Congratulations to @slooterman for being shortlisted for Deadline Club's Mosaic Award for her fantastic reporting on disability politics. Sara has been integral to making sure people don't see disability as personal or charity but inherently political.…
Dirty secret: I have been a fan of @thenation for years but never slapped down money until Sara started writing for them. Her coverage of Elizabeth Warren's disability policy as a game-changer was fantastic.…
A lot of people have said we don't need to worry about children getting harmed and said that's why we should reopen. @slooterman said that mindset could kill disabled children.…
If you want to #FreeBritney, you need to realize she is a victim to one of the most backward and arcane legal constructs in history. Sara's work on guardianship was essential.…
Plenty of people who follow disability rights (myself included) are surprised at how President Biden included a pledge to spend $400 billion on HCBS was included in his infrastructure plan. Sara's reporting showed he was making progress in June.…
Perhaps the most provocative but also the most essential piece was Sara's manifesto on nursing homes. The needless deaths caused by Andrew Cuomo make this essential reading.…
And one reason why Madison Cawthorn was able to get away with lies about being a Paralympian is nobody bothered to check it. Sara dug up the info and found out he was faking it.…
Anyway, at this point, I am just blowing smoke up @slooterman's ass. But you get the point. I don't think I am speaking out of term when I say she is probably one of the most prolific and important reporters covering disability (and I fully include myself here).

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8 Apr
Remember when people thought it was charming when Andrew Cuomo talked about his daughter's boyfriend?
Honestly, it is a pretty good testament to Joe Biden's staying power that Mike Bloomberg jumped into the race because he was worried Biden would collapse, then Warren piledrove him. Then some people wanted Cuomo to replace Biden on the ticket because Cuomo was good on TV.
Biden benefits underestimation. Bloomberg jumped in to stave off Warren, and then she massacred him. Pete torpedoed Warren on Medicare for All. Amy proceeded to ether Pete. All this was predicated on the assumption Biden would implode. He never did.
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7 Apr
All the talk about whether Home-and-community-based services can be considered infrastructure obfuscates the real question I have been thinking: If this passes, would it be fair to say Biden would be the most consequential president on disability rights in the 21st Century?
-George W. Bush followed in his father's footsteps by signing the 2008 ADA Amendments Act
-Obama signing the ACA protected countless disabled people from discrimination in insurance and he negotiated the CRPD (which failed in Congress)
-Obama also nominated Sonia Sotomayor, who has supported disability rights from the bench and put out the community settings rule.
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15 Jan
This is a big deal and really a victory for disability rights activists. Biden had NO disability policy during the primary so for him to prioritize this in a normal minimum wage increase is Yuge. #cripthevote
The best article I have ever read about subminimum wage labor for disabled people was this @slooterman joint from last year. Even before Biden released his disability plan, he and Sanders come out in support of ending subminimum wage labor.…
One extra thought here: Biden including ending subminimum wage labor is important because it says that disabled workers are workers and disabled workers' rights are workers' rights as a whole.
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13 Jun 20
Yup. And John McCain’s campaign too. The unfortunate thing about Wakefield’s study is we were JUST getting to understand how common autism was because of broadening diagnosis criteria, the ADA and IDEA. Then Wakefield set all of this on fire
Bear with me, this is a big part of the first chapter of my book. The 1980s and 1990s saw two important trends in autism. The first was the diagnostic criteria was broadened in the DSM. In 1980, “infantile autism” got a definition separate from Schizophrenia.
In 1987, that changed to be called “Autistic Disorder.” In 1994, Asperger’s Syndrome and PDD-NOS were included in the DSM. This meant that more people could get a diagnosis than in the past because there was a recognition that autism manifested in many ways.
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25 May 20
Who is a woman journalist who whenever you see their byline, you know you are going to learn something? Bonus points if you list what they cover.
Also gotta include @claremalone @mollyesque @emmaroller @wpjenna (who had some of the best early dispatches on Trump and took him more seriously than others) @elainaplott @lyzl (though she covers a lot more).
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11 Jan 20
Compared to Warren, Harris, Castro and Buttigieg's plans, which were widely praised, I've seen plenty of criticism from the disability community of Klobuchar's plan. @JustStimming is a major authority on this.
@JustStimming There are a number of reasons why you see Democratic candidates courting disability rights activists and releasing policies when it wasn't a big deal even last cycle.
@JustStimming For one, there is a competitive primary. Last cycle, Hillary Clinton released a pretty comprehensive Autism policy. Sanders conversely, had little to no disability policy of which to speak and his Medicare for All Plan caught the ire of some.…
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