So I had some ministrations in Lagos that will go on for three days
I left home early in the morning and lodged in a hotel
My wife was also in Lagos that day, working
At 11pm, I finished my final ministration for the day, I called my wife
She didn't pick
She also didn't return my
That was Friday night
ON Saturday morning, I called her again before leaving the hotel
She didn't pick
I knew something was wrong
I knew it was nothing very serious but it was serious enough for my wife not to want to tell me what it was
My wife is the definition of a woman
She cannot lie for a million golden crowns
So when something goes wrong and she feels it might upset me, she will keep quiet
I called the security guy and the children's minder
Both told me the children and my wife were fine
I took my mind off it
Whatever it was would come
into the light sooner or later
Sunday came, I finished my ministration and got home at about 4pm
My house was quiet
Quiet in a very strange way
The union buzz of children and din of the TV was not there
My wife was in Lagos, working
My daughter, the two-year-old came to meet me
The boys aged 9 and 7 were nowhere to be found
I turned to the housemaid
What has happened?
My two year old said said "Daddy, cocomeyon"
The maid said "One of the boys has broken the TV"
The 75 inches LG TV
I started laughing
I had suspected that the silence was very pregnant
I called the boys and asked them what happened
They tried to make it make sense
I was told about a remote control that used the hand of one of them as a runway as it crashed into the TV.
The TV was very expensive
My son, the one that broke it was already in tears
I could just see
myself when i was his age
I never broke a TV but I gave my father's properties a run for their money
It was so bad that my father refused to change the upholstery in our sitting room while we were in Ibadan until I got to JSS2
Even then, he appointed me as a sort facility manager
so that I will be extra cautious with his new chairs
The old ones knew my name and had my autograph all over them
I considered what to do
I didn't want him to get the impression that what he did was okay
At the same time, I didn't think it deserved too much noise
I do not want my
children assuming i am elevating anything money can buy above them
I weighed my options carefully
I turned to the culprit and told to go and pack his clothes, I said "I will take you to your grandma's house, you will be living with her henceforth"
He looked at me like 😨😨😨😨😨
I stood my ground
I told him to pack his clothes
He went to his room and started parking
I switched on the TV
The screen was smashed and the view all messed up
I got some duct tape, I placed it on the spot of the impact
I laid my hands my hands on it and healed it
I turned
on the TV
I removed the duct tape, the volume and picture started showing again but it was not restored to perfection
My two year old was able to navigate to youtube and watch coco melon
I went to my son's room and told him to stop packing
I said "I prayed & the TV is now working
that means God was not in support of his moving to his grandmother's house
He hugged me and cried
I hugged him back and I told him I love him
When I got back to my room, I had a conversation with the Holy Spirit
I don't want my boy's seeing the scar on the face on the TV
It will
be a constant reminder of the incidence and guilt may set in
I refuse to bring my children up in an environment that does not reflect the gospel
Old things must pass away and all things become new
Unblameable reality is what I got in Christ and this is the legacy my children will
up with by the power of the Holy Spirit
The Supernatural will not be alien to them
The Holy Spirit reminded me that the TV had insurance
My wife returned home all quiet
She asked me if I had been told what happened, I told her I figured something was wrong when she didn't call me
She said she wouldn't be able to keep it from me and she didn't want to upset my ministrations
I thanked her
The next morning, I waited until my boys left for school
I unhooked the TV and drove it to Lagos with the evidence of Insurance
I bought it last year May and the incident
happened in February
The insurance cover was for a year
I got to LG store at Ikeja
I explained what had happened
I was told LG will be responsible for 80% of the purchase cost
I will cough out the balance
Two of their staff members followed me to the car to carry the spoilt TV
into their store
As they were carrying it out of my car, a car parked beside us
The passenger, a lady jumped out and shouted
"Brother Gbenga, Brother Gbenga, GSW"
I didn't know her
Her husband also came around
They both greeted me warmly
The lady said the last time they saw me
they were in India for her husband's surgery and I was praying with them via video call over the phone
She told me one pastor friend introduced them to me and we had never met physically
She said "My husband died after the operation, he died in the ICU"
I held on to your word
had told me that we will both return to Nigeria alive
I prayed for about two hours after I was told
God came through, they were packing him up when he was discovered to be alive
Miraculously, he recovered and we both came back home alive as you prophesied
(I can remember vaguely
that I prayed with them in late 2019 but things had moved so quickly since then that I had to take most of what she said for it)
The husband hugged me and so did the wife
They were very grateful
Then they asked me what I was doing in LG
I told them what happened and my plan to
make sure my children return home to meet a brand new TV
They went into LG with me
The husband bought a 55 inches TV
I chose an 82 Inches TV since LG didn't have the 75 inches in stock
I was supposed to pay a certain amount of money to make up the difference
The couple insisted
on paying the difference that i ought to pay after the insurance
I tried very hard to dissuade them but they wouldn't hear it
I concluded my business with LG and the 82 inches TV was loaded into my car
Just as I was about to leave, the wife said "We bought this for the children's
sitting room sir.
Let them manage their own TV so that they won't put you through this stress again
The 55 inches TV was bought in my name and it was also duly insured
I didn't have to pay a penny on it
I left LG at 12pm
I drove back to my house, (I picked the wall hanger and
technician on the way)
The TV's were installed
When the school bus dropped my children by 3pm that day, they met a brand new TV in the sitting room and a pleasant surprise in their room
The Lord fulfilled the desire of my heart to the letter
I shared the testimony with the GSWMI
family and promised myself i will share it later in the year on a day like today

Today is Mr. Pascal's Birthday
He was the one the Holy Spirit redeemed from the grave and brought back to life after he had been pronounced dead in India.
Happy Birthday sir and may my God bless you
Sunshine in February -…
She said “My husband died after
the operation, he died in the ICU”
I held on to your word
You had told me that we will both
return to Nigeria alive
I prayed for about two hours after I
was told that he didn’t make it but
God came

• • •

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I said "Do you know that Jesus was the one that declared himself as the resurrection and the life? was if possible that if he didn't make
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Will that be appropriate seeing that I have not had the occasion to stand before a grave and declare "Lazarus, come forth" like Jesus did?
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The moment he walked into my office, I realized the genesis of his marital problem.
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It was due to gross misconception
His wife grew up in a very strict Christian home
She was one of those girls that Daddy was determined would walk in the way of the
Lord by hook or crook
The conditioning of her father had triggered a rebellious streak in her
She had promised herself that as soon as she could leave the house she would do so without looking back
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When Jesus died on the cross, He didn’t take the place of “Christians,
” but the place of sinners. He came as man’s substitute. The whole world has been saved from the punishment of sin, but God’s interest wasn’t just to save man from the punishment of sin, but to save man from the life and nature of sin
The death of Jesus Christ settled the charges
against us, but it didn’t make us one with God or reconcile us to God! It didn’t bring us into friendship or relationship with God. It didn’t give us eternal life, until we took the very next step as revealed in Romans 10:9-10. It says anyone who confesses the Lordship of Jesus,
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It was her mother that suggested a change of fortune through marriage
Her mother had a friend, they were members of the same fraternity
He was a very rich man and he was already married to three wives
He built a house for each of his wives and each wife raised their own children
independent of the others
The entire family meet in his mansion only three times a year
On his birthday, on New Year's day and on their annual family reunion with other members of the extended family which he hosts
His business ran into some trouble
He ran to her mother for help
Her mother did everything in her power to help him survive that lean season
After he had successfully navigated that dry season, he returned to her mother to say Thank you
Her mother told him what she wanted
"I want you to marry my daughter and set her up as you did your other
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