The US has of course had issues with human rights and hypocrisy/and worse in foreign policy. But we still tried to point to our government as the model, saying ‘it works’. We are now trying to prove it does not work...and autocracies are using this to say their way is better
This is important. We elect a government that literally says government can’t work & who get paid to make sure it doesn’t. This is not unnoticed elsewhere. Or here. Democracy works if people work to make it work. We are in a spiral of proud dumb & the consequences are enormous
All China has to do is point to what we call governance or long-term planning in the US. We pass two week funding resolutions for our entire government. And barely can do that. We are making autocracy look better by making democracy look so bad. We don’t have to be this way
Democracy is not a law of nature. It requires consensus, vision, common purpose, compassion. All the things we mock now. Once autocracy settled in, it’s insanely difficult to reverse. Look at how hard egypt has tried to get rid of their rulers. Look everywhere. Then look here now
We are a society that says PROUDLY that the best way to reform abysmal governance is to shoot it. To overthrow ourselves. To do anything, anything, other than govern in a democracy.
Anyway, the best way to ‘counter’ the ‘rise’ of China is to stop our own deliberate fall. Maybe start there.

• • •

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6 Apr
Began the work day so excited to be ‘done’ with a major case. Ended the work day typing more warrants for that case while my sgt laughed at my foolish naive hopes.
I am proud of the work we’ve done so far on a sprawling complicated case. Very transparent evidence. Can withstand scrutiny & sunlight. The transparent truth, all cards on the table, is the most compelling of all narrative. Because it’s the truth. And that’s the point. The truth
And there must be nothing that isn’t transparent, documented, double checked and then confirmed from another angle. At every step and with every assertion or allegation or observation, the benefit of the doubt goes to my neighbors. As it must. Cuz we all matter or none of us do.
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3 Apr
SweetDog won Best Dog Ever for the 4,000th day in a row. She’s in charge of the flowers growing in the Little rock bed and the trays. She’s pleased with the progress but worried a certain potato might walk on them looking for buried boneys.
Meanwhile, history’s greatest monster is recharging his solar evil batteries and getting ready to oversee our work today. He’s warned me that he’s in a bad mood and I won’t even need to F around before I find out. So I’ve got that to look forward to, which is nice.
The fountain flowers are growing nicely. The top is gonna be two foot tall sunflowers. Who knows how it all turns out.
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2 Apr
I ever say how much I love being a local cop? Best job I’ve ever had. Finally something knocked Tybee Island beach lifeguard 1989 off the gold medal platform.
When I was on patrol I saw my job as trying to help my neighbors literally. To help them. And above all to make sure the power of the state was never misused. I embraced the truth that on most calls I didn’t know what was going on. But we could slow down & figure it out...
Now as a fancy pants detective, I see my trying to help my neighbors. And above all to make sure the power of the state is not misused. And embrace the fact that initially I don’t know what’s going on but now I HAVE to find the truth. And slow down & figure it out.
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26 Mar
Home. It was nice non-insane week. And in theory I have two days off (I just screwed myself, I know) and we’ve got so much yard work. No thinking about violent felonies until Monday...
In the back I see MeanCat and he gives me easily the meanest look in his arsenal. Followed by a ‘what, me, mean? No way’ look.
They’re up to something.
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25 Mar
Home. So happy to be home at a decent time. I can get used to this (editor’s note: he should not get used to this, it ain’t common). Anyway. MeanCat is up to something new and horrible. He’s training in the backyard. Sharpening nails on stone. I’m sure it’s fine...
Meanwhile, the love story of our time, The Baked Potato and Big Eyes, continues to bloom like Savannah azaleas.
Speaking of Savannah azaleas: it’s nice to go home to this.
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22 Mar
Doing yard work while trying to keep an eye out of the Savannah Murder Tiger, MeanCat, is exhausting and terrifying. Oh nothing to see to the southeast. Just a fence..WRONG, IT’S DEATH!!
And when you see him it’s already too late...YOU’RE DEAD, JUST FALL DOWN, ALREADY.
And of course the Orangeys are an adaptive evolving enemy. Oh, it’s nothing to the northeast. Just some bales of pine straw. WRONG IT’S THE EXTRA ORANGEY!! EXTRA DEATH!
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