Recently re-watched THE MATRIX movies. I'm of the opinion that the first one is massively overrated and not that good. I still think it's overrated, but the movies aren't that bad. Yeah, I said movies. RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS really aren't as bad as the fanboys say.
I can't hate RELOADED or REVOLUTIONS because all the flaws in them were also present in the first MATRIX. Defending THE MATRIX and hating the sequels is like defending REVENGE OF THE SITH and hating the first two Star Wars prequels. It was obvious where this dogshit was going.
THE FIRST FLAW: all the movies have terrible acting.

I blame the Wachowskis for this. Keanu Reeves has the emotional range of a piece of Wonderbread, sure, but Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne can actually act (see: UNTHINKABLE, MEMENTO, APOCALYPSE NOW).
No, the blame for why Moss and Fishburne sleepwalk through their lines goes to the Wachowskis and THE SECOND FLAW: terrible writing.

THE MATRIX is at B-movie level. On-the-nose dialogue, pompous philosophizing, no subtlety. A forerunner to the awful 80 IQ action movies of today.
NOBODY could have made scenes like the one where Trinity brings Neo back to life with THE POWER OF LOVE compelling. NOBODY could have made Morpheus come off as an actual human and not a lame magical black man stereotype. The Wachowskis are M. Night Shyamalan with stunt doubles.
In fact, much like how the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies were saved by Johnny Depp, the MATRIX movies were saved by Hugo Weaving. Agent Smith is the only interesting character in the series because Weaving is the only actor who actually acts.
THE THIRD FLAW: fight scenes that stretch on for too long and have no payoff.

The big climactic showdown between Neo and Agent Smith in the first movie ends with Neo running away like a pussy. Almost all the fight scenes in the sequels end with Neo running away. Very heroic.
The best fight scene in the entire trilogy is the one between Neo and Bane/Smith midway through REVOLUTIONS, since it takes place in the real world, ergo the directors had to film a scene with minimal CGI and real-world sets. Also, it has an actual resolution (Neo kills Bane).
REVOLUTIONS really should have ended right there. Instead, it plods on for another 45 minutes until we get to the final fight between Neo and Smith, which is just a copypaste of their fight at the end of the first movie but with more special effects.
THE FOURTH FLAW: preachiness.

THE MATRIX has its head so far up its ass that it can see daylight out the other end. I love how Jean Baudrillard, upon hearing that the Wachowski were inspired by his writings, called them a couple of idiots.
Mark Ames described THE MATRIX as "Philip K. Dick for [short bus riders]." Pretty accurate. All of its ideas about the nature of reality were done far better in BLADE RUNNER and TOTAL RECALL, neither of which had to lean on grandiose, on-the-nose philosophizing.
In fact, the Wachowskis STOLE the red pill metaphor from TOTAL RECALL! Remember the scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is offered a red pill that will supposedly take him back to the real world? I can't believe nobody's ever brought this up.
What I liked about THE MATRIX movies:

- Action scenes are well-edited, without narcolepsy-inducing rapid cut editing.
- Good cinematography. The run-down sci-fi real world is pleasantly reminiscent of ALIEN, and the Matrix scenes are even nicer today because of 90's nostalgia.
- The premise, while artlessly plagiarized from Dick (as mentioned earlier), is compelling enough to sustain three movies.

Basically, if you take THE MATRIX movies for what they are (B-movie schlock with a Hollywood budget) and drop the bullshit philosophizing, they're fun.
Oh yeah: the fight between Neo and Smith at the end of REVOLUTIONS, with its excess of CGI and overpowered characters who are impossible to relate to, is a pretty clear forerunner of modern movies and their video game-like action scenes. Another reason to hate it.

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7 Apr
HEY KIDS! History lesson time!

What do you call a political system where corporations from Google to Facebook to Delta and Coca-Cola work hand-in-hand with the president/ruling party to suppress criticism and punish the ruling party's enemies?

Answer: FASCISM!
"Democrats are the REAL fascists!"

Mock the line all you want; it's true. The system being set up by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party is the literal dictionary definition of fascism, shorn of its triggering elements and made safe for the mulch-brained masses.
"But isn't fascism racist?"

Nah. Plenty of non-fascist racist regimes. The Jim Crow South was plenty racist, but it wasn't fascist. It was a democratic republic with constitutionally guaranteed human rights.
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Too little, too late. Corporate chains (who dominate the economy even more thanks to small business being wiped out) will still make people wear masks and people have been conditioned to wear them of their own free will thanks to a year of propaganda. It's over. Humanity lost.
Decades ago, there was an experiment involving monkeys in a cage with a bunch of bananas at the top of the ladder. If a monkey tried to get the bananas, all the monkeys would be blasted with a fire hose. After a few times getting hosed down, the monkeys got the hint and gave up.
Then one of the monkeys was released and a new monkey was brought in. The new monkey, not knowing about the fire hose, tried to get the bananas. The other monkeys responded by grabbing the new guy and beating the shit out of him. New guy eventually gave up.
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I love Mexico. Can't believe I wasted four years of my life in Europe when Latin America was just next door.

All the dweebs who fantasize about BASED HUNGARY or BASED POLAND or BASED RUSSIA, you should reconsider and head down south.

You're an American living off an American salary, so you can afford to live with rich Mexicans, take taxis, and have an apartment with a doorman.

The dangerous parts of Mexico have nothing going for them anyway, same as the dangerous parts of the U.S.

You can't drink the water in much of Europe, either. Some European countries where the tap will make you sick:

- Ukraine
- Albania
- Serbia
- Italy (I'm serious)
- Ireland (I'm serious)

Buy bottled water or a Brita filter. Don't be cheap.
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Good thread. A $15 minimum wage will cause the already high unemployment rate to explode. Moreover, this unemployment increase will be concentrated among the sector of the population that is already ill-suited to learning new skills, basically creating an economic dalit class.
I used to work with unemployed factory workers in their fifties and sixties. Factory packed up and moved to Mexico and China, taking their jobs and pensions. The Labor Department tried to "retrain" them by running workshops on how to use email and MS Word to create resumes.
These are people who oftentimes don't even have a high school diploma and worked at the same factory their entire lives. Many don't own computers. And the glorious jobs they were being "retrained" for? Walmart. A $15 minimum wage would absolutely kill even that.
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23 Nov 20
Anyone who talks about forming a right-wing third party to replace the GOP is terminally delusional.

Not ONCE in American history has a third party replaced a major party. It has literally never happened. You idiots certainly aren't going to pull it off.
Our current two-party structure dates back to the 1850's, when the Republican Party was founded.

People think the Republicans were a third party when they were founded. They were not. They were a major party from day one since they were founded by former Whigs.
The Whig Party, which was one of the two dominant parties from the 1830's to the 1850's, HAD ALREADY COLLAPSED by the time the GOP was founded.

The Republicans had instant credibility because they had former Whigs in the ranks and there was a vacuum from the Whigs' implosion.
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9 Nov 20
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has surrendered to Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh war. Mass protests have erupted in Yerevan (see thread).
Translation of the peace terms signed by Pashinyan. Armenian forces will cede control of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan, which will be occupied by Russian peacekeeping forces. The Azeri-Armenian border will be opened for transportation.
Armenians rioting in Yerevan right now, demanding Pashinyan's resignation and the country to be taken over by the military.
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