You know you're living in a world of state-corporate media propaganda when you click that just like today scientists and politicians in the 1980s were calling for huge decreases in greenhouse gas emissions within 12 years due to fears over global warming and it's still not news.

'An international conference of scientists and senior politicians in Toronto last June called for a 20-per-cent decrease in emissions by the year 2005.'…

Look in the supplementary materials of the peer-reviewed science discussed here and you may come to the conclusion that not only may 1.5C & 1.75C be impossible targets, but that 2C may be virtually impossible too.

(in fact committed warming is >2.5C!)…

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4 Apr

1. Somewhere between 350 and 450ppm is the CO2 concentration level in the atmosphere that poses an irrevocable danger to life on Earth

2. We're heading for 450ppm by 2035

3. 550ppm may be unsurvivable

4. We're heading for 550ppm by 2050-75

5. We must stop emissions
We need immediate emergency system change action.

'Many scientists pegged 450 ppm as a red line, while others have said 350 ppm—which the Earth passed years ago—is the safe upper limit.'

From 2016: ⬇️…

THREAD with details: ⬇️
We need an Ecological-Climate Crisis global ceasefire to end the fossil fuel war economy.

Rich nations must slash their energy use and consumption whilst giving money to those nations suffering from damage already done.

THREAD with further details: ⬇️
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4 Apr

Which statement best describes the current climate chaos situation?

a) avoiding +1.5°C may be possible

b) long-term warming expected from today's +500ppm CO₂-e is at least 2.5℃

c) temperature rises of 3- 4°C are likely now locked in

d) all of the above
Scientists differ on whether this statement is appropriate:

'The Australian Academy of Science says the more ambitious target of the Paris Climate Agreement of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees has now slipped out of reach and is “virtually impossible”…
State-corporate media remain silent on this:

'Atmospheric scientists use CO₂-e as a convenient way to aggregate the effect of all the long-lived greenhouse gases..

The best estimate of long-term global warming expected from 500ppm CO₂-e is about 2.5℃.'…
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28 Mar
Science ignored by media:

1. the global food system is now at risk

2. the Arctic is currently entering a sudden climate change event

3. we cannot avoid +2°C of global warming chaos within centuries or, without the rapid deep system change action we all crave, as early as 2034
It will never be too late to take immediate individual-collective emergency system change action to replace destructive economic growth.

UN report 2021:

ecological & climate 'disasters..are..jeopardizing our entire food system'……
'the Arctic is currently experiencing an abrupt climate change event.. climate models underestimate.. ongoing warming.'

This is still being ignored by the media. Most people would have missed the few articles from last summer.

The planet is not as it…
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24 Mar
The EU's own Environment Agency says at the present decadal growth rate of 3.0 ppm per year, peak global greenhouse gas concentrations for limiting the increase of global average temperature to 1.5°C will be exceeded around 2021, and, for 2°C, around 2034.…
'It is important to consider all gases and other forcing agents using the so-called ‘CO2 equivalent’ (CO2e); that is an equivalent amount to the concentration of CO2 that would cause the same amount of radiative forcing as a mixture of CO2 & other forcing agents (ghgs & aerosols)
'global greenhouse gas concentrations must not exceed 465 (range 445-485) ppm and should have returned to 411 (390-430) ppm by 2100 to limit the increase to 1.5 °C; for the 2 °C limit, the corresponding values are 505 (470-540) and 480 (460-500) ppm, respectively.'
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23 Mar
The absolute wall-to-wall coverage of the major UN report saying the entire human food system is today in jeopardy due to ecological and climate disasters demonstrates how right we all are to place our absolute trust in state-corporate media.
'At no other point in history has agriculture been faced with such an array of familiar and unfamiliar risks...

disasters... are upending people’s lives, devastating livelihoods, and jeopardizing our entire food system'.…
We're heading for the global catastrophe of +450 ppm of CO2 by the 2030s in the context of destructive economic growth & industrial agriculture in a world of nuclear weapons.

We can and must force emergency political-economic-system-change action now.…
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21 Mar

1. We're at 417ppm
J. Hansen: that's 3.5°C eventually

2. We face 427ppm by 2025
That's like climates +3M yrs ago

3. Corporate plans: +450ppm by 2036
Many scientists: worst impacts likely

4. Trajectory: 550ppm by 2047
Unsurvivable 5°C sooner or later?

5. We can still act
'Exactly when..feedbacks seriously kick in is the rub..somewhere between 400 and 500 ppm seems most likely

world’s top climate scientists, now believe 450 ppm is the upper bound

450 needs a World War II-scale effort starting in the next decade

'the eventual warming for 407ppm CO2 will be about 3.5°C'

~James Hansen (who hasn't given up)

3.5°C is horrific, hard to survive. We must suck carbon from the atmosphere, but forests are losing their ability to do this. Industrial methods seem…
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