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7 Apr, 25 tweets, 9 min read
@jaketapper The first page of the Georgia law is full of signs that they are acting in bad faith. They frequently refer to the need to address the loss of voter confidence n the 2020 election and to make the laws "uniform".
@jaketapper If their goal is really about voter confidence Kemp would reopen the legislature, hold hearings and amend the law. The statements by corporations and the strong concerns of voters make it clear the law doesn't have the confidence of Georgia voters.
@jaketapper Can't wait to see them squirm in court when they try to justify some very undemocratic changes by claiming they are restoring confidence in the election system in Georgia.
@jaketapper The frequent reference to "uniformity" is a trigger word that tells human rights lawyers there is a genuine problem with the bill. Treading everyone identically isn't equality. Imposing the same rules on people assumes that they are starting in the same position.
@jaketapper I'll stay away from elections for example. A deaf couple in Canada requested an ASL interpreter to be present when their baby was delivered. There were complications and they wanted to be sure they understood what was happening.
@jaketapper The hospital refused saying written notes would suffice. There was a problem during the delivery with the baby's heart rate. It turned out ok but there were hours of stress. It's hard to imagine any woman giving birth in a complicated labor would think passing notes works.
@jaketapper The case went to the Supreme Court of Canada. The BC government that ran the insurance program argued that they were treated like every other Canadian, they didn't have to pay for the do tor or hospital. It was up to them to pay for an interpreter.
@jaketapper The court ruled that it was discrimination because health care is more than a series of actions by doctors, communication is essential to the process in some cases. Identical treatment resulted in a service that wasn't of the same quality as if they could hear or have ASL.
@jaketapper Sorry for the diversion I didn't want to use examples that could be seen as commenting on specific provisions. Some examples of the disadvantage voters may experience in the Georgia bill by "uniform" treatment.
@jaketapper Any person can challenge the eligibility of as many voters as they choose at the pools or when there is an application for an absentee ballot. . It's not clear how someone would get information that a person has requested a ballot but that's a separate issue.
@jaketapper The law requires the voter to be given 3 days-notice delivered by 1st class mail. We learned during the past election that the period for delivering mail isn't uniform. The law doesn't allow electronic delivery or delivery by courier. It specifies 1st class mail.
@jaketapper A 3-day turnaround is very short given the mail delays we all experienced. Treating everyone the same means people who live where ail delivery is slower are at a disadvantage. If they miss the hearing or other process their name may be struck from the voter's rolls.
@jaketapper They may have to hire a lawyer to help them get back on the rolls. The State Board can issue new rules that might include a prohibition against having a friend or service provider assist with the response.
@jaketapper It's not hard to see how a single person challenging hundreds of thousands of voters can tie up the county election process. If the county doesn't perform to the standards of the Election Board appointed by the GOP legislature they can be replaced.
@jaketapper The law has taken away the authority of the Secretary of State to run the election. The SOS is no longer the chair of the State Election Board. They are an ex officio non-voting member who is required to follow direction from the unelected Board.
@jaketapper The law gives the Board the authority to make emergency orders. Some other measures imposing "uniformity". Weekend voting. The state is right that there are 100 counties that never had weekend voting. They will now be required to have 2 days. The law doesn't stop there.
@jaketapper It sets a maximum number of early voting days on weekends. There is no rationale for this limit. The media should ask why they made the lowest common denominator the maximum when there was strong public support to increase the number of days.
@jaketapper They do the same with many of the rules that were originally put in place to make it easier to vote. Closing the polls at 5 p is another example. If counties are supposed to run the election why should the state constrain them from serving the needs of their voters.
@jaketapper Another change that will raises questions about their intentions is the authority of the State Elections Board over the county election officials. The State Board can be asked to do performance reviews of the county boards.
@jaketapper There is a claim in the bill that many county boards were dysfunctional. There is no specific information nor were problems apparent during the election. They refer to long lines, but that was a function of reducing polling stations, not dysfunctional boards.
@jaketapper There will also be an anonymous tip line for election intimidation and irregularities. The Board has the right to investigate within 3 days, but they are not required to investigate. On the other hand, the county boards have many new mandates.
@jaketapper Another change in uniformity that makes it more unfair: grants to help defray the costs of the election. The law prohibits accepting grants and certain funds. It is confusing because the law also allows the Board to distribute donations among counties as they see fit.
@jaketapper Distributing money 'equally" is fair only if all of the counties start out with the same resources. Otherwise, it enriches those that are already well resourced and maintains the disadvantage of boards in less affluent counties. Handing out identical amounts isn't fair.
@jaketapper It's as though they went through every law to see how they could further disadvantage some counties by making additional things like ballots boxes capped at the minimum that existed rather than the maximum. There is no rational reason given.
@jaketapper Reading individual sections without the context isn't how the law or courts analyze laws to see if they are discriminatory. This one has all the clues that this is intended to increase or at least sustain the existing disadvantage, not raise everybody up to the same level.

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6 Apr
Democracy 101 Making it harder to vote isn't an issue of culture, it's based on a lie that led to a violent insurrection. It's about HR 1 and HR 4. If Florida passed a law that let everyone vote but TV pundits would you think it's ok because it's not bad?
Why do you get to decide for the people who see new barriers to voting that they are stupid to call for a boycott because they may lose money?
Laws rarely discriminate overtly. If this was a good bill the Governor could end this by opening it up for one month of public hearings and a new vote. They raced it through, always a sign that there's mischief.
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@MaddowBlog The media and Dems have 3 choices in their response to the Parliamentarians' ruling on the minimum wage increase.
1. Declare defeat before the battle starts. That is how the media are covering it.
2. Treat it as a call to arms to pressure the Senate to end the filibuster. Thi s is in an inside Washington story that shows the GOP they can exert power even in the minority. Getting public support for ending the filibuster right now is how losers respond.
3 Keep it in the bill or introduce a separate bill while we spread out across the country to energize the majority who support the change to fight hard, pressure every member of Cong to support the law.
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@FPWellman When will the CEOs that have been paying to play at Trump's properties realize that Trump will be investigated and the investigation will include deep dives at his clubs. That's where he made phone calls, met with people behind the walls, and possibly accepted foreign money.
@FPWellman They will be asked if they talked to Trump or knew about his plans. The RNC will also be asked about using lies and incitement to violence as fundraising. The longer Trump resists, the more likely they get swept in.
@FPWellman They might want to start thinking like the political class who are trying to separate themselves. A phone call to the RNC, a few CEOs, and Bill Barr could have Trump out of the office today. The message is easy - to the RNC, get him out or we rethink our strategy.
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7 Jan
@AliVelshi @JoeNBC @KatyTurNBC
Questions about consequences and accountability

1. What do we want to accomplish with it?
- prevention of future occurances?
- punishment?
-,public shame?
- suffering?
- clear the path for unity?
2. Who are we talking about?
- Trump
- GOP members of Cong
- Trump staff, cabinet?
- media?
To achieve rhe goals we have to analyze the options to see if they will achieve the goals. The analysis also has to consider possible negative consequences that may make it harder to achieve all of the goals ?
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6 Jan
@NormOrnstein Don't discount the grip the extremists have on the Senate and House. McConnell is the only leader who can't control his caucus. Every time one of the Rs criticized the plan to object more Senators joined Hawley.
@NormOrnstein You have the president pro tem of the Pa Senate doing what Trump is asking Pence to do. He refused to swear in or even call the name of a Democratic Senator even though his win was certified. The police escorted the Dem Lt. Gov out of the chamber.
@NormOrnstein The courts will deal with it, but this is the GOP. Voter suppression is priority 1. Raffensberger is already talking about ending no-excuse vote by mail. He launched an investigation into the New Georgia Project.
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6 Jan
@BradMossEsq Every pundit talking about the Senate starts with the automatic statement that the GOP will block Biden. Right now McConnell is the weakest leader in Congress. He was unable to stop the kamikaze mission by 12 Senators
@BradMossEsq The GOP are in the grip of the extremists. The new Colorado member of the House announced she is going to carry her Glock around Washington even though it's illegal. Trump used the extremists to primary the candidates he didn't like. .
@BradMossEsq They are going to disrupt. They don't care about the rules or leadership. The Pa. President pro tem of the Senate refused to seat a Democrat whose win was certified He wouldn't even call his name. This is what Trump wants Pence to do.
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