If you haven't seen this, oh goodness. sfgate.com/news/article/v…
I have a little white terrier, and JJ would totally do this.

I can translate that final bark into people-talk: "And don't come back!" the little terrier told the bear.
The video is here:
My terrier took on a raccoon who jumped the fence and came into our backyard. JJ survived. He needed some stitches and shots.

This particular raccoon was not as mellow and good-natured as a bear.

If you're curious how that fight ended. . .
I intervened. If you're thinking=🤦‍♀️ you're right. I can't hurt a fly.

I was up the kitchen balcony and saw that JJ was about to get killed, so I actually picked up a plastic chair and threw it, screamed, and scared away the raccoon.

Afterward I was in shock: I THREW A CHAIR!
So now you all know that I am very tough. Any intruders in our yard risk getting hit with flying plastic chairs.

I'm every bit as ferocious as JJ

• • •

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17 Apr
I just gave a talk on what we learn from the History of the Second Amendment to Lift Every Voice Oregon and The Youth Leadership Academy to end gun violence.

An [edited] transcription is here: terikanefield.com/what-we-learn-…

I will have an audio recording to post. Meanwhile . . .
The talk is too long for a Twitter thread (35 minutes plus questions!) but I can put a few takeaways here.

What do we learn from studying the history of the Second Amendment?

First, there have always been gun control laws . . .
. . . there were gun control laws in the U.S. before the ratification of the Second Amendment and immediately after. The idea that the Second Amendment was intended to allow unfettered access to guns is therefore nonsensical.
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14 Apr
We need to divide the people responsible for the attack into two groups:
🔹The thugs who carried out the attack
🔹The leaders who didn't actually storm the capital, but who either aided with the planning or in some way enabled the attack.

It's easier to catch the first group.
The second group has deniability. They have more defenses and wiggle room.
They can point the finger at the first group.

But ultimately, it's fundamentally unfair to prosecute the foot soldiers but not the generals.
They're doing that. But the foot soldiers don't have all the information.

The foot soldiers may not understand why they were actually able to get so far.

Read 9 tweets
11 Apr
Did Trump incite a riot under the D.C. code?

You’re probably thinking, "Yes, DUH." But I marched through the legal analysis.

As before, I found it easier to record a video.

If you prefer to read, stand by for a transcription. via @YouTube

An edited transcription is here: terikanefield.com/did-trump-inci…

I should have called this video Fun With Criminal Law (or Teri Does IRAC).

I’ll also do a quick Twitter summary. (Spoiler: Yes he incited a riot, duh. But . . .)

D.C. A.G. Karl Racine said he’s looking into whether Trump and others violated D.C. Code section 22-1322, inciting a riot.

To get a conviction, a prosecutor has to prove each relevant element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

The relevant elements are (a) and (c).

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6 Apr
I read the lawsuit the capitol police officers (Blassingame and Hemby) brought against Trump.

In a nutshell: This case is bad for Trump.

My analysis seemed too long for a thread, so I recorded a video (9 minutes).

I'll have a transcription shortly.

If, like me, you prefer to read, I put an [edited] transcription on my blog, here: terikanefield.com/blassingame-v-…

To summarize, this case is bad for Trump for a whole bunch of reasons.

🔹First, the plaintiffs sustained actual injuries . . .

Some of these tort cases are a bit weak because the plaintiffs have a hard time showing why they should have standing to sue. (Also, these are particularly sympathetic plaintiffs.)

🔹The facts are bad for Trump. The facts in this case are devastating.

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31 Mar
Karen Stenner is a political psychologist who predicted the rise of a Trump figure back when the idea brought ridicule.

She understands how to neutralize the dangers posed by authoritarians.


To give you the authoritarian dynamic in a nutshell:

A certain segment of the population has an authoritarian (anti-democratic) personality. They'll never feel comfortable in a liberal democracy.

By liberal democracy, I mean ⤵️

As liberal democracy expands, those with an authoritarian personality push back. This creates an endless dynamic.

I've phrased it this way: Progressives push forward; reactionaries push back. It's an endless cycle.

Read 12 tweets
26 Mar
When they put up a barrier, we figure out a way around it.

GOP demographics are shrinking. Their policies are unpopular. They know they are on a collision course with time.

This latest piece of legislation has the potential of backfiring. Remember the Wisconsin primaries?

The Wisconsin Republicans shamelessly tried brazen voter suppression tactics. But you know what? People don't like it when they think someone is trying to make it hard for them to vote.

Wisconsin has @benwikler
Georgia has @staceyabrams

Every election matters, at every level.

What the Republicans always understood better than the Democrats was that politics (and control) is local.

That's why they were amazed when Republican legislatures couldn't overturn state election results.

Read 5 tweets

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