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As we eagerly await the SC judgement on #Aadhaar, a short thread about the "Crisis management cell" in @UIDAI and how it operates.

1. It knows that the systems that are required to make Aadhaar work have failed and are continuously failing.
2. Everyday the data stares at it.
3. It can't however even attempt to fix these failings because of the implications. For instance, why is the enrollment software still not fixed? Because fixing means pausing enrollments and that is catastrophic admission of defeat.
4. Same with biometric quality captures.
5. Same with missing documents, Same with Biometric mixups, Same with seeding screw-ups aka UP PDS Scam, Gujarat PDS Biometric scam.
6. The starvation deaths, the Airtel Payment bank scam, the Parallel Database scam and so on. The list is endless.
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@AmexIndia hi what’s the criteria to apply Platinum reserve Card ?
Is it the right screen ?
If yes, When I received a call from your call centre to send relevant documents, Why did he insist on @UIDAI #Aadhaar card claiming its mandatory as per #AmericanExpress ? despite me telling I completed KYC for my existing Amex Card ?
Conversation before that went like, I am eligible and he will send the person, Once I said I don't have Aadhaar he said, my application can't be completed without Aadhaar . and he said he won't be able to send mail with confirming the same he said in the call.
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@Memeghnad @NigelBritto Yeah go and stand in que 2 get ration with your BPL card and let us know why you require #aadhar
Tell people that subsidy for gas will be given to all regardless of income...u cannot opt out of subsidy as there is no #aadhar of ur income and v cannot track your data
@Memeghnad @NigelBritto Tell that guy doing hawala transaction to continue with his work as we are incompetent to catch his work through bank
Sorry I forgot you don't want to link bank accounts to #aadhar
As your privacy is in danger
But there is no danger when filling ITR
@Memeghnad @NigelBritto Wait we used to stand line to file ITR before now I can do it from my mobile phone
I don't want this facility I don't was y link my #aadhar
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So @HuffPostIndia thinks that the SC could halt the rollout of Aadhaar, but that is only half accurate. I will explain why.

1. Any court in India, has no real power. The real power lies with the executive/state. A court order only works if the executive pushes it with the power of the state. Sure there is contempt proceedings. But that also depends on the court and the executive.
2. Courts only issue contempt, if they know that it will make the executive respond. But what if they know, it will be ignored? They keep quiet. That is pretty much what happened on #Aadhaar.

3. So why do executive/state can ignore the court?
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The TOI article by @rohanduaTOI needs it's own thread. What made it possible to change people's #Aadhaar number linked with ration cards again and again and again? The answer to that simple question will establish how @UIDAI is part of the problem. Let us begin. 👇
First Question:
1. If any database needs to be seeded with #Aadhaar number, does it require the holder's consent? Here is Sri A B Pandey @ceo_uidai saying explicitly "Consent is not required".

2. So what are the tools that @UIDAI built to facilitate the "Consent is not required" model in every seeded database. We now introduce DBT Seeding Viewer (aka) DSDV. This model is called Inorganic seeding. Notice "w/o beneficiary consent"

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11 signs that the government is gaslighting all citizens in India with #Aadhaar.

Do READ this and think about it! 👇…
2/ #Aadhaar is system, govt & pvt co. are using to enslave Indians by gaslighting. #Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. Govt has
brainwashed us to question our OWN identity. Am I who I say I am?
3/ Since gaslighting is a tactic of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders, the goal of using #Aadhaar as a #gaslighting tool is by now pretty clear. It is done slowly, so the victim doesn't realize how much they've been brainwashed.
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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is still asking for mandatory quoting of #Aadhaar in the DIR-3 KYC form for the purpose of updating KYC details of anyone who has been allotted a Director Identification Number(DIN) on or before March 31, 2018.
The form does not show #Aadhaar as a mandatory field but at the time of submission, it gives an error message if the field is left empty.… .
Also, the FAQs related to it instructs that quoting #Aadhaar is mandatory for citizens of India.…
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A thread on all the #Aadhaar data leaks from Andhra Pradesh. The first leak I reported about AP was part of my report on why leaks are happening. The AP government published details of 2 crore residents Aadhaar, bank account numbers, phone numbers as MS Access databases online
Another one part of the same report was AP NREGA website publishing details of another 1,12,99,803 residents #Aadhaar numbers and bank account details.
This NREGA #Aadhaar data leaked again from a different portal. Turns out everyone has everyone's data at multiple databases.
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Theres a certain guy/s pretending to be French security researcher exposing loopholes in #Aadhaar. Very charming! Why dont they tell you about the French military firm who implemented Aadhaar & even bought other CIA firm contracted by UIDAI? Now lets hear you say the name.
Wont you guys love to see the French mainstream media report against this French military firm taking control over #Aadhaar database & biometric profiles of all Indians? Isnt this tweet worthy for a security researcher, now that French & Indian govts have signed a secret deal?
I am hapoy to say French companies have invested over 20 billion euros in India... and developed the biometric technology that made it possible to register one billion Indians for the ID program Aadhaar.

- French President Francois Hollande on his visit to India in 2016.
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#Google takes the blame for #Aadhaar #UIDAI fiasco, while @UIDAI acts innocent! #UIDAImystery @google…
. @UIDAI claimed that 'It is clarified that, #UIDAI has not asked or communicated to any manufacturer or service provider for providing any such facility whatsoever'
#Google has assured its fix in the next few weeks! If you are wondering how #iPhone users reported the no. showing up in their contacts, it's likely coz they synced their contacts with a #Gmail account that already had the said contact added to its list #UIDAImystery
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#AadhaarIsSafe 1/
I'm totally amused to read the various headlines around the @rssharma3 challenge! Clearly shows one of three things:
1) Knowledge of #Aadhaar @UIDAI is poor
2) Biased people take away what they want to believe
3) Both
No data is hacked/stolen or misuse-able
#AadhaarIsSafe 2/
Fact of the matter is that #Aadhaar only has 5 pieces of information - Name, Address, DOB, Gender, Photo, Photo and optionally Email Address, Phone#. I know of NO service that lets you subscribe without the first 5 items and most likely one of 6 & 7.
#AadhaarIsSafe 3/
The biggest cost most service providers face is verifying that the data is indeed accurate and knowing that the person cannot come a second time with a different IDentity. That is precisely what #Aadhaar is designed and architected to do!
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@UIDAI @TRAI #Aadhaar

Recalling the Tragedy in the name of Aadhaar:

#Thread continues, 1/n
His name @rssharma3 #TRAI Chairman.
His Open challenge about #Aadhaar data accountability.
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The phone number linked to this #Aadhaar number is 9958587977
According to an official @nicmeity circular, this phone number is the number of your secretary….
Is it really your #Aadhaar number @rssharma3?
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Next Talk: Weaponising Data For Politics by @ShivamShankarS #FifthEl
Political Parties have invested al-teast $0.5 billion on data campaigns in India #FifthEl
First time Indian heard about data being manipulated for elections was from CambridgeAnalytica #FifthEl
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Move Over China. @NCBN with his IT Advisor Satya narayana, has built India's first Real Time Governance system (aka) Surveillance State using #Aadhaar. CC @virsanghvi

A perfectly ordered Society can only result from Perfect Surveillance System…
What is that "VID" thing again @matthan Sir? Can you explain again?

You can't use a law, to prevent what technology can build, particularly by a state that ignores "Rule of Law" in every stage of the project.

Got it?
@NandanNilekani makes the argument that UIDAI does not have data, which apart from being false (RASF, ePass are examples), also sidesteps that #Aadhaar > UIDAI. That one single number, cross seeded across multiple databases as AP has done, is how Surveillance State is built.
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Today the missus @DeyShenoy tried to log into her @ICICIBank account using her credentials, but she was instead logged into some OTHER account! That random account appears to wrongly have her phone number on record. What the heck is happening, @ICICIBank_Care? @suchetadalal
The @ICICIBank mobile app is luckily still working for the missus @DeyShenoy, except it now shows email address of that OTHER account. But each time she tries to use her username & password to access her account online, it logs her onto the OTHER person's account! @suchetadalal
This gargantuan (and bloody dangerous) mix-up of accounts is happening due another account having a wrong phone number linked to their account! If just a wrong phone number can cross-connect net-banking account log-ins, how safe are any of our accounts, @ICICIBank? @suchetadalal
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UIDAI forcing banks to ONLY hire Deloitte (a UK) firm for audits, giving it a monopoly, pay it ₹1,94,700 a unit is for the mandatory internal security audit for Aadhaar & also pay for the travel, boarding and lodging of Deloitte officials!
The #Aadhaar CIDR is neither w/UIDAI nor govt of India but is owned by a pvt US agency that is contractor for the FBI & CIA. Deloitte, the ONLY agency allowed by UIDAI to audit Aadhaar cybersecurity of Indian banks, also has an FBI connection!…
Ti put his thread in context for those of you who are unfamiliar about what has been stated by army veterans before the Supreme Court about how India's Aadhaar biometric data base is practically in the hands of the FBI & CIA.
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The current state of India
Is much worse than an emergency

👉Rapists rshielded
👉Mobs allowed to lynch minorities, dalits in d name of religion
👉People are looted by high taxes and anti ppl policies
👉Freedom Of Expression and speech is suppressed
👉Farmers are allowed to die
Journalists are murdered
👉Ppl showing mirror to govt are called anti nationals
👉Youth are being mocked at by being told to sell pakodas and paan
👉Foreign relations with neighbours are at all time low
👉Elements supported by govt are unleashed to create a civil war like situation in d country
👉Rioters and hatemongers are let lose by Govt to promote #Pradhan #Mantri #Divide and #Rule #Yojana
👉Complainents are being arrested and tortured #ModiEmergency
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Chillingly, the 10 stages of #Aadhaar : India's enforced biometric ID.
#1. Classification: People are divided into 2 groups. Those who have #Aadhaar (the good people). And those who don't have Aadhaar (the bad people). We don't have this classification for any other ID in India.
#2 People are forced to self identify using #Aadhaar as a single centralized biometric ID, for everywhere they do, everything they have. It's linked to birth, death, marriage, ration, pension, bank, property, school, online shopping, app cab. This happens ONLY in a fascist state
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When you wrote this, hopefully you had read it our aloud, the inconsistencies abound. A few points
1) There is no law requiring mandatory usage of Social Security Number (SSN) in the United States. STOP MISLEADING
SSN =PAN in India. It does not have any biometric data.

The Social Security Administration regularly suggests that if asked to provide his or her Social Security number, a citizen should ask which law requires its use
If the #Aadhaar database stores nothing secret, imp and even if it leaks like sieve, why @UIDAI has taken and will continue to take measures to ensure that its database remains secure? Why waste taxpayers money?
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Globalize identity, not #Aadhaar : Using one single database and identity management scheme for everything will not work.
A couple of weeks back, Bill Gates committed his globe-girdling foundation to the goal of spreading Aadhaar to the world. This is a good idea wrapped up in a terrible idea.
Aadhaar’s premise – that the poorest of citizens has the most to gain from the efficiencies that strong, fast, inexpensive identity authentication offers in improving public services, payments, credit and healthcare – is undoubtedly correct.
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1/2 #Fintech mafia at work - @oxigenwallet bal vanished. No SMS/email intimation. Initially they denied that I even have an a/c tho I can log in! Even tnx history has vanished. Luckily have old screenshot of tnx history. Now forcing #Aadhaar KYC even to take a complaint
2/2 Note that @OxigenCare doesn't accept any other doc for KYC. No response from them upon telling them I don't have Aadhaar & KYC cant be mandatory for utilizing existing bal
@just_outspoken @Stupidosaur @suchetadalal @Consumer2Court @thebharatseva @ConsumrConxion
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Now that the lawyers have run their marathon and we wait for the top court to rule, a small personal diary note thread on #Aadhaar & me.

Huge thanks to community of people who have widened my wisdom of how society works. Fellow helpless people helping each other.
It started sometime in 2011, when I knew nothing, enrolled along with family.But our enrollment packets were lost, EID wasnt even searchable. I did write some emails to support, but yielded nothing more than, please enroll again. As the need wasn't real, did not enroll.
Parents gave up at a later date, enrolled, got UID successfully generated. I resisted, mostly because of laziness, but did not have developed trust enough to enroll. On random browsing sessions, have heard Usha Ramanathan on YouTube, but never took deep dive into issues.
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#Aadhaar hearing. Rejoinder to continue. Gopal Subramanium Sr. Advocate is ready and waiting for the Bench to assemble. Will try and capture as much as possible in tweets, but is tough to keep pace when he is in his zone and in full flow :)
GS: On all notifications on Section 7. Each of the notifications are in furtherance of the dignity of the individual. If that is so, there is no question of imposing conditions when dignity is an inherent and inalienable right.
Sikri J asks about deduplication and therefore reaching the correct targeted beneficiary.

GS: If it is indeed such a affirmative action law, it needs to stand constitutional scrutiny. Stated purpose of the law is not necessarily the proper purpose of the law for constitutional..
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