New Ontario data to ponder.

When seeing a doctor for the flu, often they ask if you received the flu shot. That's because in a small number of cases, an attenuated live virus vaccine can elicit an active infection. See Gov't of Canada document. 1/…
Although the vaccine technology is distinct, it seems prudent for similar verbal monitoring/reporting of those receiving the C19 vaccine, along with their close contacts. Let me show you why. 2/
There appears to be an association between vaccination number and case numbers. Remember, it is an association and but greater data granularity would be valuable. 3/
Likewise, we are starting to see an association between vaccination number and hospitalization. Note, this data set is less complete (shaded box) and requires further investigation. 4/
It would be best for Ontario Public Health to actively monitor this situation and to provide freely accessible data to the public. This relationship maybe purely associational or it could point to a more serious concern. End.

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7 Apr
Let answers some questions in a simple binary manner.

1) Do people contract C19 and get ill? Yes
2) Is this a clinically important?
3) Is this unprecedented for a virus?
4) Is our health response appropriate?

5) Does our health response work?
6) Should our health officials know the preceding?
7) Are health officials distorting the truth?

All verifiable if one looks dispassionately at the evidence. One can argue over details but that is immaterial.

Its clear to me we are in the midst of a large sophisticated propaganda campaign. Health officials and politician are working together, hand in glove. Its just time to accept it.

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5 Apr
Its Monday again. Your friendly reminder, you are living through the largest social policy disaster in Canadian history. Thanks to your public health community.

Lets briefly consider one origin of this disaster, "Anecdote vs Data" ......1/
The C19 response has been fueled from the beginning by anecdotes. Its a standard behavioral psychology trick, personalize the threat to increase compliance. Understandable if the threat is serious, the current one isn't. The wreckage it leaves behind is substantial...2/
The issue is this. Anecdotes are designed to support a narrative, not to illuminate the truth. They can leave strong lasting impressions that are false. They accumulate over time and that in turn cripples policy action, akin to what we see now.....3/
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4 Apr
Lively good friday dinner with family. A few thoughts for the C19 lockdowner crowd.

1) You've definately lost the 80+ grandmother crowd. When they say "its bullshit" they mean it. They might get winded carrying a pitch fork but they vote and there angry.

2) Engineer class. Definately not keen about lockdowns. Every second sentence-"Does anyone in public health know how to problem solve?" None wear masks at work and hot tip- neither do teachers once the kiddies leave.

Mildly disturbing- they are applying for green cards.

3) Only thing less popular than cold broccoli with cheeze are virtue signalers. Suggestion from the grandmother crowd- "Doctors from Toronto should work in the fields for a week or two". Hard labor is apparently a cure-all for everything, including poor social media behavior.

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3 Apr
Today is day 2 of 28 where the public in Ontario will engage in societal level fantasy. After 13 months of undoubtedly the worst public health response in Canadian history, another propaganda campaign is starting to convince you a "Miracle" is at hand...1/
It is a childish stunt, part of a script written long ago, by public health and the pseudo academics on the Ontario Science Table. The truth is immaterial, used when convenient and ignored otherwise. Facts will be fabricated faster than they can be debunked......2/
The plot of this "B" script is simple enough, a plague runs amok, the peasants live in fear. Leaders do their best while scientists beaver away producing a miracle cure. Life will reemerge and be affirmed. Seems to me, we're about 90 min through this tedious 120 min movie....3/
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31 Mar
Time to call a spade a spade. There's no evidence linking lockdown and C19 hospitalization/deaths. Science has shown this repeatedly. Our politicians and science table however ignore evidence and engages in a process the British Medical Journal has labeled social murder. 1/
A month long lockdown will lead to the social murder of our youth and our vulnerable. We know this but those in power don't care. You see, they play a sick brand of politics and the dead are just pawns to be toyed with. 2/
If justice were served, every leader, every cabinet member, every science panel member would be required to attend the funerals of the dead and acknowledge that human potential had be crushed at the alter of anodyne theory. 3/
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29 Mar
Every monday, I will remind you of one simple fact.

C19 is the single largest, social policy disaster in Canadian history.

This unexplainable blunder was enabled by a public health community that is intellectually weak and administratively incompetent. 1/
Those in charge know this. Thus, intertwined with the C19 theatrics is a desperate attempt by:

1) academics to restore shattered reputations,

2) public health officials to show the destruction was worth it,

3) politicians trying to preserve the foundation of governance. 2/
The rest is theatre, albeit a dangerous one, exploited by opportunists and commercial interests.

Our experts are cornered and scared. Vaccines are their only way out which explains the bizarre, over the top obsession with a rather dull mitigation tool. 3/
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