This has been on my mind for many years and it is time for this article to go out to help millions of Christians worldwide.

Many pastors are in trouble in their marriage and they are deceiving the members.
As a result of that, some members break up their own relationships as they want it to be like that of their pastors. In reality, there is no perfect home and there is no perfect marriage. Pastors are struggling too. They are human and they go through what you are going through.
Many pastors have died prematurely because of domestic pressure: stress, depression, stroke, heart problems, insomnia, high blood pressure and hypertension. They went to the grave with the secrets but we refuse to die. Pray for us.
Before you hang me, let me confess, I am not perfect and my wife is not perfect. We argue, we disagree, we are moody, we flex and we make up. We are human. We have done that for 29 years and we are work in progress.
We will do that till our old age until we go to be with the Lord. Yet, we love each other crazily.

I have dealt with pastors all my life. I lived in a vicarage for 4 years. I served under several pastors in the UK before I founded my own ministry.
As a lawyer, I deal with pastors on daily basis and we talk to each other honestly. I am well positioned to write this. We all have issues in our relationships, we are human and the anointing does not suddenly change us. We are also sinners and we ask for forgiveness daily.
We have strengths and weaknesses but we only demonstrate strengths but we hide the weaknesses. We are deceiving the people. We are misleading them.

There are pastors who beat their wives. There are pastors who beat their husbands.
There are pastors who emotionally abuse their spouses. There are pastors who sex-starved their spouses. There are pastors who does not provide for their families. There are pastors who fight with each other over who will preach next Sunday.
There are pastors who have divided the ministry into two and only one of them was called. There are pastors in debt. There are pastors who are depressed and are on drugs. There are pastors who are very sick but are putting on a pubic show of strength.
There are pastors in prison in their own home. We need help, we need prayers, we need love and we are sorry for pretending to be perfect. Pray for us and show us more love.
I dealt with a pastor’s wife who was bed-wetting because of the pressure of the marriage and the ministry. I dealt with pastors who are suicidal. I dealt with pastors who wants to stop pastoring because of the pressure on their marriage. I have to call for help for all of us.
The devil knows that if the pastors’ family is standing, the church will stand and the life of everyone will get better. So, he attacks them. I feel sorry for these new generation of pastors who thinks wearing suits, driving posh cars and speaking with
borrowed accents is ministry. No, they better be ready to pray as most will have unusual experiences later. They better hold on to the Rock that never fails. If not for my Christ Apostolic Church background, I won’t be standing today. The enemies tried but God gave the victory.
I wrote this article to encourage pastors to be more honest with their members on their relationships. Your wife terrifies you and you come out to say you have never had issues. You abuse your wife and she says you have never had issues.
You know you are married to Satan and you are deceiving the public. So, you miss a lot of intercessory prayers from those that would have prayed for you. Members think you don’t need prayers because you are perfect, whereas, you are a house on fire.
The members in turn wants to be like the false-you and they filed for divorce. They did not know you and them are the same. They would have stayed in their marriage.

On both sides: The pastors and the members, let us put an end to bad behaviour. Let us love our spouses dearly.
Let us bear with each other. Let us make patience a virtue. Let us draw strength from the Holy Spirit. What is hidden from man is open before God. Let us find a way of telling our members that we need prayers over our marriage and all that we do.
I tell our members that I am not perfect and I am still working on myself. My wife is doing the same. The perfect pastors and members should identify themselves. I laughed. There is none. Don’t be deceived.
Jesus asked for prayers. Peter asked for prayers. Paul asked for prayers. I do not know who we are emulating. There is too much deception in the way we present our relationship. Me and mummy have never had issues is a deception. I am a troublemaker reformed by Jesus.
I can even fight myself and I am not joking. Thank God for my wife for bearing with me. The same applies to many pastors. If the Lord plays a pastor’s family CCTV, no one will attend church again. The joy of the Lord is our strength and may the Lord uphold us to the end.
We are not that bad. Just kidding.

Church members and members of the public, on behalf of all pastors, we are sorry for deceiving you. We need your prayers on daily basis so that the kingdom of God can expand through us. Pray for us as we also are praying for you.
Having said that, pastors are necessary for the fulfillment of destinies. They are an invaluable tool for progress. If their life is in order, your lives will be in order on-site and online. So, pray for that pastor, his wife, her husband and their children that you love so much.
I hope I have helped someone today.

Dele Olawanle is my name.

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