1/2 Those making an issue out of 1 mn Euro ‘bribe’ can work what percentage is 1 of 900? These guys have no idea of defence equipment commissions. It is are not about commission to cost ratio, it’s about commission to ‘budgeting’ ratio. Haven’t heard of such bribes in last 7 yrs.
2/n Having worked in this industry since last 15 yrs, I have seen two periods, 2007-2013 & 2013-2021 and continuing. I am in Delhi. The epicentre of defence budget. The number of middlemen 2007-2013 were in thousands. I would take a round of parking to count Porches & Jaguars.
3/n You just had to know important offices in procurement chain and check parking! The 2nd place was pre-bid meetings whether Defence or MHA process. The who’s who would attend. While Indian companies were represented by employees, these represented foreign firms.
4/n There were hundreds of offices in South Delhi. You could go to Defence Colony, Saket, Vasant Vihar or malls. Absolutely plush offices. It was so common to see these cars parked in Lutyens outside bungalows be it IAS, IPS, Armed Forces or Ministers residence. It was open.
5/n I have worked in this environment for seven years. Day in day out. Codes were exchanged with my junior. ‘Kala aaya tha kya?’ ‘Angoothi’? Etc. we knew who were they and what they would do. You cannot imagine how brazen this commission and bribe industry was.
6/n You could walk into ANY office despite reception requiring authorisation. Any ministry. Just enter name, show some identity and walk in. Everything changed since 2013. Parking lots looked poor, receptions across ministries, even in small offices were networked, contd...
7/n entry was permitted by not when anyone inside gave details to reception, pre bid meetings drastically reduced, number of central Govt employees slowly eased out on postings who were in chair for 8-10 yrs, offices of middlemen started closing, procurement started...
7/n shifting from manual to digitised, e-Proc or GeM, the biggest centre of obstacle, the ‘Finance Officers’ a parallel org was made toothless and yesterday I read news that each officers dossier will have details of electronic procurements done by him. The changes since 2013....
8/n are at foundation and structural level and permanent in nature. At any central ministry’s reception, soon as your mobile number is punched, history of visits to any central ministry comes up! Tracking is easy. 2007-2013 was jungle. I am sure two decades before that was same.
9/n 2014 to date, changes are taking place continuously. A Major, Lt Col or a DC in CAPF would rule like a king till 2013, today barring an odd, a Maj Gen, IG, ADG or even DG can do little. No one says that system if foolproof now. I can see that I place of 1000 leakages earlier
10/n....they are 50 now. Continuous work is on. I am still in same field. 15 yrs. All 15 in Delhi. All 15 connected to procurement and industry. I have not met a single person in last seven yrs. dont have to. Remember 1:900 ratio? This, for this industry is not even loose change.
11/Last People on Twitter, Journalists, TV anchors and any one anti establishment is going gaga over 1mn Euro. I suggest go deeper. You can if you know this field. Else just be a stone thrower. Also I will laugh at you if you judge me-I know if you were around in last 15 yrs!

• • •

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