I've been talking about the the trans issue for years and for years many conservatives told me that it's "not the hill to die on," it's a fad, a distraction, etc. Now Republican governors in the south are endorsing the chemical castration of children. I hate to say I told you so.
This is the defining issue of our time. If we don't find a way to stop it, millions of children will be lost to this madness. It will get so much worse. And it may be too late now, because so many conservatives were too stupid or blind to understand what they were dealing with.
I'll never forget when I was shopping my first book proposal around and a publisher told me that they didn't like the section on transgenderism because they thought it might be a non-issue by the time the book came out. This was 2016.

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9 Apr
[Thread] Every pro-abortion argument mirrors 19th century pro-slavery arguments. I'll show you:

Argument from ownership: “This slave/baby is my property/body. You can't tell me what to do with it.”
Argument from privacy: "No one is forcing you to have slaves/abortions. Mind your own business."

Argument from superseding rights: “My property/body autonomy rights come before the rights of a slave/fetus.”
Argument from inevitability: “Slavery/abortion has been around for thousands of years, it’s never going away. We might as well have a safe and legal system in place for it.”
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29 Mar
Let's review some recent events. In Milwaukee, two black teens, ages 15 and 17, found an Asian woman hanging out alone in a park. They assaulted her, then dragged her to a pond in the woods where they raped and killed her. They recorded the crime on their phone.
In Rochester, two black teens aged 14 and 16 broke into a white man's house, lit him on fire, watched him burn for a little bit, then left him to die. It's still not clear why they did it.
In DC, a Pakistani man was carjacked and murdered by two black girls, ages 13 and 15. His body was left bleeding on the sidewalk while the girls tried to recover their cell phones from his car, which they had wrecked while stealing it.
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17 Mar
[thread] This article is anti-science drivel. Inane, misleading bullshit from start to finish. The people who advocate for putting males in female sports have no case. No argument. Nothing. They know it. So they give us this. I can't stress enough how bad their argument is:
Their "proof" that boys don't have an advantage over girls is that some girls can still beat boys in sports. This does not at all even come close to refuting the fact that boys have biological advantages.
They leave out the fact that, in the case cited, the biological males competing against girls in track and field were getting gold and silver medals with times that wouldn't have even qualified for the finals in the boys bracket. THAT'S the advantage. Clear as day.
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24 Feb
The number of kids who identify as LGBT, especially trans and bisexual, has absolutely skyrocketed. If you think this is a natural or organic development, you're deluded. The media, Hollywood, and the school system actively recruit children into the LGBT ranks.
The number of supposedly "trans" children and young adults is TEN TIMES HIGHER than the number among older generations. Do you think that's because a lot more people are born in the wrong body these days (whatever the hell that even means)? No, this is social engineering.
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18 Feb
Finally watched Hillbilly Elegy last night. Really solid, well made film with powerful performances. Absurd that the critics panned it. Film critics continue to discredit themselves.
I can only assume that they had to find a reason to dislike it because the film makes the white privilege narrative look ridiculous.
The common theme I read in the reviews is that the characters are “cartoonish” and “caricatures.” That’s not even remotely true. All of the characters rang true. Nothing cartoonish about them at all.
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14 Feb
So do they just not treat the roads at all before ice storms in the south? Is that considered a wimpy northern thing around these parts?
Literally cars sliding all over the road. Hitting guardrails and each other. Easily avoidable if you just put some salt down. Might be something to think about!
I’m also watching drivers speed down the road like it’s sunny and warm out. Perfect combination. No salt on the road and drivers who apparently don’t understand that ice is slippery.
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