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7 Apr, 31 tweets, 11 min read
Report of action to block Grace Life from holding church services because of the leadership’s categorical refusal to abide by public health orders.

Many are pleased this is taking place. But it’s an escalation by AHS and will force a confrontation.
The reaction is predictable. Those impacted feel persecuted and declare their freedom is infringed upon.

Here’s a video from this morning recorded by an evangelical Christian supporter of the Church’s efforts to ignore public health orders.

So much for the rule of law.
Christian Nationalist parishioners (not just Grace Life congregation) have been indoctrinated to believe their faith permits them to ignore the secular laws of governments because they follow God’s/Jesus’s laws.

This is regularly reinforced in church and on social media.
In a manner of speaking, it’s a call to mass insurrection.

Ignore secular laws and follow God’s laws as decreed by the “inerrant” bible and interpreted by trusted pastors.

Some like minded extremist pastors and parishioners are calling for insurrection outright over a fence.
Whether that translates to violence this upcoming weekend is yet to be known.

But it’s been mentioned by more than one supporter.

Many of them are American. A local believer has informed pastors across the US. This incident is not limited to local impact.
You’ll note who is amplifying this internationally. Rebel News, Ezra Levant and Shiela Gunn-Reid. And Western Standard.

White supremacists and Christian Nationalists have quite a bit of overlap.
The two special interest groups, racists and radicalized Christians, are not the same entity, but seem to have formed a partnership to force this issue & a confrontation with the rest of society and the provincial and federal governments.
Civil disobedience backed by threats of violent insurrection by people who have no connection to established reality.

This is the same combination used on January 6th in the US. Now it’s being used in Canada, and heavily influenced by pastors from a foreign state.
The Christian Nationalist political movement is not just in the US. It’s global.

I’ve previously documented like minded pastors from Nigeria, UK, Russia, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina.
Pastor Coates refusal to back down has been celebrated by many white Christian Nationalist leaders across Canada and the US. Fully supportive of the civil disobedience and claims of religious persecution.…
While many still believe the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Capitol building was primarily white supremacists, the truth is more complicated. A large portion were white Christian Nationalists. But that’s being ignored by most media.
The problem of violent insurrection in these turbulent times is cloaked in religious faith. Many who committed crimes on January 6 believed fully that they had God’s backing and approval. And that their failure was a temporary set back.
People like pastor Coates keep the faithful believing in God’s law. His blatant civil disobedience provides tacit approval to evangelicals to ignore secular public health orders. It’s being touted as an inspiration in Canada and US. And it’s tied closely to white supremacy.
These are coordinated events. This isn’t random nor is it organically unfolding.

Many refuse to acknowledge the connections between evangelical churches in different nations. But evangelicals from across the globe frequently share biblical interpretations and beliefs.
Evangelicals make up about 25% of the globe’s Christians. That’s 600M evangelicals worldwide. Thank goodness not all of them are Dominionists. But a large portion are.

Pastor Coates and his faithful parishioners are Dominionists. Roughly 15-20% of Christians in Alberta are too.
Immediately prior to the January 6, 2021 insurrection, Trump and his Christian supporters organized a Jericho March.

Jericho is indicative of spiritual warfare and a significant threat to peace and democracy.…
A Jericho March indicates those in attendance believe they have been given the approval through divine right and the responsibility to take control of leadership. They believe it’s their duty to destroy every symbol of Satan’s presence, human or inanimate object.
After the January 6 event, it was noted that Christianity played a large part in the insurrection.

But that acknowledgement was short lived. There is some acknowledgement in media, but it’s still handled with kid gloves.…
Calgary & Edmonton have had Jericho marches organized by none other than the pastor yelling “Nazi” & “gestapo” at an AHS health inspector & police who accompanied her this past Saturday. Artur Pawlowski, the same guy who shook hands with Calgary police.…
Interesting to note: Calgary had another Jericho March this weekend. Led by Pawlowski and Shiela Gunn-Reid.
Yet another is planned for April 17, 2021. But this one seems much bigger than either major urban centres have witnessed already.

Where is this leading?
Kenney and most UCP MLAs represent this community. These are UCP’s voter base.

These are the people who Kenney refers to when he appeals to liberty and “personal choice.”

Seems they’ve made their choice.
Just like their American counterparts did by supporting Trump and a violent insurrection.

If you believe Kenney’s support is waning, think again.

Canada is edging ever closer to its own violent insurrection.
Remember, Kenney invested in KXL. He believed Trump would win the election. He regularly associates with one of the leaders of the Jan 6 insurrection, senator Ted Cruz. His policies are aligned with Trump’s policy not to enact lockdowns.
Kenney and most of UCP are Christian Nationalists. Some helped to elect Trump. They appeal to the evangelical Dominionists & white supremacists. That’s the UCP voter base. Thats 28-30% of voters in Alberta. This isn’t a fringe movement. It’s mainstream.
@threadreaderapp please compile
Kenney’s support base is AB rural, towns & small city, white, Christian Nationalist and white supremacists.

Nathan Cooper makes special reference to his faith and closed churches.

His letter does not call for insurrection. But notes he doesn’t support new restrictions.
Here is a list of 15 other UCP MLAs who oppose Kenney’s new restrictions.

This is known as burning the candle at both ends or speaking out both sides of the mouth.

Having your cake and eat it too.

Hinshaw has read Kenney the riot act. I imagine Ottawa has as well.
He has no choice but to increase restrictions. Alberta has the highest variant saturation in Canada.

But once again, the restrictions are inadequate. Kids are still in school. Shops are still open. Only restaurants & gyms are shut down.
Variants will continue to spread. Demonstrating how much more contagious and dangerous they are vs the original virus.

Get ready for an explosion of cases. There’s a reason Ontario shut down schools.
There’s a reason some Ontario health units shut down local schools.

• • •

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8 Apr
Unbelievable mind blowing manipulative and twisted rationale.

I didn’t think Grace Life would back down. Nor the thousands of supporters across North America.…
This article is written in response to Pastor Coates and Grace Life elders decision to continue to ignore public health orders.

Please read to understand the mental gymnastics performed to rationalize ignoring the rule of law. People need to witness what we are up against.
The author is aware of criticism heaped on churches that refuse to abide by public health orders. Here it’s explained that putting your neighbour at risk is honouring God’s commandments. Not protecting their life by wearing a mask or staying home. Image
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7 Apr
@ryanjespersen had a guest on today with a very terrifying warning.

The P1 variant is incredibly deadly and highly contagious. Brazil just recorded 4000 in ONE day.

Bolsonaro has a covid strategy like Trump; none.

Kenney just strengthened restrictions. But not enough.
His guest predicts Alberta will look more like Brazil if we remain with inadequate restrictions.

We MUST pressure Shandro and Kenney to completely lockdown. Close schools, factories, all stores except grocery. Vaccinate essential workers.
Or we will be watching 2000 people die a day.

Kenney is afraid of the reaction of the Christian nationalists and white supremacists that elect him.

He needs to be afraid of the majority of Albertans who vastly outnumber Kenney’s voter base; by 2:1.
Read 6 tweets
6 Apr
@mrenner_schultz Martha I really liked your thread about Artur Pawlowski, the pastor that labelled health inspector and accompanying police Nazis for attempting to enforce public health orders for safety.

But it’s difficult to read.
Any chance you could post it again as a connected thread? I like it so much I would like to amplify it. And maybe build upon the narrative you’ve created.

Not a demand, just a request if you have time. Let me know if you require assistance on how to string tweets together.
What you say in the thread is important. Rule of law is being undermined by these pastors and the government is complicit.

Kenney attempts to convince the public he supports the rule of law and rejects the use of hyperbole and demagogic rhetoric as weapons.
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4 Apr
I’ve explained this several times. But I’ll do it again.

A year ago, in April 2020, UCP enacted changes to the Public Emergency Act in Alberta.

When an emergency is declared, the government has complete power to amend, repeal or create any legislation.
Regardless if it has to do with covid or the emergency.

It is in the best interests of UCP to keep the province saturated with covid. That way, they don’t have to go through review of their policies and dissenting opinion. They don’t have to even inform us until it’s done.
How did coal policy get changed without consultation and debate?

Alberta had declared a state of emergency. They repealed the legislation when Alberta was in a state of emergency. Therefore bypassing the legislative and debate process.
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4 Apr
Readers will note Artur Pawlowski is the street pastor that came to Edmonton and demonstrated for removal of mask mandates and the immediate release of Pastor Coates.

Brandishing tiki torches.

While he shouts gestapo & Nazi at the police, his open church puts lives at risk.
And look who is supporting this nonsense.

Jack Posobiac. And Ezra Levant of course.
If this civil disobedience that puts lives at increasing risk isn’t stopped soon, we are going to have open insurrection to more than just facility capacity & mask mandates.

Christian Nationalists are a dangerous group of zealots.
Read 4 tweets
4 Apr
I refuse to amplify this garbage.

But it should be noted that Conrad Black is propagating racist imperialist white washed rationale for Kenney’s proposed curriculum.

It never ceases to amaze me how many share Black’s worldview.
People who invest all their self worth in the belief that Europeans were more socially or economically advanced than North American indigenous peoples.

The idea is preposterous and egotistical self serving.
While the technology of Europe was more advanced, the social and economic norms certainly were NOT.

In Europe, most people were treated as chattel, serfs and indentured servants. With no agency of their own. Only one social class held wealth and power. All others subsisted.
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