Here are 8 tactics from inside Airbnb's email marketing playbook 🧵
1. Keep Subject Lines Short

Airbnb's average subject line has 30 characters.

They use those 30 characters to:

1. tell you what the email is about


2. pique interest

For example:

Direct: Unique stays in Paris (21)
Interest: Imagine waking up to this (25)
They also keep it short, so it's readable on Mobile.

If it's over 50 characters, there is a chance the subject line will get cut off.
2. Use Social For Feedback

Airbnb would use social for qualitative feedback.

They'd launch a campaign and head to Twitter to see:

- are they talking about it
- what are they mentioning
- what are their reactions

The immediate feedback would help determine the success.
The success of the campaign would give them insight into what structure, creative, and copy resulted in the highest engagement.

Now, rinse and repeat.
3. Emotional Outcomes

Like many successful campaigns, Airbnb tries to wrap in an emotional outcome into their emails.

The emotion Airbnb wants?

For you to feel inspired.

By crafting a story, putting together your dream vacation, or using pictures that create a sense of...
...wanderlust, Airbnb uses their emails to create the desire to travel.

That feeling of wanting to hop on a plane right now and touchdown in a new culture.

In Airbnb's case:

Inspired Consumer = Bookings
4. User-Generated Content

Airbnb's emails are more than just pictures.

It's an experience.

They make this happen by taking UGC from IG and integrating it into their emails to show the experience through a traveler's eyes.

It's also great social proof.
5. Clear Objective

Airbnb does a great job of not confusing consumers.

Email structure, creative choice, copy, and CTA's, each email points to an obvious outcome.

This way the consumer knows exactly what to do.
Too many objections - > Confused consumer

Confused consumer - > No action

Be clear and concise so customers know they're making the right choice.
6. Personalize To Customer Intent

You wouldn't send the same email to someone who read a blog post about Baltimore as someone who almost booked an Airbnb in Portland.

The intent is different.

Data collection helps you understand these customer insights.
Understanding intent is knowing why a consumer came to you in the first place.

Airbnb uses this to set off triggers based on a customer's intent.

Example triggers:

- reading a certain blog post
- clicking through in a newsletter
- viewing but not booking
- destination choice
7. Personalization at Scale

How does Airbnb scale personalization?

With templates.

Airbnb creates simple templates that they use for plug-and-play abilities.

Templates where the content can be interchanged quickly for different cities, countries, experiences etc
8. Re-Starting The Funnel

One of my favorite emails Airbnb sends is their end-of-the-year email.

Airbnb is obsessive over retention.

At the end of the year, they send out an email looking at all the traveling you did the past year.
And then they encourage you to do it all over again.

This re-engages the user and gets them back into the Airbnb app or site to book their next vacation.
Want more breakdowns and how-tos on your feed? Then make sure to follow @alexgarcia_atx because I'm doing one for the next 35 days.

If you rather get it in your inbox, then 👇

1. Keep subject lines short
2.Use social for feedback
3. Focus on desired emotions
4.Use UGC
5. Point to clear objection
6. Personalize to customer intent
7. Use templates to scale personalization
8. Re-Start the funnel

• • •

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