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When someone needs assistance voting, the question raised is not “Should they be voting?” but “How do we make this process more accessible?” AND “What kind of assistance do they need and how can we provide it?” #CripTheVote @RevUpCampaign 1/6
There are many ways voters with disabilities in Minnesota can get help when voting. You can bring someone, ask an election judge, use a machine to help you mark your ballot or vote from your car.

If you cannot easily leave your vehicle, you can have a ballot brought to you. 2/6
You can get a family member, friend, neighbor, etc to help you vote. An election judge can also help you vote. The Minnesota Secretary of State website has a whole fact sheet on getting assistance while voting. 3/6 #CripTheVote…
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Democrats: You have to vote for us if you don't want to lose your rights!

Also Democrats: Yes we let you lose your rights but how will you get them back without us!
I'm so sick of this shit
If I wasn't disabled I probably wouldn't vote.

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#WAOpioidTrial Day 43 of the state of WA v McKesson, et al resumes at this link this morning. The trial began Nov. 15, 2021 and the state rested their case on day 34 (3/1/2022) and then there were motions to dismiss and FASCINATING arguments each way.

#WAOpioidTrial Defense began presenting their case the afternoon of day 36, on March 8, 2022.

We resume defense's case this morning with a live witness Dr. Chris Gilligan, an anesthesiologist out of Boston. Looks like he testified in the WV trial…
#WAOpioidTrial His opinions on treating pain with RX opioids: forthcoming.

So far we're defining 'categories of pain' based on duration:

Acute < six weeks
Chronic Cancer Pain
Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

PRO-TIP: The FDA has declared there is NO difference between those last two.
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@massdems... we had lower expenses last year. I know 1 place we could've / should've spent. #DisabilityAccess including ASL & human live captioning instead of #craptions (if anything at all). Also an actually interactive virtual convention.
watching the January Mass Dem state committee meeting. Just got to the DEI part. 🤞 that #disability is part of this.....
#CripTheVote #mapoli
Yes! Mentioned. "Disability issues... A learning curve for me" say the DEI consultant. Around the 1 hour mark.
Yes, I would also like my state party to be unified.

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I am a former Hopkins student with disabilities. When my symptoms flared due to the pandemic, Hopkins refused to accommodate me and instead kicked me out - along with 4 other disabled students from the same grad program.

Although I technically received accommodations, it was up to each instructor to decide what was “reasonable.” Unfortunately, one of my instructors was my advisor who tended to see my requests as unreasonable, and communicated with my other instructors.
He kept me under a “Candidate Improvement Plan” due to the symptoms of my disabilities. It stated I could not earn an incomplete — This was used to force me to work with COVID positive clients rather than take time off from my internship.
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🧵 Today's webinar on #VotingRights for Texans w/disabilities & 65+ is covering vote-by-mail.

When you fill out the form, you might wonder what's the difference b/t being an assister or a witness for vote-by-mail?

@DisRightsTx Jeff Miller & Molly Broadway:

Witness: Someone who is will attest that it is your signature & the information on your form is correct.

Assister: Someone who helps you fill out the form, help you read the application, & ensure you're checking the right boxes
"Assistance is important so Texans w/disabilities, especially those with intellectual and developmental disabilities ... can meaningfully cast their ballot as privately as independently as possible," says our Director of Public Policy & Advocacy @advoc8tx #CripTheVote #txlege
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🧵 Here's your #txlege #SB1 update for September 1, 2021 and how it affects #DisabilityRights.

We're covering the enrolled bill waiting to be signed by Gov. Abbott…
There are still issues w/ the final version, but 1st ...

📣 THANK YOU allies who elevated the concerns of Texas voters w/disabilities @MOVE_texas @naswtx_advocacy @TXCivilRights @TxDisabilities @DisRightsTx + all the individuals who gave testimony
📣 THANK YOU #txlege allies who worked to remove provisions in the legislation that would negatively affect Texans w/disabilities @BucyForTexas @CarolforTexas @JudithZaffirini @DiegoBernalTX @RafaelAnchia @beverlypowelltx @TurnerForTX @RepMaryGonzalez @sarah_eckhardt
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🧵 Here's our big thread on #SB1 and the provisions that will make it more difficult for Texans with disabilities to exercise their #CivilRights and participate in democracy #txlege #CripTheVote
❌ Section 4.01 (5.01 in HB 3): “Wet” signatures

Mail-in ballot signatures must be “ink on paper” and does not allow for electronic or photocopied signatures. This potentially violates #ADA bc it does not accommodate Texans who cannot physically sign because of a disability
❌Section 4.11 (5.08 in HB 3) Any known signature verification

Mail-in ballot signature can be compared with ANY known signature of voter by signature verification committee. Many voters with disabilities have inconsistent signatures due to their disability.
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🧵 Our member Courtney P. of the Dallas area wanted to provide her testimony in opposition fo #SB1 during Monday's committee hearing. She lives with paralysis due to a progressive health condition and wanted to share how important the democratic process is to her #txlege
People w/disabilities are at higher risk of contracting #COVID19 and facing severe illness. The surge of cases in Austin means it would be unsafe for Courtney to travel to Austin, which is why she requested to testify virtually. #txlege #SB1
Courtney's request to give virtual testimony to the committee wasn't granted, but allies like @beverlypowelltx & @TeamZaffirini made sure they received her printed testimony that day.

Even so, Courtney missed a chance to speak her own words in her own way. #txlege #SB1
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🧵While we're waiting for the #txlege #SB1 hearing to resume, here's some background on why some of the voters most affected by it can't provide testimony in person. #CripTheVote
People w/disabilities are more likely to get very sick if they get #COVID19. Cases of #COVID19 are high in Austin.

In fact, cases are so high that #txlege Senate requires people to test negative for #COVID19 before entering a hearing room.
Unfortunately, this testing only at the Capitol isn't enough protection for disabled Texans w/ higher #COVID19 risks. It doesn't account for Texans who need to travel long distances, or rely on others for travel needs. Each move is potential exposure #txlege #CripTheVote
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Video with AuTeach, Lydia Brown, and Shain Neumeier talking about #StopTheShock , their involvement in the activism surrounding JRC, and what you can do to help.

70% of the students come from New York state

Often funded through IDEA, or Medicaid funding from New York

Apparently this is common for disabled people from New York to be dumped into out-of-state residential facilities/institutions even for decades.

A few things that could stop this:

If you're from Massachusetts, could tell MA representatives to strip the JRC of their nonprofit status.

For everyone, you can urge your legislature to cut the funding for the Judge Rotenberg Center.
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🧵Here's what to know about the bills & how they negatively affect Texas voters w/disabilities:

#SB1 would give poll watchers more authority to watch voters. Poll watchers may misconstrue cues/prompts voters w/disabilities need & think they are doing something illegal #txlege
#SB1 would ban drop boxes for mail-in ballots & would
require receipt “by an election official at the time of delivery.” The official must record the voter’s name, signature, and type of voter ID provided. #txlege #CripTheVote
#SB1 would required applications for a mail-in ballot to be signed "using ink on paper" & prohibit a "photocopied signature." There is no provision for accommodations for voters with disabilities #txlege #CripTheVote
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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So since the dude that got popped embezzling and has been accused by multiple comedians of sexual harassment and sexual assault wants to know why I am considered a leader let’s fucking do this. #thread #palestine #NJ #DisCo
When I was 16 I became student council president that’s when my interest in leadership and government began as a result I went to leader ship training camp as a teen. I became a counselor at that camp for 13 years so I literally train future #NewJersey leaders.
At 18 I volunteered on my first campaign. It was for Bob Torricelli. Yes I know how his career ended and a lot of New Jersey politicians that I volunteered for ended up resigning in disgrace or going to jail but this is #Jersey #CripTheVote
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🧵Y'all still awake? #txlege is about to discuss the omnibus voting bill #SB7 in a few minutes, and it almost seems like some folks hope you're asleep! Here's what you need to know about the latest version of #SB7 and why it's bad for Texas voters w/disabilities #CripTheVote
Although #SB7 dropped the Dr.'s note to prove a voter's disability to qualify for mail-in ballots, the latest version requires Texans requesting to vote by mail bc of disability to disclose illness/injury/mental or physical disability. That's not an improvement. #CripTheVote
After disclosing personal medical information, #SB7 requires a mail-in ballot requester to give a driver license/social security #/or statement that the individual doesn't have these. That's up to 2 separate declaration requirements for a disabled voter #CripTheVote
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Help your fellow Texas voters in 2 minutes and send a message to the #txlege asking they to VOTE NO on Texas #HB6 and #SB7.

These bills negatively affect Texas voters w/ disabilities, and they are being heard THURSDAY, MAY 6.
Wondering what the problems are with #txlege #HB6 #SB7? Well ...

🚨Some voters with disabilities need assistance to cast a ballot, and legislation that asks for assisters to fill out forms (and run the risk doing it wrong and facing legal ramifications) is #VoterSuppression
🚨Poll workers, who may not be familiar with support for Texans with intellectual and developmental disabilities, may misunderstand cuing, prompting, and other ways people comprehend and remember information as abuse or exploitation of the voter #txlege
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Looking for hot takes on Biden's #AmericanFamiliesPlan?

@TCFdotorg's got you covered with this round-up of reactions from me, @pelhamprog @JulieKashen @drtaylor09 & more 👇…
@TCFdotorg @pelhamprog @JulieKashen @drtaylor09 tl;dr on my take:

Together with the #AmericanRescuePlan and the #AmericanJobsPlan, the #AmericanFamiliesPlan represents an historic commitment to addressing America’s shameful and unjust levels of poverty and inequality.

@TCFdotorg @pelhamprog @JulieKashen @drtaylor09 On the income security front, there's lots to be excited about in the #AmericanFamiliesPlan -- including:

* making the EITC expansion for "childless" workers permanent
* permanent full refundability of the Child Tax Credit
* historic expansions of school meals, and more.

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BREAKING: A coalition of House & Senate Democrats—led by @SenSherrodBrown @JamaalBowmanNY @SenWarren @SenSanders w/@RonWyden—have teamed up to call on @POTUS to include long-overdue updates to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in the #AmericanFamilyPlan 👇 ImageImageImage
@SenSherrodBrown @JamaalBowmanNY @SenWarren @SenSanders @RonWyden @POTUS The letter calls on @POTUS to #DemolishDisabledPoverty by including his promises on SSI in the next recovery package:

1) increase SSI’s sub-poverty-level benefits to at least 100% of the federal poverty level

2) raise SSI’s asset limit, which has been stuck at $2,000 since 1989
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THREAD: As news rolls out about the next round of economic recovery measures—here’s a plea for the Biden team not to forget a critical program for low-income seniors & disabled people that’s been left to wither on the vine for decades:

Supplemental Security Income, aka SSI.
Nearly 8 million low-income seniors and people with disabilities rely on SSI for subsistence income.

The income support SSI provides is critical—but benefits are so meager, they consign people to abject poverty.

The max SSI benefit for 2021 is $794/mo, about $26 a day.

Putting SSI's sub-poverty benefit levels in context:

They’re not enough to afford rent in any state in the U.S.—even spending 100% of your monthly benefit on rent.

Average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment: $1,063/mo—128% of an SSI recipient’s monthly income.

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1. I am beyond thrilled to see this incredible platform from @RebeccaLamorte - and I’m gonna break down my favorite parts. #CripTheVote
First though, come to Rebecca’s townhall on Monday, 7:30EST to discuss it!…
2. Okay, let’s break this incredible plan down.
COVID-19 has decimated disabled people in the past year. @RebeccaLamorte poses the right steps to protecting our community, including demanding accountability and change for the nursing homes, especially with Cuomo’s cover up.
3. With the dangers and terrors of nursing homes and other congregate housing, disabled people have had to fight harder than ever this year to receive care at home. @RebeccaLamorte sees this and knows and plans to robustly fund programs that provide care at home.
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Today was my last full day on the breaking news beat before fully transitioning over to E&E and one of the things I am most grateful for is how I was able to build a sort of sub-beat around disability and #CripTheVote issues. Here follow a few of my favorite stories:
Here's my interview with the directors of Netflix's "Crip Camp"…
Here's my coverage of Bernie Sanders' disability rights plan, which won praise from a lot of members of the community who felt he let the issue fall by the wayside in 2016…
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Last week a group of ABA practitioners released a video acknowledging #ActuallyAutistic critiques saying #ABAisAbuse

When I replied saying that we don't accept their apology they stopped advertising it on twitter

I assume it's circulating #Autism facebook groups for PR
This is a marked charge in tactics; acknowledging our complaints and attempting to speak to them to control public perception

This is a sign they are threatened

The Autistic community has a pretty clear majority position: we need to abolish ABA and protect kids from abuse
If you are an ally that's felt comfortable joining the critique of Sia please consider taking up #ABA as a target

Autistic non-speakers are again at greatest risk here; a trend you will see repeated if you are a new ally
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@darraghz This is PR; We don't accept your apology

The Autistic community demands abolishing ABA

Anything else shows you aren't listening!
@darraghz They have now gone private; I assume to limit the damage from my critique

Here's a link to the video they posted I am responding to for context of my critique

We won't go away, we won't be silent, and we don't accept
#ActuallyAutistic #ABAisAbuse Image
@darraghz Hey @RehabGroup, does this video and statement from @darraghz represent your organization's values and fulfill your mission statement?
#ActuallyAutistic #DisabilityTwitter #CripTheVote #Ireland

Image attached to tweet is text from website link… ImageImage
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