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6 Apr, 16 tweets, 3 min read
Overthinking In Islam

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A lot of us are struggling because of our overthinking… the chaos happening inside our heads (not the outside world).

As a person who use to overthink a lot I've Alhamdulliah overcome the phase of overthinking stuff
Overthinking is actually a special form of fear. This fear is exaggerated and becomes worse when mixed with anticipation, anxiety, imagination and emotion. Learn to accept things as they are. Ask the Almighty to constantly guide you. What you can’t control, let Him take over.
There’s a fine line when it comes to thoughts that when we actually cross we harm ourselves, crash and become ill! Our human mind won’t be able to deal with this. Because our minds are not designed to think about everything…or to even understand everything.
So we are not actually meant to be thinking about everything and need to be aware of our thoughts and stop ourselves when we do it… especially when overthinking about matters in the unseen (Ghaib) and future. That space is only for Allah (سبحانه وتعالى).
For me to sit and think “what if this happens” or “what if that happens” is purely overthinking in a realm that is NOT mine in the first place and shouldn’t be done.
It’s dangerous to one’s faith also, to think about such stuff, because these thoughts are not only your thoughts but an intervention from the shaytan who wants you to live in fear.
Thoughts that help us become better humans and live better lives are the only thoughts that we should allow to stand guard to your mind… protect it so it doesn’t debilitate you. Use it how it’s meant to be used: to serve your Creator and serve you.
1. Tawakul (reliance on Allah)

2. Redha (acceptance)

3. Husn Zann (thinking good thoughts) and thinking positively about everything

4. Yaqin (certainly) in Allah’s Rahmah and Adl
Remember this advice " Allah knows us better than we know our self, better than our mothers know us so rely upon in his protection and hikmah (Wisdom) and everything Allah does is for the best "
We might not see or understand this in that moment of time but when time goes ahead and we look back we will realise how Allah did the correct thing for us eg it's like when we regret not listening to what our parents said and say "I wish I listen to my mum or dad"
Increase your faith in Allah and your love for Allah (سبحانه وتعالى)

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Jazakallah Khair
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Jazakallah Khair

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