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Tish claims Chef Asghari was being paid to make meals for Britney 3x a day 5x a week at $500/day in the facility that gave her nerve damage 👀 @LizDDay @starksamantha #JusticeForBritney #FreeBritney #InvestigateJudyHo #JudyHo #DrJudyHo ImageImage
Dr Judy Ho is a neuropsychologist who worked at Bridges to Recovery during the time Britney was forced there. It’s rumored this woman was the doctor who performed psych evaluations on Britney which “made it even worse” for her, which she spoke about in her testimony. ImageImageImage
“The Doctors” is a show produced by Dr. Phil (Lou connection) which Judy co-hosts. Asghari has been featured on their TV show, Facebook, and YouTube channel several times since Britney evaded death at Bridges to Recovery. ImageImageImageImage
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If people ask me what’s challenging about being Autistic, they probably expect “I wish I were smart like other people 🥺” but what they’re really getting is an infodump about the Judge Rotenberg Center and #stoptheshock
“Isn’t it hard being Autistic? 😰”

Yes it is, I’m glad you brought that up. *rants about being the center of 10,000 health conspiracy theories 🙄

I don’t like being the token tragedy for snake oil salesmen. Your protein powder does not, in fact, “cure” Autism.
“Isn’t being Autistic SO HARD? ☹️”

Yes it is. *proceeds to explain how the #FreeBritney movement illuminated disability rights challenges to the public and what needs to happen now
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USA TODAY reviewed thousands of Internet memes ranging from the Jan. 6 hearings to conspiracy theories concerning 5G and Jewish space lasers.

Here’s how such memes have played a key role in almost every disinformation campaign of the digital age.…
Internet memes started humbly and innocently. Using characters and cartoons to express emotion like anger, sadness and joy, users found that a simple image could convey a thousand words.
By the late-2000s, instant meme generator websites offered people with zero photo editing skills an easy way to create memes.

Hashtags materialized and attached themselves to individual stories that coalesced into movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo and #FreeBritney.
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Britney Spears teamed up with Elton John for "Hold Me Closer," which serves as a kind of coming-out party following the recent legal victory that freed her from the onerous conservatorship that ruled her life and work for nearly 14 years.…
The song is her first new music since her 2016 album "Glory."…
For John, a proudly admitted trend-watcher, “Hold Me Closer” registers as the latest sign of his pop savvy.…
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100 favs y les cuento todos los escándalos de violencia sexual que rodean a Zoey 101
Se viene, se viene,

¡prepárense! 🍿
Zoey 101 es una icónica serie de Nickelodeon, que estuvo al aire entre 2005—2008, creada por Dan Schnider, conocido por otros shows como Drake & Josh, iCarly y Victorious. El programa fue protagonizado por Jamie Lynn Spears, la hermana menor de Britney Spears, a sus 14 años.
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Privilege check: Did you know that the forced sterilization of disabled people is still occurring in the United States?

A new @nwlc report shines light on the dark reality of modern day eugenics.
“Forced sterilization laws are not an aberration—they are part of a larger, horrifying system that prevents disabled people from making basic decisions about their lives, their families, and their futures,” says Ma’ayan Anafi, author of the report.…
The report reveals:

🚨 31 states + DC have laws explicitly allowing the forced sterilization of disabled people (the most recent were passed in 2019 in Iowa and Nevada)
🚨 17 states allow forced sterilizations on disabled children (only 3 states explicitly prohibit this)
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🧵 THREAD: Another year on normal island over. Here’s a thread of British political moments from 2021 which prove just how ridiculous this country is:
1/ In a clip which sums everything up, Boris Johnson had to be asked 'is everything OK' by a reporter
2/ Michael Gove busting out the most unhinged dance moves of the century, let alone 2021
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In an era before influencers and hashtags, there was Margaret Duchess of Argyll, a woman famous for being famous…
Her fame turned to infamy in 1963 when she was the victim of revenge porn, distributed by her husband, Ian Campbell, the 11th Duke of Argyll

Ahead of her time, she was vilified by the press, silenced by the British legal system and exiled from the establishment
Now the racy tale of wealth, status, sex and public opprobrium is being retold in the BBC miniseries A Very British Scandal

Claire Foy and Paul Bettany star as the couple, whose divorce was one of the bloodiest and most notorious in 20th-century legal history
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#CampanitaAwards 2021
Hoy y mañana anunciaré los patrocinadores que hay hasta la fecha, gracias por su valioso apoyo ❤ #CampanitaAwards lo hacemos todos 🧚‍♀️
Empecemos pues!!!

ABRO HILO de patrocinadores #CampanitaAwards 2021
#Atención #Alerta #Ojo #ServicioSocial 😆

#CampanitaAwards 2021

Miren este maravilloso premio:

1 Sesión fotográfica de 30 fotos, para redes sociales gracias a
(el premio será para la categoría #TuiteroEmprendedor 2021)
#CampanitaAwards 2021

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Recuerden apoyar #UnCaféPorElChef Image
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Well, here are issues that are currently going on if #FreeBritney advocates are curious:

-30-40% of people in jails and prisons have a disability.
-50% of people kïlled by police have a disability.
-it’s legal to pay us below the minimum wage in 38 states.
-a recent report
By NDRN detailed systemic abuses of disabled children in for profit residential treatment facilities.
-recent voter restriction proposals target communities of color through disability.
-disabled people still have trouble accessing the vaccine and accessible materials on vaxs
-there’s a lack of direct support workers because of a failure to find services for disabled people.
-disabled people often have their parental rights terminated solely because they have a disability.
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Glad Britney is finally free & all but here's today in my life at the attorney's office:

Ok so, my next of kin are my parents. Couple years ago they exorcised me for being bisexual/pansexual and having multiple partners.

Attorney: What? They exorcised you?

Me: Yeaaaaah.
Attorney: You need to do something. Fast. You're engaged. Do you want to get married?

Me: No. That's off the table. Person's great. But my personal take is that marriage discrimnates against the unmarried. Especially disabled ppl. Especially Black single moms. So, hard pass.
Attorney: Ummm. All right.

Me: I know. It's tricky. Apparently ppl get married for protections but I can't do that in good faith with my activist principles. Just can't.

Attorney: So you need a pre-emptive medical guardianship.

Me: Let's do it.

#BritneySpears #Conservatorship
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Breaking: Britney Spears’ conservatorship is over, an L.A. judge ruled today, ending a court-imposed oversight that has controlled her money and personal life for nearly 14 years.…
Britney Spears' case has been inextricably tied to a culture of ableism that has been used to justify the confinement and abuse of people living with mental illness and disabilities.

More on what this #FreeBritney decision means for disability rights:…
How Spears’ conservatorship has shined a light on the legal remedy’s harsh reality…
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AUJOURD'HUI c'est le grand jour pour Britney Spears !

Sera-t-elle présente à l'audience au tribunal judiciaire de Los Angeles ? Y aura-t-il retransmission pour le public à l'extérieur comme au 23 juin 2021 ? Son avocat, Matthew Rosengart, portera-t-il une perruque rose ?
Pour patienter jusqu'à 22h ce soir (décalage horaire oblige), nous allons parler aujourd'hui du mouvement #FreeBritney : it's a story about love and law.

A LAW-ve story.

Vous pouvez m'envoyer vos questions et le nom de vos meilleurs champagnes.
Pour certaines personnes, #FreeBritney a débuté après la déposition de Britney Spears le 23 juin 2021. Pour d'autres, après l'appel anonyme du 16 avril 2019 au podcast @BritneysGram.

Mais la première est probablement Megan Radford.
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Cette semaine va être intense dans le Britneyverse: vendredi 12 novembre, le tribunal judiciaire de Los Angeles devrait vraisemblablement prononcer la fin de la curatelle de Britney Spears.

Cette affaire réunissant mes deux passions (Britney + la justice), ce sera mon thread.
La semaine dernière, Britney Spears - qui a remercié le mouvement #FreeBritney - a édité une légende Instagram : "Mon père a peut-être lancé la curatelle il y a 13 ans, mais (...) ma mère est celle qui lui a donné l'idée. (...) oui je vais la pointer du doigt, elle et Lou Taylor" Image
Ce post IG - à nouveau édité depuis - a été un coup de théâtre dans le Britneyverse. Pour preuve, ce tweet qui le reprend a été liké près d'1 M de fois.

"Mon père n'est pas assez intelligent pour ne serait-ce que penser à la curatelle.", écrit-elle.

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"Rightfully." It's like the classic joke about the Jewish guy who tells his friend he only reads the antisemitic newspapers because in those we run everything and there's never any bad news.

Congress was liberated from Israel but didn't deserve to be, is basically Trump's take.
Trump believes Israel should've retained its conservatorship over Congress because Congress wasn't fit to make its own decisions #FreeBritney
Reminds me of the super old southern guy who started chatting me up on the metro and told me why he likes my people so much: "Because Jesus saves--but Moses invests!"
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Hi #FreeAmandaBynes supporters :) with Britney’s conservatorship coming to an end soon, I want to focus on the next steps of the moment as a lot of the #FreeBritney have offered to help. Here are a few things I have on my agenda:
1. Spread more threads especially the @entylawyer thread & encourage people to listen to it
2. Host spaces weekly or biweekly so people can discuss Amanda’s case and raise awareness
3. Grow my following to hopefully around 3k followers by the spring
4. Host a #FreeAmanda rally in DC in the spring when it’s finally warm again
Amanda’s parents & lawyers are aware of the movement and my account. They’re trying to act like everything is okay & amanda is happy with how things are but we need to hear it from her.
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Ó, friss még az élmény, hogy az amerikai "tényellenőrzők" álhírnek és összeesküvésnek minősítették a #FreeBritney-t, mert megkérdezték Jamie Spears arról, hogy bántalmazó-e, és azt válaszolta, hogy nem.…
Ennek az lett a hatása, hogy egy USA Today cikkre hivatkozva a Facebook és a Twitter is törölte a posztokat, illetve sok embert letiltottak a kampány első évében. Mindössze arra hivatkozva, hogy Jamie szerint ő nem bántalmazó.
Tanulság: elmehetnek a picsába ezek a "tényellenőrzők". Csak, mert valami MÉG nem bizonyított/ismert, nem jelenti, hogy kamu. Ahogy az sem tesz valamit kamuvá, hogy a baloldal számára nem szimpatikus.
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After being suspended as the conservator of his daughter’s estate last month, Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, has hired a new litigation attorney.…
Last month, a judge appointed certified public accountant John Zabel as the temporary conservator of Spears’ lucrative estate, booting the elder Spears from his long-held role over the entertainer.…
Britney Spears has been vocal in court about pushing her father out of the conservatorship in recent years, while the fan-fueled #FreeBritney movement has called for his ouster for much longer.…
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Yes, I’m still talking about #BadArtFriend. I’m not sorry about it.

To further understand the resonance of the case of Dorland v. Larson, we need to place it in the context of larger conversations in our cultural moment — namely, the misogynistic treatment of women in media. 1/
2021 was the year #FreeBritney went mainstream.

Meghan Markle’s explosive interview revealed how callously a tabloid-fed public can treat a human when they’ve been shrunk to a caricature.

With @MonicaLewinsky's new TV show, we’re reminded of just how shittily we treated her. 2/
@MonicaLewinsky Much of the criticism against Dawn Dorland’s behaviors — that she was too narcissistic, too hysterical, too earnest, too obsessed, too stalkerish — are coded in misogyny. Never mind the fact that many of these critiques have since been debunked. 3/
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Exposing Britney Spears’ abusive grandfather June Austin Spears - a very important #FreeBritney thread

TW: Sexual assault, child abuse, suicide
A new bombshell article by the New York Post reveals that Britney Spears’ family has an extremely dark history of locking women up. Family members reveal that Britney’s grandpa June Austin was a terrible man who abused most of the 10 kids he had with three wives. #FreeBritney
Britney’s aunt Leigh Ann made several incredibly serious and credible allegations that she was sexually assaulted by June Austin as a child from the age 11, including on the way home from church. He would allegedly line the kids up and whip them. #FreeBritney
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Exposing the sketchy doctor James Spar who denied Britney’s right to hire her own lawyer - a #FreeBritney thread
Dr. James Edward Spar is a geriatrics doctor, meaning he specializes in care for older people, and he has deep ties to UCLA where he is a professor and director at the School of Medicine. #FreeBritney
Importantly, James Spar helped pass the California probate laws in the 1980s that established the how to determine if someone has the capacity to make their own decisions, or not. He also created many of the forms, like the “Medical Consent Capacity Declaration” #FreeBritney
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BREAKING: Jamie Spears has been immediately suspended from Britney Spears' conservatorship. #FreeBritney
After a legal battle that has persisted since Spears was placed under the court-ordered arrangement in 2008, Judge Brenda Penny ruled that Spears’ father will no longer serve as conservator of his daughter’s estate, immediately removing him altogether.
CPA John Zabel will temporarily replace Spears’ father in the role of conservator of her estate, meaning he will now control all of her financial decisions, for a short term, until next steps are determined, in regards to terminating the conservatorship.
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NEW: Britney Spears’s dad Jamie and a security firm ran a surveillance apparatus that monitored her phone and secretly captured audio recordings from her bedroom, according to a former employee of the security firm…
Alex Vlasov worked for Black Box for 9 years & backed up his claims with emails, texts & recordings.

"When I took a step back and looked at everything it really reminded me of somebody that was in prison....and security was put in a position to be the prison guards essentially."
He explained how Britney’s phone was monitored-- security set up a mirrored icloud account on an ipad/ipod. Security chief Edan Yemini would review her texts and share contents with Jamie and Robin Greenhill, an employee of the former business manager Tri Star, run by Lou Taylor
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Exactly one week ahead of the pop star’s next conservatorship hearing, Netflix has released a trailer for #BritneyVsSpears, its upcoming Britney Spears documentary.

The film is set to launch the day before the pop star heads to court.
#BritneyVsSpears hits Netflix on Sept. 28. The next day marks the most significant court hearing in the singer’s legal battle, as she fights for her freedom out of the conservatorship she’s been under for more than a decade.
In the trailer, a recording from the pop star’s June 23 testimony, in which she addressed the court for the first time publicly, can be heard: “I’ve worked my whole life... I don’t owe these people anything.”
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