Over the last decade, Drake has become one of the biggest names in hip-hop. Arguably the most prominent name right now.

In no way was it an accident.

Drake knows how to hack the internet and saturate his name in culture.

Here are two things that stand out 🧵
1. Meme Culture

There isn't a more impactful presence in culture than memes.

They travel through the internet faster than the speed of light from feed to feed and landing in your DMs.

At the center of them is, Drake.
An accident?

Not at all.

He understands the power of memes and embraces it entirely.

Here's what he said in an interview from 2016 about being the most memed person on the internet.
Around the time of a song or album release you'll notice we hit new levels of drake saturation on every platform.

Social users quickly become Drake’smarketing team without even realizing it.

It's genius.

How does he do it?
Drake provides the world with templates for memes.

Unlike many album covers -- drake’s are simple and easily replicable for memes.

So, as soon as they drop, they're meme ready.
Same goes for selected songs/videos.

For example: Hot Line Bling

Simple dance moves. Easily done.

Insanely memeable.
When dissected it’s a formula

Memeable album covers x memeable songs/dances = MASSIVE awareness for an album or song drop.

He knows it works so well that he even tried planning virality-- and it worked.
2. Viral Challenges

We talked about Drakes's dances being simple.

This is the perfect recipe for a successful challenge.


Because they're simple enough that everyone can participate. And a lot of people do!
Previously he had two massive hits with challenges for “Nonstop” and “Hotline Bling.”

It racked millions of participants and billions of views.

He saw this and knew he could replicate it by creating a planned challenge.
3 days before Drake released “Tootsie Slide” a viral dance challenge had already surfaced.

Knowing previous songs went viral -- he hired dancers with massive social media followings to create moves for his upcoming song.
The result?

Absolute vitality on every platform.

It first hit ridiculous numbers on Tik Tok, made its way to Instagram, and even found its way onto Twitter.

The song quickly claimed its way to #1 on the charts.

It brought in billions of views.
One of the best parts about it was that he created this challenge on purpose in the middle of a pandemic when people were stuck at home, and TikTok growth was through the roof.

Kudos drake.
IMO artists usually don’t get enough credit for how well they market themselves and their music.

And Drake is world-class at it.
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Use your bio to fuel the metric.

Test it for a few weeks.

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2. Growth Hack

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They give the audience an inside into your perspective, thought process, opinions, and storytelling.

This framework works best:

First Tweet = Headline
Body = Context/Story
CTA = CTA to follow/click
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