It was a genuine delight to work with @redscargaming on this and I can still scarcely believe I contributed to an official Hellboy product!!

(I've supplied ALT text in the replies below!)
#ttrpg #disabilty #dnd5e
It’s no secret that the life of an agent of the B.P.R.D. is one fraught with danger and the unexpected. An average day can throw you for a loop at any time. Things rarely go the way they’re anticipated to – that's a fact of an agent’s life. However, not all disabilities are
the result of accidents out in the field. People are born with them or simply develop them over time as the result of an illness or genetic condition. The B.P.R.D. realises this and offers assistance to all agents in the form of both medical care and mobility aids and

Disability in tabletop roleplaying games requires a combination of mechanics and roleplay. In this section, you will find not only mechanics, but also guidance on roleplaying these experiences in a sensitive and accurate manner within the Hellboy universe.

• • •

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12 Apr
Pippin Took and Merry Brandybuck are the PCs in a #dnd campaign whose players can only make it to random sessions every now and then so they choose to be agents of chaos that the rest of the party frantically have to clean up after when they're gone.
You can't change my mind.
Pippin, who has no idea what's going on because the player arrived 1 hour into a session: I touch the fragile-looking skeleton leaning against a well.
Merry, whose player arrived mid-argument: Look, I know your character Gimli is making some good points, but the salted pork here is exceptionally good.
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12 Apr
Head's up that I won't be charging for the Disability & The Witcher #ttrpg pdf. It will be 100% free.
Not just because I legally can't charge for it, but also because it is a labour of love and I feel deeply that my disability content should be free so anyone can enjoy it.
I've said before that I won't charge people for something that should be in the core rules. There's very little anyone can say or do to get me to change my stance on that - disability content should be in the core rulings of games and it's not up for debate.
I love the Witcher-
and owe a lot of my discovery of self-acceptance and love after internalised ableism to Geralt's own journey through disability and internalised ableism in the novels.
So think of this pdf instead as a love letter to The Witcher and a resource for other disabled people to know-
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11 Jan
Your daily reminder:
No, Critical Role didn't invent the Combat Wheelchair for #dnd. I did, and Matt very kindly asked to use his platform to promote it. It's very hurtful to see folks praising a show for creating something it didn't actually create! Don't spread misinformation!
And this is no hate to Critical Role. I'm very grateful for their support and Matt even talked about and promoted my work on his twitter, rightly crediting me as the creator. This is me just asking for folks to realise that though the chair is on the show, I was the one who-
created it - I spent almost a whole year making that ruleset and it hurts to see folks crediting someone else for my work!

*Dagen Underthorn* is Matt's creation. The *Combat Wheelchair* is NOT.

Thanks for understanding and take care! 💜
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10 Jan
A quick guide for new folks here about ableist language and language changes!

1) Don't say 'differently abled' or 'handicapped'. The term is 'disabled'.

2) Disability-first please! Say 'a blind person' NOT 'a person who is blind'. Person-first is outdated and was a concept-
pressed on us by able-bodied people in the Disability Studies field. It comes from the idea that you should 'see the person not the disability' which is gross. However, older disabled people may prefer person-first language. If you're unsure of a person's preference ask politely!
3) Don't say 'wheelchair bound'. It is ableist and doesn't account for ambulatory wheelchair users! Additionally, wheelchairs are not confining, they are freeing and give a lot of disabled people independence!

4) 'Cr*pple' lame' & 'r*tard' are slurs! Do NOT use them. However-
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10 Jan
Me, opening my email and getting an offer of an interview call with some very prolific #ttrpg people who are miles out of my league: Anakin Skywalker smiling. The subtitles read '(nervous chuck
I'm very small. And I have a lot of social anxiety. So you can imagine the kind of stress I'm under.
I'm also an awful people-pleaser and I'm terrified of upsetting any of them lmao
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9 Jan
Hey, new folks!

My name's Sara (or Mustang), and I'm a disabled, chronically ill, and queer disability advocate, predominantly working in the #ttrpg #dnd sphere!

Here's a short thread of some of the things I do!

I created the Combat Wheelchair - a supplement for 5e #dnd that is free to download and use in your games! In fact, you've probably seen Dagen Underthorn on @CriticalRole use this ruleset (many thanks to @matthewmercer 💜) & @idlechampions' Talin Uran!

I currently work at @RTalsorianGames as a writer on their Witcher #ttrpg. I've also helped to bring Cyberchairs and wheelchairs to their Cyberpunk RED and clockwork prosthetics to their Castle Falkenstein!

I've also made free ♿ PDFs for the Witcher:…

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