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Money: Why you must treat money as "energy" instead of an "object" if you want to 100x your flow

The 30-Day Experiment:
Most people (maybe you) think about money completely wrong...

They view it as an object

Something to acquire and guard with their life

And once they get it, they hold onto it tightly

But what I’ve realized is the tighter you hold onto money, the less you make
In order to make money fast, you have to be willing to part with money fast

No this doesn’t mean you go out and spend $$$’s on dumb stuff

It means you treat money as energy instead of an object

Personally I’ve never kept a budget…

I’ve never tracked my outflow of money…
I’ve never worried about how much something costs

I just viewed money as energy

And honestly, I got a lot of flack for it

My parents are immigrants

And they view money as something you get and hold onto. Don’t spend. Don’t put it back out there. Just save, save, save, Tej!
But me?

As weird as this is to say, I don’t really have that much respect for money

I’ve been without it. I’ve been with it

Granted I was young when I went without it and didn’t have much responsibility on my shoulders
I’m sure, I would have a lot more respect for money if I had children to feed and was broke

But I’ve learned from these experiences to not put money on a pedestal, to not view it as something you have to protect. But instead to put it out there and let it run wild in the jungle
So I’ve always been quick to spend

Not on dumb things, smart decisions only. (At least, for the most part.)
But on items that have the potential to make my life better, funner and/or make me more money (i.e. self education, optimizing health, new experiences, trial and error testing new shit, dinners with great people, travel, business ideas, feeding the homeless, acting like a degen).
So for as long as I can remember, I’ve been unconsciously following the steps below

1. Get money
2. Put it back out there
3. Let it bring me back more money (indirectly or directly)

Which I put back out there again. Which brings me back more money

And on and on the cycle goes
Each year my total flow of $$$ gets bigger and bigger

Of course, not every decision I make is smart…

Not every out-flow turns into in-flow…

But the net result? Positive by a long shot

And up till this point, I didn’t really know how to explain why

All I could say was:
In order to make money fast, you have to be willing to part with money fast

But recently, I’ve been digging deep into how everything in this universe (including money) is made up of energy…

And the way it works
From doing so, I found an old excerpt inside my old Evernote from an entrepreneur named Trevor Blake that sums up my exact stance on money (that I’ve never been able to articulate)

So I’m going to post that below and I encourage you to do an experiment for the next 30 days
During this experiment, treat money as energy instead of an object and report back what you experience. Based on my personal experience, I believe you will not only be way less stressed about money, but you’ll also end up making more...
So give it a try and report back.


If so, here is the excerpt:
Happy flowing for 30 days!

(End Thread)

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