Unbelievable mind blowing manipulative and twisted rationale.

I didn’t think Grace Life would back down. Nor the thousands of supporters across North America.

This article is written in response to Pastor Coates and Grace Life elders decision to continue to ignore public health orders.

Please read to understand the mental gymnastics performed to rationalize ignoring the rule of law. People need to witness what we are up against.
The author is aware of criticism heaped on churches that refuse to abide by public health orders. Here it’s explained that putting your neighbour at risk is honouring God’s commandments. Not protecting their life by wearing a mask or staying home.
Jesus is concerned with saving souls, not lives.

So yes, evangelical Christians are that callous. They don’t care about the lives of society’s citizens, only about saving their souls. Our souls and lives aren’t really on the radar.
These Christians know their actions & choices are reprehensible and unappreciated by the rest of society. They don’t care. They revel in the sanctimony of knowing they are submitting to God’s commands. While they believe the rest of us will burn in eternal hell for ignoring god.
These people are no longer using critical thought. Reason and logic has been replaced with dogma, obedience and submission to church teachings.

They actually believe the government should be punishing the rest of society for NOT submitting to gods commands.
That’s where the belief in being persecuted originates. There is nothing anyone can use to demonstrate to them how messed up this logic is. They believe they’re right, and that they are following gods laws.

Or maybe they just like to be contrarian.
If you read this screen shot, what this article describes is theonomy.

These Christians are Dominionist Christians. They believe they are chosen by god to rule humanity, the environment and impose biblical law on every other human being.
There is nothing you can do or say that will dissuade them.

This is the cult of evangelical Christian faith in the modern era. Once a fringe movement, this political movement has gone mainstream. And they have an agenda.
They openly admit that theonomy is their goal and they have an undeterred pursuit of that goal.

Now that Trump has lost the presidency, they want to maintain momentum and take control of western civilization & prepare the Kingdom of God for Christ’s second coming.
That would require a totalitarian theonomy. Because the rest of society is not going to submit and obey the church and church leaders without being forced. They know this. This is the beginning of being forced to comply.
Human rights are limited to people who submit and obey God’s law. Wholly and completely. Putting all caution aside and persisting regardless of the pushback.

This is a cult, not a religion. These people no longer seem to be in touch with reality.
However, there are clues that this is a clever ploy to gain power & control. It’s not based on devout religious belief for some.

The article makes reference that the community is fully aware people may die because of these actions. They know they are disobeying secular laws.
They know these choices won’t be popular and that it may result in spread of the virus, & an increase in illness and deaths. They believe covid is real.
What god or deity requires human sacrifice to demonstrate total obedience and submission?

Perhaps the Hebrew god of the Old Testament? Isaac was almost sacrificed by Abraham. Noah witnessed the extermination of an entire civilization.
But the rainbow is supposed to be God’s promise (covenant) to never repeat that action.

Job was put through horrific torture. But that wasn’t how god tested true believers as a rule.

The Abrahamic God does not ask for human sacrifice to satisfy his ego to be worshipped.
But Dominionist Christians want power and control so adamantly, they’re willing to redefine god’s law to include removal of the rule of secular law (for them) and ultimately cause death and pestilence as a means of gaining power.
An enemy that has plans to take over a nation can be fought.

Dominionists are forcing the rest of society to fight the bible and a divine being from which only Dominionists receive direction & communication. Conveniently.

This isn’t religious freedom, it’s religious tyranny.
The choice to ignore secular laws and impose their interpretation of gods laws on the rest of society is the beginning of insurrection.

Providing consequences like jail, fines & now blocking the church from use, those are all just feeding into their incoherent belief system.
Eight months of letting it slide and then a heavy hand. AHS is giving them exactly what they want to justify upping the ante.

Where will the escalation stop? It’s gone on unaddressed for too long. So long they’re convinced they have gods permission.
The UCP has created this situation.

This group and others like it will continue to break public health orders.

How far will this situation escalate? Will it lead to violence? Will it lead to variant viral proliferation in Alberta?
What’s truly frightening is the American Christian Nationalists who have amplified this across the US and are using it to justify their own civil disobedience. Evangelicals seek to undo all the vaccinations that Biden administration has accomplished.
P1 variant responds poorly to the available vaccines. Meaning if it spreads widely enough, we’re left waiting for another vaccine to be developed and administered.

What can be done to stop a group of delusional religious fanatics from fulfilling a death wish?
I don’t know what the solution is. Mass incarceration? Forced vaccination? That would only increase their persecution complex.

It’s absurd and infuriating that we are put in this predicament.

What needs to happen is to remove the leaders of this movement. Permanently.
In the absence of cult leaders, cult members are more likely to respond to reason and use critical thinking skills.

But how can this be accomplished? I’m worried. What surprises lie ahead with Dominionists? It’s anybody’s guess.

• • •

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7 Apr
@ryanjespersen had a guest on today with a very terrifying warning.

The P1 variant is incredibly deadly and highly contagious. Brazil just recorded 4000 in ONE day.

Bolsonaro has a covid strategy like Trump; none.

Kenney just strengthened restrictions. But not enough.
His guest predicts Alberta will look more like Brazil if we remain with inadequate restrictions.

We MUST pressure Shandro and Kenney to completely lockdown. Close schools, factories, all stores except grocery. Vaccinate essential workers.
Or we will be watching 2000 people die a day.

Kenney is afraid of the reaction of the Christian nationalists and white supremacists that elect him.

He needs to be afraid of the majority of Albertans who vastly outnumber Kenney’s voter base; by 2:1.
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7 Apr
Report of action to block Grace Life from holding church services because of the leadership’s categorical refusal to abide by public health orders.

Many are pleased this is taking place. But it’s an escalation by AHS and will force a confrontation.
The reaction is predictable. Those impacted feel persecuted and declare their freedom is infringed upon.

Here’s a video from this morning recorded by an evangelical Christian supporter of the Church’s efforts to ignore public health orders.

So much for the rule of law.
Christian Nationalist parishioners (not just Grace Life congregation) have been indoctrinated to believe their faith permits them to ignore the secular laws of governments because they follow God’s/Jesus’s laws.

This is regularly reinforced in church and on social media.
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6 Apr
@mrenner_schultz Martha I really liked your thread about Artur Pawlowski, the pastor that labelled health inspector and accompanying police Nazis for attempting to enforce public health orders for safety.

But it’s difficult to read.
Any chance you could post it again as a connected thread? I like it so much I would like to amplify it. And maybe build upon the narrative you’ve created.

Not a demand, just a request if you have time. Let me know if you require assistance on how to string tweets together.
What you say in the thread is important. Rule of law is being undermined by these pastors and the government is complicit.

Kenney attempts to convince the public he supports the rule of law and rejects the use of hyperbole and demagogic rhetoric as weapons.
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4 Apr
I’ve explained this several times. But I’ll do it again.

A year ago, in April 2020, UCP enacted changes to the Public Emergency Act in Alberta.

When an emergency is declared, the government has complete power to amend, repeal or create any legislation.
Regardless if it has to do with covid or the emergency.

It is in the best interests of UCP to keep the province saturated with covid. That way, they don’t have to go through review of their policies and dissenting opinion. They don’t have to even inform us until it’s done.
How did coal policy get changed without consultation and debate?

Alberta had declared a state of emergency. They repealed the legislation when Alberta was in a state of emergency. Therefore bypassing the legislative and debate process.
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4 Apr
Readers will note Artur Pawlowski is the street pastor that came to Edmonton and demonstrated for removal of mask mandates and the immediate release of Pastor Coates.

Brandishing tiki torches.

While he shouts gestapo & Nazi at the police, his open church puts lives at risk.
And look who is supporting this nonsense.

Jack Posobiac. And Ezra Levant of course.
If this civil disobedience that puts lives at increasing risk isn’t stopped soon, we are going to have open insurrection to more than just facility capacity & mask mandates.

Christian Nationalists are a dangerous group of zealots.
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4 Apr
I refuse to amplify this garbage.

But it should be noted that Conrad Black is propagating racist imperialist white washed rationale for Kenney’s proposed curriculum.

It never ceases to amaze me how many share Black’s worldview.
People who invest all their self worth in the belief that Europeans were more socially or economically advanced than North American indigenous peoples.

The idea is preposterous and egotistical self serving.
While the technology of Europe was more advanced, the social and economic norms certainly were NOT.

In Europe, most people were treated as chattel, serfs and indentured servants. With no agency of their own. Only one social class held wealth and power. All others subsisted.
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