI outside the normal/healthy range may be associated with some health problems.
For example, obesity is associated with higher risks of all-causes of
- death
- high BP
- bad cholesterol
- type 2 diabetes
- stroke
- arthritis &
- some cancers.
On the other hand, being underweight increases your risk of
- malnutrition
- vitamin deficiency
- bone decay (osteoporosis) etc

Try to maintain your BMI within the healthy range.
For example, if a man weighs 70Kg but is only 1.5m tall, his BMI will be

70 ÷ (1.5)² = 31Kg/m²

This means he is OBESE.
But if the same 70Kg man is 1.9m tall, his BMI will be

70 ÷ (1.9)² = 19Kg/m²

This means he is NORMAL
Finally, if the same 70Kg man is 2.2m tall, his BMI will be

70 ÷ (2.3)² = 14Kg/m²

This means the man is UNDERWEIGHT
Subsequently, we'll be talking about what to do if you're obese or underweight.

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*2.2m, not 2.3

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A bite from a Brazilian wandering spider can cause an erection that lasts up to 4 hours.

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1. Don't panic
2. Turn patient on their side
3. Place something soft under head
4. Stay & time seizure
5. Don't put anything in mouth
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7. Go to hospital after seizure stops, or if lasts more than 5 minutes

RT for awareness Image
During my internship, I saw how some people believe that when a child convulses, heating their legs with hot water can stop the seizure, even if it's epilepsy.

A mother once 'boiled' her son's feet, causing severe burns that almost killed the child.

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11 common ways men damage their #sperm without knowing

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What your urine colour says about your health and what you should do

1. Clear
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3. Dark yellow
4. Light pink/bright red
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7. Orange
8. Purple
9. Cloudy or murky

A thread 🧵

RT for awareness
Urine colour often depends on 5 things:

• what you eat
• the medications you’re taking
• how much water your drink
• disease conditions, &
• exercise

You should be concerned if the colour of your pee is significantly abnormal.
Clear urine (clear as sweat)

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• Taken excess fluids (over-hydration).

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{RT for awareness}
Testicular torsion happens when your testicle rotates, twisting your spermatic cord (the tube which contains the vessels that bring blood to your testis).

This leads to reduced blood flow to the testis, causing sudden and often severe pain, redness and swelling.
Symptoms of testicular torsion

1. Sudden, severe scrotal pain
2. Scrotal swelling
3. Lower tummy pain
4. Nausea and vomiting
5. Frequent peeing
6. Feeling feverish
7. Abnormal positioning of your testicle: usually higher than normal or at an unusual angle
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