I see many confused why anti COVID restrictions protestors wear yellow stars.

It’s not because “they don’t understand” - it’s because they believe any slight inconvenience to their freedom - even if it protects thousands of lives - is worse than the death of 6 million people.
People need to understand why this is happening. There’s always been a type (usually a tiny minority of loner men) in society.

This isn’t like in the past.
The yellow colour isn’t by coincidence.
It’s full blown media mainstreamed narcissism.


It’s also wrong to say it’s “Holocaust denial” or “misrepresents the Holocaust”.
Their point is not that the Holocaust didn’t happen..

..their point is “my absolute freedom is more important than 6 million deaths”.

It isn’t “stupidity” - it’s all chosen quite deliberately.

If you really were upset & did have empathy with others suffering in COVID lockdowns/restrictions...you wouldn’t be smiling wearing a yellow badge.

It’s the opposite:
It’s “my personal universe is more important than anything, even 6 million deaths”.
That’s the point.

And of course (without getting too Nietzsche here) there’s another fascist strand present here.

The barely repressed belief these people are Übermenschen. That the weak that die from COVID shouldn’t impinge in any way on the absolute freedom of the societal elite - them.

Or in other words:

It’s easier to have a fascistic fetish of yourself - the absolute individual...

....if you combine it with “victim status”.

That’s why the yellow star is used.
And why they are smiling.

“I am a god - and any inconvenience is worse than a million lives.”

• • •

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25 Apr

The former communist regions of eastern Germany are poised to overtake the economies of the majority of British regions.

While UK economy is generally only about 10% behind that of Germany in overall per capita GDP - something strange is happening below the surface...

UK GDP looks good as an average - but figures are skewed by the powerful London & South East that together have a per capita GDP of € 50 000.

This is higher than 🇩🇪 national average. And as its where vast majority of opinion formers are based influences UK self-perception.

However beyond London + South East, we start to see the UK is so unequal many of its regions are fast being caught up by the poorer ex communist areas.

Already in 2018 Sachsen overtook not only the structutally weak N. East & N Ireland...but Wales, Yourshire & East Midlands.
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24 Apr

Boris Johnson’s “Scotland policy” hit by UK govt infighting.

Little remarked upon further fallout of the internecine war engulfing Downing St is Johnson’s Union strategy.

In February when the “Union Unit” lost 2 leaders inside 3 weeks: Luke Graham, then Oliver Lewis..

The chaotic “Union Unit” was effectively replaced as a political power by the creation of a special cabinet committee.
However as members were ministers, this invested power in the go-between who was chosen to steer this....who was none other than...


The aide chosen to help out on the “Scotland strategy” was none other than Carrie Symond’s “party pal” - Henry Newman. The only non govt minister (or even MP) involved with the Union committee.

So Johnson looks like losing a 3rd leading Union head inside 2 months.
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23 Apr
As I keep saying..

It’s psychologically difficult for many to admit that Johnson is a useless charlatan...as admitting this would call into question Brexit.

So in a way an incompetent corrupt Johnson is a better guarantor of votes than any smart relatively clean Tory successor.

It’s “psychological complicity” - and as in so many things in life leads to strange irrational outcomes.

Thus we’ve now reached a stage that Johnson could effectively do anything.
Because people’s belief that their single vote for Brexit was the right choice...must be saved.

It’s why Brexit & Boris inextricably linked.

As its almost impossible to cognitively reject Brexit without first rejecting Boris Johnson.
(Altho the opposite is possible)

So the real battle is not Brexit, but 1st Boris Johnson.
People get this even if they don’t express it.
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21 Apr
“Jane Austen’s teapot”


Why the row about the @nationaltrust & “woke” is absurd.

The Georgians were not only consumed with woke subjects - they pioneered boycotts, woke slogans & even woke merchandise.

“Being woke” is nothing new.
It’s English history.

- a thread -

From the mid 1760s on, that epitome of refined old world English conservative style Wedgwood started producing teapots.
But not just any old teapots.

But “Woke teapots”.

Teapots that would show you cared about the ills of the world & the suffering of those less fortunate.

These “Georgian woke teapots” were chosen for an explicit reason.

Tea was a refined social event.
An event that women - who were deemed naturally more sympathetic - had some power.
Women - refined women - could show their commitment to ending suffering.

It was political.
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20 Apr

Chelsea to "withdraw support from proposed European Super League".

Chelsea looking like the 1st to crack.

"Chelsea have decided to begin the process of pulling out of the proposed European Super League".
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20 Apr
The premier league is a big money earner for the UK.
Huge TV money comes to UK and filters into local economy - not via profits as most clubs don’t make any - but via players, staff spending their salaries locally.

A franchise model would allow clubs to move elsewhere.

What many fail to realise:
Most Premier league clubs never make a profit so the money they earn is “sticky” - it leaks out to players, staff, agents etc most of whom are resident in UK.

So for UK economy having foreign owners of non profitable clubs has been a huge benefit.

But in a franchise system foreign owner could have huge incentive to take their clubs where the money is...rather than being the money to where the club happened to be when they bought them.
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