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#ReadingSession - #Thread on "Report of the Task Force on an IT Strategy for PDS and an implementable solution for the direct transfer of subsidy for Food and Kerosene" - Oct 2011 aka #NandanPDSTaskForce which first mooted the idea of #PDSN. It is important to understand #ONORC
The report is here -…

Before dwelling in - Note the title - Czar didn't like 'commitees' and hence called whatever he was part of, as - task force - Though no task was done!
Members of committee - All ex-officio secretaries, except 2 from the illegal executive body UIDAI. This was basically done by "#Aadhaar lobby".

May 2020 -… - Nandan funded media calling 'Anti Aadhaar lobby' in NAC stalled it in UPA era.
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1/ Few days back a hacker claimed that he has found some serious security flaws in @SetuAarogya and 90 million user's privacy is at risk and also wrote an article on medium for explanation of the issues he found. Follow the thread to know the REALITY of so called security issues.
Read the bold part (that speaks the important part in brief) in tweets ahead in this thread.
That is an intentional feature of the application and it provides you number of nearby users, covid-19 positive users etc and NOT their identities. Also the radius for which you can ask this data has only few values : 500m, 1Km, 2Km, 5Km, 10Km only.
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A short thread about this delhi based legal think tank which is everywhere proposing laws and committees. Some facts on record with govt documents as evidence. thread becase they helped formulate a data sharing protocol for @SetuAarogya
I first heard about them during the #Aadhaar case when its founder @Arghya_justify was involved in defending govt's stance that Indians don't need a fundamental right to privacy. His stance during the hearing was privacy is part of article 21, so one doesn't need it to elevate it
During hearings in SC, government constitutes Sri Krishna committee for making a data protection law because @Vidhi_India has suggested it @rsprasad. The govt used this as an argument to persuade the court to not grant fundamental right to privacy saying there will be a data law.
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My notice to @NICMeity for compliance of legal provisions in #PrivacyPolicy of @SetuAarogya . #NIC as #bodycorporate must ensure #dataprotection & strict liability. #datasecurity as per IT Act & Rules must be updated in Policy before making #AarogyaSetu mandatory 1/10 @viraggupta
In #PrivacyPolicy of @SetuAarogya as per cl. 2(a) & 2(c usage of data restricted for Government of India. However, cl 2(b) & 2(d), having no mention of GOI. Due to this lapse, if #data goes to foreign #TechGiants, it may create big risk to #nationalsecurity #RighttoLife 2/10
As per clause 3(b) of the Privacy Policy, data will be retained on #mobile device. Hence, data can also be accessed by Mobile cos. As per cl. 1(b), the @SetuAarogya will use #Bluetooth and #location data. So, such data can also be accessed by #Telecom companies. 3/10 @TRAI
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On this #AprilFoolsDay, recounting some instances from #Parliament which had us fooled in the last one year:

1. Delaying discussing #FinanceBill for almost a week and then passing it without discussion in #LokSabha, because #Parliament had to be shut due to #COVID outbreak
2. On last day of curtailed #BdgetSession in #RajyaSabha, 7 Money Bills were returned in 5 hours, with 2 Appropriation Bills and all 154 clauses and 5 schedules of Finance Bill put to vote together without any discussion and cleared in 5 minutes

3. Sending #DataProtection Bill to specially constituted Joint Parliament Committee headed by a BJP MP instead of already existing Standing Committee headed by an Opposition MP

#AprilFoolsDay instances from #Parliament
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I wrote an analysis on how NRC will actually happen and the various stages in it in @LiveLawIndia.

Hint: Hyderabad (the 127 notices) is the template and not Assam.

And yes, #Aadhaar would be at the heart of it, with biometric blacklists of "D" Category.

Biometric blacklists are already a feature and @UIDAI has built it.

"We can not only cancel Aadhaar but also ensure through the offenders' biometric data that they never apply for it again, preventing their re-entry into the system,"…
Once marked as "D", the next step would be cancel the number and also the services that is linked with it, using the provisions of the Aadhaar act.

That means "all authentication" stops and all service that needs authentication (PDS) will stop!
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@narendramodi Please give 50% of cabinet positions to women. #CabinetShakti @tarauk
@narendramodi @tarauk India's labour force has just 27% women, please help us in increasing the numbers by implementing the existing laws and changing the ones that badly need to changed. #WomensDay, then there will be many more #SheInspiresUs
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#CashlessConsumer is at #AadhaarTribunal and is talking on intersection of #Aadhaar and #DigitalPayments / #Fintech.

#CashlessConsumer makes the following demands to seek a reform in #DBT / payments infrastructure
1. A thorough #CAG audit on #DBT infra to officially document the reasons for exclusions (untraceable payments referred in #NITIAayog Poshan report) and detailed report on #APB, compensate the beneficiaries who are denied welfare benefits with interest
2. Policy decision to gradually migrate #DBT to use #NEFT (run free of cost by RBI wef 1.1.2020) instead of NPCI owned #APB infrastructure which charges ministries implementing #DBT delivery.
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#CAA_NRC_NPR Need more evidence UID / #Aadhaar, NPR and NRC are linked? This is from - an opensource Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system. OpenCRVS is already piloted in Bangladesh, on its way to be implemented in Zambia
The Reference architecture from OpenCRVS
The root of these all point back to @UN and @WorldBank Different systems are just different implementations by different set of software vendors / nation states
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Linking of #Aadhaar - #NPR began in Telangana in 2015 and the work continued till late 2017.

The #Telangana government spent crores for both NPR updating and seeding of Aadhaar with NPR database.

Screenshot of story in next tweet
RTI info given to @SQMasood shows aspects of data capturing in the #NPR app, such as a provision for the respondent to know whether the enumerator has entered data accurately, are still 'under process of finalisation'

Screenshot of story in next tweet…
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Hi @AndhraPradeshCM,

One of your website leaks the personal data of students including the #Aadhaar numbers, photos, father and mother names. Can you contact me immediately in private to fix the situation?


cc @IndianCERT @NCIIPC
@AndhraPradeshCM @IndianCERT @NCIIPC Contact has been established and the issue has been disclosed
Problem “solved”, they took down the page
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Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code - Ruha #Benjamin #amreading
Reality is something we create together, except that so few people have a genuine say in the world in which they are forced to live. Amid so much suffering and injustice, we cannot resign ourselves to this reality we have inherited. It is time to reimagine what is possible.
Names are racially coded... What’s in a name? Your family story, your religion, your nationality, your gender identity, your race and ethnicity? What assumptions do you think people make about you on the basis of your name? #Benjamin
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#EPWConversations: Today, @digitaldutta, one of our panellists for #DataSocieties, will be talking about data and elections from @epw_in's handle. We invite you to join the conversation and ask questions.
Data is being used to influence us, and our society everywhere. Data is being weaponised during elections now, to spread misinformation using micro-targeting. This essentially involves influencing every individual, uniquely based on their personal data. | @digitaldutta
Politicians have always influenced voters based on their caste, religion and class, and this identity politics has been important for communities to claim their rights as well. This is changing, with new networks to influence voters using their personal data. | @digitaldutta
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Putting 12 stage roadmap to cashless economy presented in mid 2015 in #ThanjavurKalvettu
More, this one on #FASTag . In 2015, FASTag + EWB integration was 'imagined'. I will leave it to you on who is ruling the country.

As for their execution skills, we all no better now.
This is awesome. VoterID linking with #Aadhaar was too imagined in the book
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All the documents related to #Aadhaar #NPR and other government technology projects are available on this link. It is few thousand pages, will add more. This thread introduces some early important documents of Aadhaar.…
The idea to collect bio-metrics for Aadhaar came from a committee from UIDAI and the related standards where developed.…
Then came reports on what UID is… & Proof of concept implementation…
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Doing a thread on #NPR

To understand NPR, we need to understand wars & migration. The idea NPR came after the war with kargil in 1999. Where pakistanis entered India in civil clothes and we couldn't identify them. #IndiaAgainstCAA #IndiaAgainstNRC
So after the kargil war, there was conference of all chief ministers on internal security on 17-11-2001. This is where the idea of Multi Purpose National Identity Card was proposed and the idea of National Population Registrar was born to identify citizens from aliens.
Then the office of the registrar general of India framed rules on how this will be done, the idea of bio-metrics to be collected was formulated as early as 2003. So #Aadhaar was not the first time private sector use of id or biometrics was thought of. They wanted 16 parameters
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Priyanka Gandhi & all student protests seem to be focused solely on #CAA. But #NRC is the bigger danger. Do people realize that? In 2018 INC boasted it had created NRC & had deported 82728 Bangladeshis whereas the BJP had deported only 1822. #CAA_NRC…
The #CAB is a decoy. It's a red herring - that was bound to cause #CAAProtests to errupt to draw attention away from #NRCBill. CAB is to NRC what the #Dataprotectionbill is to #Aadhaar. The real danger is from Aadhaar. Like it is from NRC. @Stupidosaur?
Explanation :The #CABBill does not specifically say it will not give citizenship to Muslim immigrants. If it does, the #CAA will straight away go to court as it's blatantly Unconstitutional. But the #NRC which is random, can easily target more Muslims if that's BJP govt's aim.
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Your fingerprints (keyword: your. They should only belong to YOU) & your facial recognition profile are just a series of data points.

Those data points, once stolen, (& yes corporations steal them all the time, so do govts) can be reproduced at will....

...making them not just yours anymore, but someone else's, to do with as they wish.

If you think this sounds far-fetched, time to look into #Aadhaar just as one horrific real world example of mass misuse of biological information captured under the guise of civic functions.
In answer to your question - even if all you've done is go to a football game or transited through an airport, yes they have already helped themselves to your facial recognition profile.

Gifting them our fingerprints too, under the false premise of iPhone 'security'? Stupid.
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Tomorrow, #RajyaSabha is scheduled to have a discussion on reported use of spyware #Pegasus to
compromise phone data of some persons through WhatsApp
Calling attention initiated by Digvijay Singh, INC
We will bring live updates
Stay Tuned!
#RajyaSabha starts discussion on #NSO #Pegasus spyware attack

Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT MINISTER makes his statement-
Ministry took cognizance of the vulnerability
#NSO #Pegasus exploited vulnerability by not just reading messages but sending malwares with phishing

Prasad continues:

On may 2019, #Whatsapp sent out notification informing that there was breach, taken care of.
Whastapp believed that software may have breached 121 users in India
Further clarifications have been sought from whatsapp in Nov 2019 with impact on Indian users
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The hardships endured by rural women during #pregnancy & #childbirth tend to go unnoticed. A recent survey (JABS) sheds light on this hidden ordeal. The findings were released today (18th Nov) at the Indian Women’s Press Corps, Delhi.

Thread with sneak-peak findings. [1/16]
The case for #MaternityEntitlements was made almost 100 years ago… [2/16]
Some women are more equal than others…

India gets credit for generous #maternitybenefits (see UNICEF infographic), but that’s only for a small minority of women in the #formalsector. There was nothing for other women in #unorganized sector until .... [3/16]
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After #Facebook and #WhatsApp now Twitter Spying Scandal

Two former #Twitter employees have been caught #spying for #SaudiArabia, obtained personal account information of critics of the government in the Kingdom.…
Did you know a Secret Facebook Unit created India’s #TrollArmies for digital propaganda #fakenews as well as conducted massive secret emotional & psychological manipulation experiments on voters to influence Indian elections?…
Trump personally paid the CEO of #Google Sundar Pichai a visit to get an assurance from him that “he is totally committed to the U.S. Military”.…
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#Pegasus was created by Israeli #cyber weapons dealer #NSOGroup whose parent company Francisco Partners also owns #CrossMatch contracted by #UIDAI for #Aadhaar. This was revealed by us already in 2017. Took almost 2 years for Indian media to catchup. #RIP…
Hopefully @Swamy39 alerted the PMO as promised regarding this threat from Israeli #cyber weapons firm #NSOGroup that created spying tool #Pegasus and whose sister concern with links to #CIA was awarded #Aadhaar contract.
Above article was written in 2017. Blackstone made a deal to buy NSO Group but was dropped after heavy protests. So backed by Novalpina Capital stakes were bought back by NSO Group in Feb 2019. The #Aadhaar contract and the spying happened when Francisco Partners owned NSO Group.
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It has been found that official websites of Government of Goa directly links to a fake #Aadhaar site hosting porn. Both the websites are managed by an obscure company Terasoft Technologies HQ in Ahmedabad with branches in Delhi and Belgium. Cc @fs0c131y…
The fake #Aadhaar porn website is linked to the Aadhaar image at the bottom section of both the official #Goa Govt sites, which should be pointing to the official Aadhaar website.…
The fake #Aadhaar Card Uidai website registration details found the Registrant contact to be in #Kiev, #Ukraine and the site itself registered in July 2019.…
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The #HudumaNamba case is back in court for a final day of hearings today - oral highlighting of the final submissions of both petitioners and respondents

Proceedings are scheduled to begin at 10am
@thekhrc @HakiKNCHR @Haki_na_Sheria @HakiCentre @katibainstitute @lawyershubkenya @CEMIRIDE_KE @MUHURIkenya @StrathCIPIT @AmnestyKenya The judges have entered the courtroom and today's proceedings on #HudumaNamba & #NIIMS are now beginning
@thekhrc @HakiKNCHR @Haki_na_Sheria @HakiCentre @katibainstitute @lawyershubkenya @CEMIRIDE_KE @MUHURIkenya @StrathCIPIT @AmnestyKenya Before the oral highlighting begins, the judges are confirming two issues - (1) that the court has all the submissions that have been filed (initial & supplementary submissions) & (2) how we will proceed for the highlighting

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