Gujarat High Court begins to hear to the suo motu petition on Covid Care in the State of Gujarat

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #gujarathighcourt
Senior Advocate Percy Kavina begins his submission

*Insistence of admitting only via 108 - this is stonewalling
*#Remdisivir is not available. If 100 is asked, 4 or 5 are available.
*Availability of Ambulance
Senior Advocate Percy Kavina - Surat is on 4 hour oxygen timeline.

"In the time this hearing will take 5-6 persons may die"

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
"The day for a 1.5 hour hearing is yesterday. Today mylords have to focus on - admission by 108 will cause".

"Central Government sambhalega Oxygen is what is said in the 1 para response": Senior Advocate Percy Kavina

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Senior Advocate Kavina:

"Tum Jo Criticize karthe ho, is not appreciated"

This is the root of the problem. Any criticism is seen as personal criticism"

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Advocates Anand Yagnik, Amit Panchal and Percy Kavina argue on submissions to be made before the High Court.

Anand Yagnik agrees to yield to his time to Mr. Mehta.

Gujarat HC removes embargo on advocates arguing in this matter.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Amit Panchal begins his submissions on his application.

State has admitted that 162 hospitals dedicated for Covid where admissions may not be made directly.

"Hospitals cannot refuse patients only because a person has not come via 108"
#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
State says they have 687 ambulances.
Emergency use of ambulances 2905 per day according to the State

How can patients cope? Amit Panchal

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Anand Yagnik begins:

Municipal Authorities cannot refuse admission as one does not reside in the area limits

They are examining #Aadhaar cards, and refusing admission on the basis of residence.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Anand Yagnik: State has suggested State Scheme and Central Scheme of Maha Vatsalva and Ayshman Bharat are merged

My experience is Pvt Hospitals are not following these schemes. Poorest of poor are being helped.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Senior Advocate Shalin Mehta begins

Central Government has prepared a supply plan for Oxygen

Gujarat - 1050 Tons is the demand for Gujarat. Total allocation to Gujarat is 1000 Tons

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Recent update from central government says, 1200 is the requirement for Gujarat, but suddenly supply is reduced to 900. There is a 300 difference: Shalin Mehta

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Shalin Mehta - Every day need for Oxygen is 5000 MT pan India. India produces 7200 MT. The issue is of supply chain and not that of production of Oxygen.

Its a distributional issue.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Shalin Mehta - Vadodara has allowed for real time filling of oxygen and oxygen plants are being run 27*4.

This has to be done across the state.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Rs. 201.58 Crore for setting up 162 PSA plants all over India was allocated by Central Government.

Only 33 PSA plants have come up in India.

59 Plants will come by April end
80 plants will come by May end.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Shalin Mehta:

*PSA plants can be set up in 2 weeks
*Oxygen companies are the real hindrance for setting up plant.

"They dont want PSA plants to come up"

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Shalin Mehta:

Gujarat is manufacturing oxygen and giving to other states.

Some urgent orders may be passed so that Gujarat doesn't now face deficit.

State should be held by the Centre in this case, so that there is no shortage

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Gujarat High Court CJ: Is the Supreme Court hearing on the Oxygen matter

Amit Panchal: The matter is going on live in the Supreme Curt. There is no bar on hearing this matter before the High Court.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Percy Kavina begins his submission.

Talks about bar on criticism by the State Government

CJ: Everyone has to be large hearted

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt

Argues about the state of patients of Covid Hospitals.

108 being the preferred mode of admission, there is a wait period of 32 hours to 48 hours before a patient is admitted.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt

Picking up patients across Gujarat is 48 mins and Ahmedabad - 2 hours 21 mins

Average patients per ambulance - 5 per day

Insistence on 108 has to go

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Gujarat Govt asked for - 4 Lakh vials
Allocation to Gujarat by Centre - 1,63000 vials

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt

State Government is inaugurating Hospitals where a Z+ security person comes.

There is a photo op.

There is no social distancing and this is where our Deputy CM may have got Covid.

Facilities need to come on board, not an inauguration.


As the rate rises, i would request your lordships to provide counter-view to Government narrative be seen by your lordships.

One view will not help us to reach our goal.

Gujarat HC breaks for 15 minutes

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
Advocate General Kamal Trivedi begins

Till April 15, things were in control.

There is a pressure on resources today.

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
AG Kamal Trivedi: Central Govt is handling the Oxygen requirement. This is the right approach as other states may need.

If there is any loophole for allocation of Oxygen, we are plugging it.

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
We need nurses, ward boys and lot more. We have issued order to recall all doctors who have studied here. 1,222 doctors have been recalled. We have appealed to Specialists, analysts with good salary to join at the earliest : Kamal Trivedi

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
We are open for suggestions. We will see that, the suggestions are compiled with. We have come with Advisory even today. #GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
Court breaks for lunch. 230 PM the Court will assemble.
Advocate Amit Panchal quotes @barandbench and refers to the Supreme Court hearing before Justice Chandrachud - the High Courts can go on without any delay

Shalin Mehta requests for a minute - Says lockdown is the only issue.

Everyone from my mothers side and fathers side are down with covid.

We will be able to break the chain.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Gujarat Hight Court: Lockdown is not a solution. This is not Germany or New Zealand.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Senior Advocate Kavina - There are a lot of vaccine hesitance. Even educated people are hesitant.

If we can persuade 5 people to give up vaccine hesitance.

#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Gujarat High Court: Before Supreme Court there are 2 issues, Oxygen and Medicine.

Devang Vyas: Supreme Court is seeing the vaccination issue also.
#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
Gujarat High Court: If there is a press matter, you file a application in midnight, we will hear it.
#GujaratCoronaUpdate #GujaratHighCourt
#GujaratHighCourt: Why is 108 so sticky? Why cant 108 Ambulances go to other hospitals?

108 was on first come first basis, we had ordered that critical patients are attended

A line of 40 ambulances are waiting outside hospitals - Thats what we see.

Justice Karia: There is a projection for 0.5 Million patients. What are you planning? How are you preparing?

In Rajkot, Hospitals are saying get the Oxygen and then get admitted.

What is the system doing?

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
Karia J: Your object of 108 is centralised admission. This is for monitoring.

A person who goes directly to the hospital, cannot be denied admission

AG: How do we handle, if everyone lands up to the hospital asking for a bed and gets crowded
Justice Karia: Put a board outside the hospital, display a board, how many are occupied and many are full.

CJ: The last date we discussed this issue.

We are not saying, Govt is doing nothing. But the manner in which they are doing it is not satisfactory.

CJ: We are not happy with today's situation

AG: I will go back and discuss and come back with a solution.

CJ: Corporation cant have its own policy in contrary to the Government. Is this a domicile hospital?

Karia J: You cant sit in ivory tower and decide

Karia J: You need to come down to the ground. Your affidavit is giving a rosy picture. You need to give us the reply to where is the demand, where will you get your resources.

It's being reported everywhere, everyday.

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
AG: Out of 8,211 Oxygen beds, i hardly have 50 beds that are free

Karia J: Today, there are 14,000 cases. It's estimated that there are 30,000 cases by end of the week. Even if you take 10% need oxygen, there is a need for 3,000 beds.

Where will you brings?

Karia J: Therefore, we need to #BreaktheChain , this will mutliply.

CJ: We are neither suggesting, nor we know. It's the Govt and experts who need to take control.

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
CJ: Why dont you request 4th year and 5th year students (medical) to seek help.

#GujaratHighCourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
CJ: You need to take news channels who are giving fake news. There are news channels floating numbers of IAS officers who can get beds in the hospitals. Why dont you take action against these media channels.

What is your number or Mehta number is given by media promising bed
CJ: One suggestion has come from my brother Judge.

Registration of Births & Deaths have to be registered within 30 days. If 30 day period expires, then there is a long period where common man is harassed.

Can this period be extended to include lockdown. #Gujarathighcourt
CJ: Matter now to be heard next Tuesday (May 4).

#Gujarathighcourt #GujaratCoronaUpdate
Take action against news channel which put out phone numbers of IAS officers: Gujarat High Court during suo motu COVID hearing

Full story here.

#Gujarathighcourt #CovidIndia

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Justice Prathiba M Singh of Delhi HC is hearing a plea seeking hospital admission for a COVID-19 infected patient.

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#MadrasHighCourt takes exception to State using the #COVID19 “pandemic as an excuse” for its failure to file a report in a pending case, despite the Court earlier giving 10 days' time as a ‘last chance’ on April 7 to file the report.
“Even as the common man remains apprehensive and fears for his life while praying that he does not get affected by the virus ... State’s indolence knows no bounds to use the pandemic as an excuse for acting in flagrant breach of orders of this court.”

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Chief Justice of India NV Ramana led bench of #SupremeCourt to shortly hear the Habeas Corpus plea seeking the release of journalist Sidhique Kappan from Mathura Jail & transfer to AIIMS for medical treatment

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Uttar Pradesh government had objected to the Habeas Corpus plea seeking release of journalist Siddique Kappan stating that the plea is not maintainable since Kappan's detention is as per the procedure prescribed under law @Uppolice @myogiadityanath…
Matter to commence shortly

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27 Apr
Delhi High Court on Ashoka Hotel Rooms for Judges

Mr Mehra, we have taken suo motu cognizance.. we read in press today.. about this Ashoka Hotel

This is very misleading. High Court has not made any request in this regard: Court

#AshokaHotel #DelhiHighCourt @AamAadmiParty
We have not made any such request that you set it up at this hotel or that hotel. Purpose of the meeting was that the judiciary specially subordinate courts.. we've already lost to two judicial officers: Court

#AshokaHotel #DelhiHighCourt @AamAadmiParty
All that we wanted was in case they need hospitalisation, that facility should be given.

It has translated into this order : Court

#AshokaHotel #DelhiHighCourt @AamAadmiParty
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